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A librarian in the Galapagos. A blog by Edgardo Civallero. Welcome to Alphabet Soup – Alphabet Soup. We printed the first issue of Alphabet Soup magazine in 2008.

Welcome to Alphabet Soup – Alphabet Soup

The print magazine has now closed but we continued with the magazine’s blog and website. In 2014 we combined them, and now everything you loved in the pages of the magazine is here: stories, poems and artwork by kidsbook reviews by kids and occasionally by adults (for kids)author and illustrator interviewswriting and art comps for kidsnews about book-related eventswriting tips … and more! Bookshy. Mrs. ReaderPants. Katie Day. [ Never underestimate the library element ] by Philip Williams, Librarian. Library Grits. Gathering Books – Singapore.

Blogs. What makes an outstanding iPad lesson?


Barbara Braxton. Ask any teacher librarian what their core business is and somewhere in a relatively short list will be a phrase relating to enabling and supporting students to be effective, efficient, independent readers.

Barbara Braxton

Whether that be preschool, primary, secondary or tertiary and referring to reading for pleasure or reading for research, the development of reading is at the heart of what we believe and at the heart of what is expected by our communities. If there were a magic bullet to enable everyone to achieve the goal, then it would have been discovered by now and the continual arguments about phonics versus whole language would be silent; politicians would be basking in the glory of having a 100% literate community and publishers would be providing resources that meet the criteria. The teacher librarian’s role would be easy – just provide the resources to meet the students’ interests. 101 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About.

The Book Chook. A Literary Map of the World: Critical Linking, March 20, 2017. This post is sponsored by Lola: A Novel by Melissa Scrivner Love Every country is represented by (arguably) the most famous or important book from that country.

A Literary Map of the World: Critical Linking, March 20, 2017

Interesting! See a bigger view of the map here. CBS Films prevailed in competitive bidding for screen rights to the Ruth Ware mystery novel The Woman In Cabin 10. Hillary Seitz will write the script and The Gotham Group will produce. Adaptation news for mystery/thriller readers. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, will release a children’s picture book on inspirational American women titled “She Persisted.” The Book Zone. Great books for little people. Children’s Literature : The Booklist Reader. Breaking Down Classroom Walls with Google Hangouts: One Classroom’s Mystery Hangout Journey.

Back in September of this school year, I decided I wanted to take the use of Google Apps for Education to the next level.

Breaking Down Classroom Walls with Google Hangouts: One Classroom’s Mystery Hangout Journey

Become a tech-savvy teacher! The Principal of Change – Stories of learning and leading. E-Curriculum… 7 Key Tools Uncovering A Goldmine of E-Resources … The Digital Curriculum Part Three. Everyone is talking about a digital curriculum free of those hard copy textbooks that have been a part of schooling since the advent of the one room schoolhouse.

E-Curriculum… 7 Key Tools Uncovering A Goldmine of E-Resources … The Digital Curriculum Part Three

In this series I will investigate some resources that can open up a world of digital curricula. In this third post of the series, I’ll examine tools you can use to find your own amazing digital resources.. In later posts, I will have more ideas to consider as schools develop their digital curriculum. All Categories. Coming to you from the wonderful Nova Scotian city, Halifax (Canada), Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is an educational blog dedicated to curating, reviewing and sharing EdTech tools and mobile apps.

All Categories

The purpose is to help teachers and educators effectively integrate digital technologies into their day-to-day teaching, learning and professional development. For any questions regarding the blog website or the published content , please contact EdTech admin, editor and blog owner, Med Kharbach at: Med Kharbach is a doctoral researcher and a former teacher with 10 years of classroom teaching experience. Educational technology students schools libraries teachers parents staff development. K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work. Design Thinking, Education & Learning. FableCroft » Educational technology students schools libraries teachers parents staff development. A Guide to Blogging and Examples of Classroom Blogs. This morning at the ISLMA Conference I gave a short presentation on blogs and social media for teachers and school leaders.

A Guide to Blogging and Examples of Classroom Blogs

There were a few folks who expressed interest in coming to the session, but weren't able to attend so I promised to post the highlights here. Embedded below you should see my 90 page guide to using Blogger. The guide covers everything from starting your first blog to privacy settings to editing your blog's layout. The guide also includes a glossary of terms frequently used in blogging. Click here to download the guide. Home. HOTandThinkertools - home. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page. Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch. K12 Tech Info. Kids' Book Review. Learning in Hand. Blog. Mrs Mac's Library - Home. Developed by Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. NeverEndingSearch — @joycevalenza by Joyce Valenza.

Not So Distant Future. “What we make is important” — George Nelson In 2008, we opened a vibrant new library “Research Center” after an extensive renovation process.We conducted student and staff surveys, compiled image books of photographs, did extensive reading on library design, did site visits, and compiled a list of the “key ideas” we wanted to be reflected in our physical space.

Not So Distant Future

As an overview, I’ve compiled a number of posts on my blog that track the design and renovation process: Presentations: CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) Conference: Library Design for 21st Century Learners TXLA 2014 Presentation Student Friendly Library Design TCEA 2013 Presentation Library Design: Continuing Conversations TCEA 2012 Presentation Rethinking Library Design. Ozge Karaoglu's Blog - About apps and web tools, and being a teacherAre They Reading At Home?

But how do you know they are reading?

Are They Reading At Home?

How do you know they read at home? How do you know that what they are reading is worth their time? Podcast Directory Categories - Submit your podcast, podcasting directory, and podcast information. The PYP Library. Matthew Reidsma : Your Librarian Friend. R. David Lankes – Scholar. SearchReSearch. Teaching Strategies. My own experience with Google Classroom. Technology and Education. A practical guide to integrating technology in the classroom. Tools to create, engage, and share. Top 200 Tools for Learning – Top Tools for Learning 2016. 10 ways to differentiate learning…

Once upon a time in the olden days, the teacher stood out front and taught the whole class the same material in the same way. Everyone was expected to do the same tasks, some passed and some failed and were labelled ever after. The focus was on teaching, not on learning. The Unquiet Librarian.