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Hi! I am Daniel Wilson a marketing manager in Resort App and I am working in this industry for the last 5 years. I am not the owner of the content which has been published here. This content is only for knowledge purposes. This content belongs to the respective owners and I do not hold any right for this content.

10 graphs that anyone in the Hospitality business MUST see. HiJiffy offers hotels a tool where guests are able to access the hotel’s Facebook Messenger and get an answer to their queries or check prices and availability.

10 graphs that anyone in the Hospitality business MUST see

After this, consumers are able to complete the booking process within Messenger. As a conversational tool, we wanted to validate how are hotels communicating with guests before, during and after their stay, what hotels think that can be improved in the relationship between hotels and guests and what are the biggest challenges hotels are facing in terms of their online presence. With these goals in mind, we did a market research in partnership with the European Union through H2020 Fund. Our survey was launched to 76 hotel managers. Here, you can find our findings! How Mobile Engagement Can Be Used To Reshape The Hospitality Industry. Smartphones dominate our attention throughout the day.

How Mobile Engagement Can Be Used To Reshape The Hospitality Industry

They have come to change the very nature of how we interact with the world around us, including the way we do businesses. When it comes to the travel and hospitality space, mobiles have drastically reshaped their functioning, that too in the favor of the consumer. And, with expectations regarding mobile interactivity rising, consumers have become more demanding regarding the kinds of services they have at their fingertips. Here are some statistics that will help you grasp the extent to which mobile has penetrated the industry: The bottom line is, mobile is here to stay. The hospitality industry invests heavily in online marketing (about $6 billion in 2016, to give you an idea) and uses it to engage customers and drive conversions.

The Role of Mobiles in the Research Phase Earlier, your travel research didn’t necessarily involve surfing the net. But don’t just leave it all up to the guests. A virtual concierge is even better. 4 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Mobile Application in the Hotel Business. Mobile technology is evolving on each passing day along with the increasing sales of tablets and smartphones in the recent market.

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Mobile Application in the Hotel Business

Nowadays, most of the people and travelers use smartphones and they tend to look for easier options to book a hotel while travelling to a certain place. In this scenario, if you opt for a feature-rich and efficient mobile app for your hotel business, undoubtedly, it would be beneficial for the guests or customers. On the other hand, with the help of increasing access to this application, a business can prosper in an exponential way. Here is a list of 4 persuasive reasons why you should devise a mobile application to acquire success in your business. #1 Easy Communication through Multi-Channel. Is Your Hotel Ready for the Millennial Traveler? Before I continue, let’s first make sure we’re on the same page about who were referring to when we use the expression ‘millennial traveller’.

Is Your Hotel Ready for the Millennial Traveler?

Millennials, also more commonly referred to as Generation Y or Generation Next, are people who were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. They make up about 20% of international travellers and it is estimated that by 2020, they will account for more than 320 million international trips. Phew. Those are some staggering numbers right there! Getting Your Clients to Download Your Hotel App - RAI. There will be some customers will not use a hotel’s smartphone application after you suggest it to them, and that’s just a fact.

Getting Your Clients to Download Your Hotel App - RAI

Sometimes they don’t realize how beneficial it is to their experience, either from lack of knowledge, time, or digital expertise. There are ways to curb this, through explaining of all the benefits they will have after downloading the app: Customers no longer having to wait at the front desk for information since all the hotel’s information is at their fingertipsThey can rate their hotel experience quickly and easilyStay updated with special deals and events ongoing in the hotel and the area they are visitingStay in contact with the hotel even outside of its property.

Small and easy steps can be made to ensure your guests get the information they need. For customers who need a little extra convincing, you can provide information at the check-in desk for them, offering the application as a way to get services completed quicker. Convenience is where it’s “app” - Resort Applications International.

Customers love convenience, and in the new age of technology, the smartphone was crafted specifically to fit those needs.

Convenience is where it’s “app” - Resort Applications International

Put Your Hotel on the Map - Resort Applications International. In today’s world, booking apps for hotels are critical for catering to a diverse group of people.

Put Your Hotel on the Map - Resort Applications International

The eTravel industry is experiencing unprecedented and phenomenal growth. Companies that have set the standard include and Airbnb. Each year, the global hotel industry generates more than half a trillion dollars in revenue. The industry bases its business on offering optimal services and utilizing hotel apps that can enhance customer reach. There is a lot that goes into designing a hotel app. Mobile App – Increase Direct Reservations. Increase Direct Reservations with a Hotel Mobile App It isn’t any surprise that consumers have grown to love using their smartphones for everything.

Mobile App – Increase Direct Reservations

In fact, it just makes them feel smarter to have apps they can use for just about anything. According to the New York Post, Americans check their mobile devices around 80 times per day. Oftentimes, many consumers use their phones to look for deals – including travel deals. Having the Edge Over Your Competitors - RAI. Even though this is the age of technology, there still seems to be some resistance from hotels to have an app created.

Having the Edge Over Your Competitors - RAI

It would definitely make life easier for the mobile-dependent user. Many hotels have made the first step by making their sites mobile ready and even utilizing Facebook and online booking, yet, still haven’t made the leap to providing a mobile apps for their customers. Out of all the hotels, only a fraction of them have stepped into the digital era. That means those hotels have a great advantage over their competition. Most people, in this digital era, use their smartphones and Ipads for everything – from shopping online, watching streams, playing games to bookings. Winning Hotels Have An App. If Your Hotel Wants to be a Winner, It Needs a Mobile App A recent study performed by the CWT travel management platform found that travelers who take over five trips per year are 13 percent more likely to book their flights and hotels on a mobile app.

Winning Hotels Have An App

In addition, CWT found that experienced travelers who made bookings on their smartphones are more likely to reserve a higher fare and better accommodations. This survey was conducted on March 2019, and it seems to make sense. An increasing number of people are using their smartphones to take care of all their daily tasks from ordering groceries, to ordering clothing, and especially for making travel reservations. It goes without saying that, in today’s digital world, your hotel needs a mobile app. Energize Your Hotel Bookings. Custom Mobile Apps Archives- Resort Applications International. Competitive Advantage Archives - Resort Applications International. Put Your Hotel on the Map.

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