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Daniel Matern

Daniel C. Matern established his legal career with the desire to represent individuals whom have been charged with criminal matters. Attorney Matern has dedicated his career to defending people accused of crimes in Salt Lake County and throughout Utah.

Bill to Ban Gas Chambers for Animal Euthanasia Fails. A recent bill designed to help animals avoid a painful death in gas chambers was not passed.

Bill to Ban Gas Chambers for Animal Euthanasia Fails

Although legislation had many votes and the support of animal advocates, some factors may have contributed to the opposition. Authorities talk about some of the difficulties animal handlers face when trying to inject the animal with a needle. Although this is a more humane way to end the animal’s life, it’s riskier and worst on their mental health. In other words, the staff is apparently safer when placing the animal in the gas chambers. The American Veterinary Medical Association comments that professionals working with animals should show more compassion and care.

Euthanasia via gas chambers This is not a pain or stress free euthanasia for animals. The compassionate option With millions of animals in our animal shelters chances are these facilities don’t have the resources needed to support these animals until they die of natural causes. Tiger Woods Hits Rock Bottom After DUI Arrest. The image is haunting.

Tiger Woods Hits Rock Bottom After DUI Arrest

By now, everyone around the world has seen the infamous mug shot of Tiger Woods after his arrest for suspicion of DUI in Jupiter, FL during Memorial Day weekend. Woods’ face appeared puffy. His eyes were hazy and unfocused. He almost seems completely unrecognizable from the confident image he usually projects. Utah Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer. If you have been charged with a drunk driving (DUI) offense in Salt Lake City, you should count on the advice of an experienced attorney who can thoroughly and meaningfully walk you through your options.

Utah Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

You should be given the opportunity to make the best possible decision and have the best possible outcome based upon the circumstances of your case. For more than 25 years, defense lawyer David Paul White has stood up for the rights of people throughout Salt Lake City, including St. George and its surrounding areas. I have the experience and knowledge to challenge the evidence against you, move to exclude illegally obtained evidence, and protect your constitutional rights. Salt Lake City Hate Crimes Attorney. There are few things that can ruin a person’s reputation than getting charged with a hate crime.

Salt Lake City Hate Crimes Attorney

Salt Lake City police have reported increases in the amount of hate crimes. However, not every person accused of a hate crime is guilty. Law enforcement throughout Utah is making a greater effort to crack down on these crimes. If you are accused of a hate crime, the consequences can be severe. In addition to facing possible jail time, a hate crime charge can prevent a person from getting a job or even purchasing property. Salt Lake City News Anchor Apologizes After DUI Arrest. Everybody makes mistakes.

Salt Lake City News Anchor Apologizes After DUI Arrest

But some can be more serious than others. Police throughout Utah are cracking down on drunk drivers. KUTV television news anchor Shauna Lake found out the hard way. Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates. “Enticing” a minor.

Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates

“Agreeing to meet.” Generating “illicit images.” These are cold legal terms that strike fear into most American families. Our culture extends zero tolerance to predatory sexual behavior of any kind, including that of child pornography. If you’ve been charged with a child pornography criminal offense in Utah, you have an uphill battle ahead of you. Should Utah Eliminate the Death Penalty? When it comes to death penalty, perhaps no state offers more cruel and unusual punishment than Utah.

Should Utah Eliminate the Death Penalty?

It is the only state in the union that authorizes execution by firing squad. But the real debate isn’t whether Utah should should maintain firing squad executions. Rather, should the state continue its policy of capital punishment altogether? Although Utah does not lead the nation in executions (Texas does), the idea of putting prisoners to death may be running its course. While many death row inmates have committed brutal crimes and deserve an early departure, is it humane and worth the expense of the taxpayer?

Time Consuming Process There are currently nine men on Utah’s death row who have yet to exhaust all of their appeals in state and federal court. “I’m not sure we should be doing justice based on cost. But some argue the better option is life without parole rather than the high costs of execution. New designer drugs sold in Utah. Utah officials talk about the overwhelming amount of designer drugs currently being sold in Utah streets and online.

