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Erin Siegel Jewelry: Silver Branches Bracelet Tutorial. Happy, Beady New Year!

Erin Siegel Jewelry: Silver Branches Bracelet Tutorial

I'm sharing my first jewelry tutorial of the year. Silver Branches Bracelet is my designer contribution for January. I love the natural, organic feel of this piece. The design is inspired by elegant bare branches covered with sparkling snow. Emerging Creatively Jewelry Tutorials. Spring Bling Week – Mixed Media Bracelet.

Pearl Wraparound Bracelet (Paula Mendoza Inspired) Inspired by an edgy Paula Mendoza piece (below), this project represents the aesthetic and vision of Studs & Pearls to a tee.

Pearl Wraparound Bracelet (Paula Mendoza Inspired)

I took my own spin on this statement bracelet, using ivory pearls and pairing it with the Chevron Studded Jacket DIY. Learn how to make this eye-catching bracelet, below! - Pearls...lots of them! In a "gradient" of sizes. - Seed Beads - Scissors and 3-in-1 Jewelry Pliers - Craft Wire (24-28 gauge, depending on the the hole size of your pearls) - Jewelry Clasp (Not shown, optional) 1) Beginning with the largest size, begin adding pearls directly onto the wire. 2) Continue adding pearls with the second largest size pearls. 3) Continue adding pearls of the next size down. 4) Last but not least, add pearls of the smallest size. 5) When straightened, the entire wire of beads measured almost 24 inches (60.96 centimeters). At the end, create a loop with the pliers. 6) Twist the wire to create a spiral. Kumihimo Knot Bracelet - Dream a Little Bigger. Undeniable Glitter: Ocean Bracelet.

This pretty bracelet has colors that remind me of the ocean and being on the beach.

Undeniable Glitter: Ocean Bracelet

The finish on the beads is like seaglass, to add to the beachy feeling. Materials: 6 colors of briolette beads, small clear seed beads, beading wire, crimp beads, lobster clasp, bent nose pliers, and wire cutters. Cut a piece of wire several inches longer than your wrist. Thread a crimp bead, the clasp, and then back through the crimp bead. With the pliers, crimp it to secure the bracelet. Begin stringing the beads. When you have finished stringing, finish off the end with the other part of the clasp like you did in the beginning.

Make three other strands following the same method. All finished! Make Jewelry to Match An Outfit - Candie Cooper. Hey CC fans!

Make Jewelry to Match An Outfit - Candie Cooper

I’m Jamie and normally I can be found blogging over at SweetSeedBeads (check it out!). Today I’m guest posting here for Candie (whom I absolutely LOVE) and I couldn’t be more excited to share a fun, last minute, Easter dress inspired bracelet with you : ) My Easter dress is “so last year” but I snatched it up for like $14 at the end of the season and am still in love with it…and who doesn’t like a bargain, right? Finding jewels to match all these fun, spring colors could be quite the challenge though…so, of course, I made my own. This bracelet was made using a kumihimo braiding technique…here’s how you can make yours!

First, gather your supplies. Kumihimo Braiding Disc 8 Plastic Bobbins White S-Lon Cord Size 8/0 Seed Beads (in the color of your dress) Glue-on Cord Ends and Clasp Kumihimo Weight (mine is my boyfriend’s fishing sinker tied to a binder clip…totally works) G-S Hypo Cement E6000 Adhesive Scissors Step 1. Step 2: String 40 seed beads onto each strand. Dragonfly Roundup Bracelet. Dragonfly Roundup Bracelet InstructionsDesigned by Artbeads You and your little one will both be impressed with this incredible woven design that's simple to make.

Dragonfly Roundup Bracelet

This pattern is inspired by the stylish Chan Luu woven bracelets, so you both can look fashionable! Mommy Black Leather Bracelet Step one: Take a long piece, about eight feet, of 1.5mm black leather and fold it in half. Shades of Blue Beaded Bracelet. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of July 28, 2014.

Shades of Blue Beaded Bracelet

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