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Self Breast Bondage. Hi there!

Self Breast Bondage

We'd love for you to enter, but we need to let you know that there might be some nudity and explicit sexuality. Are you 18 or over? And you agree to our Terms and Conditions? Awesome! Click our logo in the upper left to get your education started. Not yet 18? The information in this website is presented by individuals who speak from their own experiences to provide insight into various techniques that consenting adults can use to explore, expand, or enrich their sexual experience.

The information contained in this website is broadly categorized in three parts: Basic Sexuality Skills and Role Play; Intermediate Sexuality Skills and Role Play; Advanced Sexuality Skills, BDSM and Role Play. The information provided in all the parts is intended for consenting adults interested in exploring and expanding their sexuality by using different techniques and through role plays. Strict adherence to the safety precautions is necessary for safe and appropriate use of each item.

Hebari. Tasuki Shibari – Kimono tie. Futomomo Shibari – Thigh Tie. Diamond Foot Cuff. Permalink: Codes: Feet Rope The Diamond Foot Cuff Mick developed the Diamond Foot Cuff in 2004, based on a tie seen in one of our earliest galleries, Rope Bondage: Ankle Binding (Dec. 2003).

Diamond Foot Cuff

This three-wrap ankle tie is eerily similar to the Gravity Boot later documented by Jack Elfrink. Jack told me that the the three-wrap version he describes had been used in Germany for a long time. Mick developed his original tie based on a decorative rope technique he learned from Lew Rubens at Kink in the Caribbean 3 (hence the rope "Rose" on the top of the foot). The diamond foot cuff is much more comfortable for tying feet to bedposts or other attachment points, since there are no knots or pressure points on the side of the ankle, and the force is directed from under the sole parallel to the leg bones.

Web site contents Copyright © 2003-2013 by Mick Luvbight. Diamond Chest Harness. Permalink: Codes: Rope Suspension The Diamond Chest Harness Mick developed the Diamond Chest Harness as an alternative to the standard horizontally wrapped harness.

Diamond Chest Harness

It seems that Dee's sternum is shorter than average, so the bottom wrap on a standard harness can make breathing uncomfortable for her. By cross the rope bands between the breasts, the center of support is moved upwards onto her sternum, making this more comfortable (other women besides Dee had found this helpful in suspension, also). Bondage 101: Two-Column Weave. This tutorial describes an easy and versatile two-column tie.

Bondage 101: Two-Column Weave

A two-column tie is any tie that ties two parallel things together, such as two arms, or two legs, or an arm to a leg, or a leg to a post, or whatever. This particular two-column tie is very fast and simple, looks gorgeous, and requires no knots. While it looks complicated, this is actually a very easy tie to learn. You can learn to do it in about five minutes, and it only takes a minute or two to put on. As you can see, the finished result is quite lovely. You can also use this as a single-column tie, for example, on one arm or one leg. Making the tie This two-column tie starts, as most ties do, by finding the middle of the rope. Bondage 101: Two-Column Weave. Rope body harness. Bondage Project - Tips and Tricks. Bondage How To / Tips and Tricks / About a good Ambient Here you find a link to Esinems Tutorial about Safty and Bondage 1.

Bondage Project - Tips and Tricks

Tutorials - Standard Bondages 1.1. The Standard "Knot" (possible on other places for sure) Gallery. Lewbari Hip Harness. Permalink: Codes: Rope Suspension Models: Mick Luvbight This is Mick Luvbight's variant of Lew Rubens' Lewbari™ Hip Harness.

Lewbari Hip Harness

Note that Lewbari is a trademark of Lew Rubens, and is used with permission. Hon Kikkou. Prolong Knot. The Rope Top's Knot. How to Tie a Star-Shaped Harness. Bondage 101: Tie a Shinju Breast Harness. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to tie a simple breast harness.

Bondage 101: Tie a Shinju Breast Harness

In Japanese bondage (or "shibari"), this type of harness is called a "shinju. " A shinju can be applied to just about any woman, though most shinju harnesses don't work well on men. Making a Simple Shinju The style of shinju shown here is very simple, and easy to learn. Bondage 101: How to Tie a Karada 1. In Japan, bondage enthusiasts often practice a form of artistic rope bondage called "shibari.

Bondage 101: How to Tie a Karada 1

" Shibari involves the use of elaborate rope harnesses that are quite beautiful, and the look very complex and difficult to create. Rope Bondage; knots and hitches. Bondage is about taking control if you are a dominant and losing control or letting go of control if you are a submissive (slave).

Rope Bondage; knots and hitches

Bondage can be an important part of slave training or BDSM scene play. I t can render a feeling of helplessness to the tied slave girl. It is a huge turn on for many to have the feeling of helplessness and knowing the other party can do as they will to their body. For some, it is an emotional release that is very calming and restful while some struggle against the binding to feel the loss of control. Bondage 101: How To Tie Someone Up. Tying people up is fun!

Bondage 101: How To Tie Someone Up

Here’s how to do it for the first time. Communication is the key to all kinky play, and it’s absolutely essential here. Before any actual bondage takes place, talk to your activity partner about what you like, what you want to try, what you would be willing to try if they’re into it and what’s off limits. A yes/no/maybe list can help. If you’ve never tied someone up or been tied up, you won’t know how you’ll react or what you’ll feel even if you think you do, and it’s okay to slow down and check in often. The best rope for bondage is thick cotton or silk, as neither material slides or moves around too much once you tie it off. And unlike other types of toys, rope is multi-purpose.

Before you begin to tie someone up, keep the following safety tips in mind: + Keep the rope loose enough that you can work two fingers between the rope and your activity partner’s skin. . + Check circulation often by looking for areas of skin that might be turning blue or white. Double coin (1 line) This knot goes by several deferent names. Double coin knot. Carrick bend. Josephine knot. From behind, bring the line between your thumb and index finger. Overhand cuff. This is a decorative cuff based on the overhand knot. It has an appearance somewhat like a rope shackle. Start with the center of the rope. You do know how to find the center? Right? Make several wraps around the limb. Double coin (2 lines)

This knot goes by several deferent names. Double coin knot. Carrick bend. Josephine knot. Step one: Live long and prosper. Bring two lines in from the back. Take up one of the lines. Japanese Crown. The japanese crown has become widly popular as a lanyard for tying the kadara body harness. It is one of the few knots used in Japanese bondage that is actualy of Asian origin. Also called the ten-knot because it looks like the kanji character for ten (十) because of how the underneath side of the knot appears. Begin with 2 parallel lines. Shown here in red and black for clarity. Wrap one line around your hand. Take the other line and place it underneath the upper coil of the other line. Wrap the second line around your hand. Japanese Rope ARt - Tutorials - Nawa Dojo.