New designer drugs sold in Utah

The components in these drugs are constantly changing and they are more deadly every time. Manufacturers create these illicit drugs combining multiple ingredients such as methamphetamine and fentanyl. These substances are then made into pills and sold to the public. Utah doctor convicted of murdering his wife dies in jail. A doctor who had been in prison since 2014 for killing his wife, California beauty queen Michele MacNeill, recently passed away.

Utah doctor convicted of murdering his wife dies in jail

Officers found him unresponsive at the Utah State Prison and tried to revive him but unfortunately, he died. Although his death is under investigation, there are no signs any circumstances or individuals may have caused it. Contact a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney if you have been wrongly accused of a crime. Mr. MacNeill had been struggling with schizophrenia after his U.S. A tragic case Michele MacNeill’s death had caused a nationwide commotion. Salt Lake City Theft Crime Attorney. Theft is most simply defined as when one person takes personal property of some value from another person, with specific intent to permanently deprive him or her of that property.

Salt Lake City Theft Crime Attorney

Criminal Defense of Theft Charges in Salt Lake City Few crimes can damage a person’s reputation worse than getting charged with theft. Will More Jails Lower Crime in Salt Lake City’s Rio Grande District? There is a crisis going on in Salt Lake City’s Rio Grande District. An epidemic of crime has plagued the community in recent years. To combat the district’s crime wave, city officials announced a plan to spend $700,000 on the addition of 150 jail beds to the Salt Lake County Jail. The proposal is hailed as an effective short term solution. A teen involved in Deserae Turner shooting tries to stay in juvenile court.

The attorney for one of the teens involved in Deserae’s case is fighting to keep one of the teens in juvenile court. Although he didn’t pull the trigger he suggested the shooting after being bombarded by Turner’s snap chat. Considering his age and details of his case, he is better off in juvenile court. The boy is struggling with ADHD , cognitive development and has no criminal records. Also, there is no link with the victim. Salt Lake City Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer. Disorderly conduct is kind of the catch-all criminal charge for a crime that involves something potentially disturbing to the public. As you can imagine, these kinds of charges do not have a standardized criminal defense process because they can cover a wide range of criminal acts. At the Law Offices of David Paul White and Associates, we bring years of strategic defense to criminal offense cases across Utah.

Our Salt Lake City disorderly conduct defense attorney, David Paul White, has successfully achieved results for countless individuals and he can do the same for you. What Constitutes “Disorderly Conduct”? DUI Attorney Salt Lake City. Drunk driving in Utah will cost you a lot. Unfortunately, prosecutors and police officers are aware of this and they will come get you. Many factors come into play when determining the costs associated with a DUI charge. You can lower your DUI costs by hiring a Salt Lake City DUI attorney. A lawyer will save you a lot in the long run and increase your chances of having your DUI charges either reduced or dropped. Factors influencing the total DUI costs. Having your criminal records erased in Utah. Under some circumstances, you can have your criminal records erased in the state of Utah. This means the public or even potential employers can no longer view them.

It will be as it never happened. Destroying a criminal record is very important as it will block agencies from having access to this information and allow you a fresh start with more opportunities in the future. A Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can help you expunge an arrest or conviction and avoid the consequences of having criminal records along the way. Expungement vs sealed record An expungement and a sealed record are quite different. Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates. Salt Lake City Resisting Arrest Defense Attorney. Resisting arrest charges are typically related to the physical resistance or not cooperating with a law enforcement officer who is trying to arrest an alleged criminal offender. New synthetic drug causes deaths in Utah. A new designer drug called U-47700 is already taking lives in the state of Utah and across USA. Two 13-year-old boys from Utah were overdose just a few months ago.

