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SSP6 MultiducersTM - Revolution Acoustics. A Revolution in Speaker Technology.

SSP6 MultiducersTM - Revolution Acoustics

The patented SSP6 Multiducer™ (Multifunctional Transducer) brings a revolution to not only invisible audio, but all kinds of installed speaker applications. Its sheer performance with high fidelity audio, high power handling and constant SPL throughout a listening space mean it’s the perfect speaker for sound masking, conference rooms, retail, restaurant, hospitality, house of worship, transportation and other commercial uses; its performance combined with fully invisible installation make it ideal for high end residential use. The SSP6 Multiducer is a new class of product for transforming rigid surfaces – walls, ceilings, tables, windows, vehicles, and other surfaces – into full range audio speakers. It employs a different subset of acoustical physics – bending wave physics – giving you a true Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) with no hot spots or off-axis high frequency dropoffs.

(Read more about the technology behind the SSP6 here.) Digital Footprints USA. Login Contact Us © 2020 Digital Footprints Corporation Enter your domain details.

Digital Footprints USA

Digital Marketing Blogs by Digital Footprints USA. Prioritizing Security Compliance and Communication Digital Footprints has always adhered to the strict brand guidelines and security compliances.

Digital Marketing Blogs by Digital Footprints USA

Digital Footprints and our partners have always been operating digitally and been particular about adopting the safe mode of working and communication, in every situation. In the wake of the virus, when the world is still moving to digital platforms now, Digital… Read More » Data Protection Laws : Is your business compliant ? Did you know over the past 10 years, there have been 300 data breaches involving the theft of 100,000 or more records? Why Website Security is crucial for your online presence Since March 2020 the website hacking is at an all-time high.

Why it’s important to invest in marketing during COVID – 19 The pandemic has created economic disruption in almost every business sector. Socket Set Machine Screws - Major Ipc - durability and perfect functionality. Major-IPC has been known for its efficient service provision to clients since the year 1977.

Socket Set Machine Screws - Major Ipc - durability and perfect functionality

We have gained expertise, acclaim and experience as a one-stop service provider of an array of plastic and metal screw machined products. When it comes to manufacturing high and medium volume machine screw components, our clients rely on us for the superiority and precision of our products. Few varieties of screws that we manufacture includes Socket set machine screws, PVDF screws, Kynar screws, Shafts, Sleeves, Bushing components and so on. Apart from manufacturing assembled machined parts for die-cutting, stamping and fastening, we also specialize in manufacturing socket set machine screws amongst other screws and bolts. Machine screws provided by us are known for their tensile strength and suitability for a variety of commercial operations. Materials: Sizes: Digital FootprintsCorporation -Online Marketing Agency US. Founded in 2014, Digital Footprints is a pioneer at delivering complete digital marketing services.

Digital FootprintsCorporation -Online Marketing Agency US

Since then we have amalgamated a team of dedicated experts. Our professional team incorporates the best business practices and the latest technologies to ensure that our clients are served with the highest quality solution to fulfill their digital marketing needs. At Digital Footprints we believe in customization. We know that every business has its own unique challenges and distinct expectations. Each of our tailored digital marketing projects is crafted to be results driven, in as little time as possible. We specialize in enhancing the digital footprint for the growing small and mid-size businesses. When your company decides to work with us, you are receiving a full-time dedicated team. Company. Distributors - E-Z-Hook, A Division of Tektest, Inc. A list of E-Z-Hook distributors is coming soon.

Distributors - E-Z-Hook, A Division of Tektest, Inc.

Become A Distributor E-Z-Hook is a US based manufacturing company of electronic test accessories that offers a wide-range of products used for industry solutions. For over 63 years we have offered products used in multiple industries and we continue to grow and expand on our quality products and services. Our interest is to support our distributors in servicing their customer testing and maintenance requirements. Product quality, customer service, and on-time delivery are what define our partnerships. What We offer Distributor Stocking Package Program Our stocking program limits distributor risk and ensures client product demands are properly met.

In addition, E-Z-Hook offers distributor pricing which is based on product quantities. No Minimum Orders The factory has a no minimum order requirement for delivery of standard products and products usually ship within 1-2 (48 hours) business days. Product Information. Customized Solutions - E-Z-Hook, A Division of Tektest, Inc. Products. Luminit - Leader in Light Shaping Technology - Torrance, California.

Electronic - E-Z-Hook, A Division of Tektest, Inc. Hobbyist - E-Z-Hook, A Division of Tektest, Inc. SERVICES - Lovefire Today. Digital Marketing Services inUSA.