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Mastering Finance Fundamentals: A Harvard ManageMentor Skill Pack. Six important financial statements everyone should maintain - bighow news.

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Personal-fiancial-records-mindmap.jpg (1166×608) Starting a New Business Advice Blog - FranNet Franchise Business Opportunity Consultant Blog. How To Double Your Money Every 6 Years - Yahoo! Canada Finance. "Double your money, fast!

How To Double Your Money Every 6 Years - Yahoo! Canada Finance

" Do those words sound like the tagline of a get-rich-quick scam? If you want to analyze offers like these or establish investment goals for your portfolio, there's a quick-and-dirty method that will show you how long it will really take you to double your money. It's called the rule of 72, and it can be applied to any type of investment. How the Rule WorksTo use the rule of 72, divide the number 72 by an investment's expected annual return.

The result is the number of years it will take, roughly, to double your money. Depressing, right? Keep in mind that we're talking about annualized returns, or long-term averages. Achieving Your Investing GoalsA professional financial advisor may be your best bet for achieving specific investing goals, but the rule of 72 can help you get started. Let's say you have a newborn baby girl. Right now you have $1,000 to invest and with an 18-year time horizon, you want to put it all in stocks. Second, it's a rough guideline. Business content and much more. 3 Best Places to Stash Your Cash - CBS Last Updated Apr 25, 2011 1:34 PM EDT I'm a big proponent of keeping cash working hard rather than turning it over to the financial services industry and settling for the almost 0.00 percent APY they'll pay.

3 Best Places to Stash Your Cash - CBS

If you're looking to achieve a greater return on your money as well, here are the three best places I've found to keep your cash working hard, along with a comparison of what might work better for you. All are backed by the US Government, which I happen to think is still worth something. Salem Five Direct - Online savings Ken Tumin, founder of, told me about this unique online savings account paying 1.25 percent APY. And what makes this Salem Five Direct savings account unique is that it's guaranteed to pay this rate until April 1, 2012. This account is only available online and only to new customers. Ally Bank - No Penalty CD Ally Bank has an 11 month No Penalty CD paying 1.15 percent APY. A comparison $1,000 for an hour of your time? © 2011 CBS Interactive Inc.. Self Employed Tax Deductions Today. Personal Budget Spreadsheet Template for Excel.

If you've just entered the real world as a newly independent adult, or you've been spending more than you can afford, it's time to figure out a budget.

Personal Budget Spreadsheet Template for Excel

To get started, you can use my free personal budget spreadsheet template in Excel to track your income and expenses using a common set of budget categories. You can easily change the categories as needed. Advertisement If this is your first time trying to create a personal budget, you may want to read the article "How to Make a Budget. "