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Dan Wilson

I am 45-year-old who loves herbal plants and the wonders of traditional eastern medicine. I am smart and inspiring, but can also be very lazy and a bit moody. I was addicted to chocolate, something which my friend Cayden Cleveland Heath pointed out when I was 15. I started studying Osteopathic Medicine and applied my learnings for more than 2 decades. Alternative medicine are best when fully maximize and applied properly.

Melissa Altman RN, CFMP. Melissa Altman grew up wanting to be a nurse like her mother.

Melissa Altman RN, CFMP

She earned a nursing degree from the University of South Carolina and has now been a Registered Nurse for 26 years. In 2017 she became certified as a Holistic Health Coach through Health Coach Institute. In 2018, she became a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through Functional Medicine University. Dr. Patrick Lovegrove, DO. Dr.

Dr. Patrick Lovegrove, DO

Patrick Lovegrove is board certified by the American Board of Family Physicians. A graduate of Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine, his over 20 years of clinical experience includes Family Practice, Anti-aging, Holistic Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Aerospace, Sports, and Emergency Medicine. Dr. XYMOGEN Food Supplement. Non - Toxic Cleaning Products That You Can Buy At The Store. We have had many of our patients inquire about healthier recommendations about products to use in our daily basis.

Non - Toxic Cleaning Products That You Can Buy At The Store

A non toxic lifestyle is something to work little by little and we are happy to help along the way in this process. Why to use non toxic cleaning products? Partial Denture Treatment VA. Partial dentures are replacement teeth for people who have lost one or more of their teeth.

Partial Denture Treatment VA

Partial dentures can be taken in and out of the mouth and consist of a denture base, which closely resembles the color of your gums and denture teeth, which are attached to a supporting framework. The partial denture then attaches to the existing teeth via a clasp or some other retentive device. Breast Thermography Service SC. Thermography produces an infrared image that shows the patterns of heat and blood flow near the surface of the body.

Breast Thermography Service SC

New Frontiers In Fish Oil – Part One - By Dr.

New Frontiers In Fish Oil – Part One -

Patrick Lovegrove Medically Reviewed by Lindsay Langley, BSN, RN, CHT Posted Monday, March 11th, 2019 This is part one of a two-part series on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil. Stay tuned for part two about how to incorporate fish oil into a regular diet. From supporting cardiovascular health to promoting ideal body composition to optimizing inflammatory pathways, omega-3’s substantive impact on a wide variety of health issues has been well-documented. Why Take Omega-3 Fatty Acids? Many research articles support the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids—primarily for their ability to act as the body’s natural protection.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also known to promote healthy body composition—improving lean mass and decreasing fat mass in healthy adults. Those suffering from chronic pain have also sought relief in fish oil supplements. Types and Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Throughout history, humans consumed diets heavy in fish. Infertility On The Rise? By Dr.

Infertility On The Rise?

Merge Medical Center. A vital organ, the heart beats over 100,000 times a day, pumping nearly 8,00 liters of blood throughout the body. 8,000 liters might not even fit on the shelves of an average supermarket, but that amount of blood courses through our veins each day.

Merge Medical Center

Our hearts never stop beating and carry a weighty responsibility for our overall health and vitality. An estimated 17.7 million people died from cardiovascular disease in 2015, representing 31% of all global deaths. In the United States, one in four people die from heart disease. With cardiovascular disease remaining the leading cause of mortality for both men and women, it’s no wonder we’ve dedicated February to heart health, but perhaps we’d be better served remembering our hearts every day of the year. Key Supplements for Heart Health. Miscarriage Rates Triple for Women with Top Radiation Exposures.

Pregnant women exposed to high radiation levels from sources like cell phones, wireless devices and cell towers miscarried at nearly three times the rate as those exposed to low levels, according to new research.

