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Motion Misc. Titles. Moleskine Art: collected works. Posted by: – Jun 18, 2010 Displaying art whose origin is within a notebook seems almost contradictory; if the intent was display, wouldn't the work have been produced on canvas, large paper, or any medium that isn't designed to be closed and sealed?

Moleskine Art: collected works

Perhaps that's the appeal of these works; I feel as if I'm privy to something that might not have been meant to be seen by the masses. These images work with a medium easily, both conforming and breaking standards. Also, Moleskine journals are fantastic, I have several. Found on Glibert Musings. YI Zip Earphones by Ji Woong. Zip Up Tangles Your trouser fly just influenced my friend Ji.

YI Zip Earphones by Ji Woong

Quit smirking, coz his YI earphones concept will take care of a lot of wire-tangle-hassles in the future, if it ever gets to production. The Digital Art Community - - Served over 20,000,000 artworks. - Expression Through Technology. Design resources: design books : graphic design books, web desig.

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