Salt Lake City Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer - David Paul White and Associates. The drug possession, manufacture or distribution criminal charges against you can be aggressively, efficiently, personally and, above all, successfully defended by David Paul White. For example, you could’ve been passing through Utah while in possession of legal medical marijuana obtained in California or Oregon. And after the drugs were found you were charged with possession. Salt Lake City Felony DUI Defense Lawyer. For some individuals, the circumstances of their lives make facing DUI charges a repeat issue.

As an individual continues to be pulled over, charged with and convicted of DUIs, the consequences become more severe. That is because DUIs are considered “enhanceable crimes” meaning the charges become more serious the more times an individual is charged. Mandatory Rape Kit Testing Bill Passed in Utah. A new law was recently passed in the state of Utah where all rape kit is now required to be tested for DNA. In the past, when a rape kit was submitted for testing, many officers didn’t submit the kit in cases where the victim knew the rapist. This is obviously wrong as DNA testing often helps law-enforcement agencies investigating the crime find serial rapists and also show evidence when someone is being wrongly accused.

When someone is charged with rape, he or she is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Oklahoma QB Allowed To Practice Despite Disorderly Conduct Arrest. On the football field, Baker Mayfield has the speed and moves to make opposing tacklers miss. But he couldn’t evade the law. Mayfield is one of college football’s best returning players. The University of Oklahoma quarterback was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and led the Sooners to an 11-2 record in 2016, including a 35-19 victory over Auburn in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Feds File 15 Gun Crime Cases in St. George County Since January 1. The year is barely four months old. However, federal prosecutors have been busy in St. George County, UT–particular when it comes to gun crime. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, 15 gun crime cases have been filed since the beginning of the year.

Salt Lake City Juvenile Crime Lawyer. Because juveniles are increasingly committing more serious crimes, the state is more frequently seeking to have juvenile offenders certified as adults to be tried in the District Court in an effort to seek consequences fitting the crime or crimes committed. At the Law Offices of David Paul White and Associates, we represent minors charged with juvenile crimes ranging from violations to misdemeanors and felonies. Juveniles May Be Charged With Serious Crimes. Amanda Bynes No Longer on Probation for 2014 DUI Arrest.

She was America’s sweetheart. From the time she was 11- years-old, Amanda Bynes was the girl everybody loved. She was the face of Nickelodeon back in the late 1990s. West Valley City Man Acquitted of Robbery, Murder & Kidnapping. Former Utah Attorney General Found Not Guilty of Bribery & Corruption Charges.

Salt Lake City white collar crime attorney. DUI Attorney Salt Lake City. Don't Risk Your Life - Contact Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney. DUI Attorney Salt Lake City - Dont Risk Your Life Contact Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney.3 7 2017. Don't Risk Your Life - Contact Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney: davidpwlaw. Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates. Salt Lake City Kidnapping Lawyer. Salt Lake City Sex Crime Lawyer. Medical Marijuana Law Takes Effect in Utah.

Fighting False Domestic Violence Charges. DUI Do’s And Don’ts in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney: Conrad Truman Acquitted of Murder after Second Trial. What Happens After a DUI Arrest? - Felonylawyers Attorneys. Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates. Utah Man Acquitted of Killing His Infant Son. Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney: Tougher Utah Drinking Limit Could Lead to More Unnecessary DUI Arrests. Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates. Fight Utah Drug Possession Charges. In a Utah DUI Arrest, What Happens to the Passengers?

A Utah DUI Attorney’s Advice for Traffic Stops. Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney: DUI Checkpoints Salt Lake City Utah. Fair DUI Flyer Utah   - David Paul White And Associates. Don't Risk Your Life - Contact Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney - David Paul White And Associates. Juvenile Detention Center Salt Lake City – Cleveland Law Firm. A Drug Possession Charge Can Lead to a World of Pain. Layton City Police Drop DUI Charges Against Woman Claiming Wrongful Arrest. Knowing the Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes in Utah.

Utah Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer. Fair DUI Flyer Utah   - David Paul White And Associates. Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Lawyer. Don’t Risk Your Life – Contact Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney – Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney. Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney: Don't Risk Your Life - Contact Salt Lake City Drug Possession Attorney.