Miscarriage Rates Triple for Women with Top Radiation Exposures

“I hope this study makes us rethink the notion that magnetic field non-ionizing radiation exposure is safe or has no health risk,” said lead author Dr. De-Kun Li, a senior research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California. “This is certainly something we can’t just ignore.” Cell phones, cordless phones and other wireless devices, appliances, power lines, smart-meter networks and cell towers generate non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields. Writing in Scientific Reports, Li and his team call rapidly proliferating electromagnetic field emissions “a ubiquitous environmental exposure and a serious looming public health challenge.”

Researchers could not determine the emission sources of the radiation. My Ashburn Dentist. (Original)Leading-Edge Sterilization Keeps you, our team, and our community safe When the Covid-19 pandemic first came to the US, even before it arrived in Virginia, we made a plan and acted quickly to provide superior protection to you, our value… Plus (Original)Leading-Edge Sterilization Keeps you, our team, and our community safe When the Covid-19 pandemic first came to the US, even before it arrived in Virginia, we made a plan and acted quickly to provide superior protection to you, our valued patients.

My Ashburn Dentist

We have adopted 2 unique, advanced precautions in addition to the mandated/recommended adjustments to our already-strict sanitation protocol. .. 1. Heart Disease Treatment Service in SC. Post Surgery Instructions. First, to control any bleeding put constant pressure on the wound by biting on the gauze. Also, change the gauze every few minutes for about a couple of hours. A cold compress or ice packs can also help this process. For the first few days after the extraction you should stay on a soft diet.

Edible Food Parts You Never Knew You Could Eat. Across America, food “scraps” are often trimmings, skins and seeds tossed in the garbage. But as I started investigating these “waste products,” I quickly found many of these actually serve as edible food parts with robust nutrition. In fact, many ancient cultures, including Chinese medicine and Native American remedies, tapped the healthy compounds in some of the edible food parts below. Beyond that, using every part of food we can also helps reduce food waste. In the United States, organic waste is the second highest component of landfills, which serve as mega methane emitters.

And get this: 30 to 40 percent of the food we eat in this country is wasted. Chronic Pain Treatment Service in SC. Although we tend to think of pain as strictly physical, it is much more complex. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and fatigue interact in complicated ways with pain. Our thoughts and emotions can lead to a change in the quality and amount of pain that is experienced. As a result, the ways in which individuals feel pain, express pain, and respond to pain and its treatments vary dramatically. The following are considered when diagnosing the root cause of pain: Coronavirus - Your Recipe for Survival. Coronavirus- Your Recipe for Survival By: Dalal Akoury, MD and Patrick Lovegrove, DO “Coronavirus” may seem unfamiliar to many, however almost everyone has encountered a milder form of the Coronavirus family virus. The Coronavirus family with its known four human strains accounts for one-fifth of common cold cases occurring every year.

Emergency Dentist Ashburn VA. Dental Crown Treatment. As you age, your teeth age too. Decay, fillings, trauma or even just normal chewing habits can make your teeth break down over time. A dental crown or a cap is a cover that is placed over a tooth to protect a weakened tooth from further fracturing or deteriorating. Teeth Bleaching Treatment. Brushing and Flossing Guide. Dental Home Care No treatment will be effective unless you follow it up with routine and proper home care. EMULSIFIERS AND THICKENERS — ARE THEY HAMPERING YOUR GUT HEALTH? What Is Holistic Nutrition? Hormone Therapy May Be Best Defense Against Knee Osteoarthritis. A large-scale study published in the journal Menopause shows that women receiving hormone replacement therapy had a significantly lower prevalence of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis compared with women who did not take hormones.

Benefits of Mediterranean Diet. Dental Dentures. Dive Into The Gut-Brain Connection. Why we need Amalgam Fillings? What is Autoimmunity? What Exactly Is Considered Dental Implants? - George Philips. What Exactly Is Considered Dental Implants? - George Philips - Medium. The Nirvana of Online Flower Selling. What is Hormone Pellet Therapy? How Does Online Math Tutoring Works? Lifestyle Changes to Improve Chronic Constipation. How Diet Guards Against Leaky Gut. Medical & Health. Dietary Potassium Intake and Heart Health.