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Street Illusions by 1010. Laissez moi vous présenter 1010, derrière ce pseudo numéroté se cache un street-artist aux grandes ambitions.

Street Illusions by 1010

Adepte des illusions d’optique, il réalise des oeuvres géométriques perturbantes autant par leur perspective que par leur grandeur. Je vous laisse découvrir son travail. Intimate moments in the lives of strangers. Berlin Art Link - Part 2. Berlin Becoming One of the Top Cities Millennials Live In. Expat neighborhoods, cheaper rents, and a creative startup vibe are among some of the factors drawing young people to the German capital The building that houses Agora, tucked away in a small side-street in residential Neukölln, in an old lock-making factory, is easy to ignore.

Berlin Becoming One of the Top Cities Millennials Live In

Outside a handful of people in their late twenties and early thirties are milling about, smoking, working on their MacBook Airs, chatting. On the short walk from the front gate to the front door snippets of three different conversations in English can be heard. Inside is a sea of laptops on desks, with workers fuelled by cortados, flat whites and a daily changing menu, written in English; a woman with a strong German accent orders a coffee in English, because the woman behind the counter doesn’t speak German. Department Store for the Mind. Tempescope Simulates Weather Forecast Box Home. Tempescope is an “ambient weather display” that recreates rain, clouds and simulated lightning in an enclosed box that can be celestially displayed in your home or office.

Tempescope Simulates Weather Forecast Box Home

Software engineer Ken Kawamoto originally created a prototype in 2012 out of repurposed shampoo bottles, and eventually an open-source version in 2013. After receiving accolades from the design and engineering community, Kawamoto and the team behind Tempescope decided to launch a crowd-funding campaign to bring the product to consumers. Shadowplay Clock. Aspirational Objects. Global health has seen tremendous positive developments in recent years.

Aspirational Objects

People all over the world live longer and enjoy better life quality than ever before. Despite this undoubtable progress, city dwellers face major challenges that threaten their health in new ways. While conditions in different cities vary according to the local context, urban residents face certain common health challenges. Body Aware Makerthon: Active Workspace. Researchers continue to find evidence that people with who habitually sit for long periods of time are at greater risk of developing cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, regardless of how much they exercise.

Body Aware Makerthon: Active Workspace

Designing The Fabulist - Ruben Östlund. George King creates glowing Lasermaze installation in Detroit. UK architect George King has used ultra-violet wool thread to produce an installation that appears to be formed by laser beams within an old train underpass in Detroit (+ slideshow).

George King creates glowing Lasermaze installation in Detroit

This video shows the construction of the Lasermaze installation Called Lasermaze, the installation consists of ultra-violet (UV) string woven through steel chains. The chains are affixed to a square, steel frame that measures 22 feet by 22 feet (6.7 metres by 6.7 metres). Ommatidium sculpture offers kaleidoscopics view of the sky. Selfridges' Fragrance Lab attempts to distill personality into scent. An immersive experience by Campaign and The Future Laboratory that takes visitors on a journey to find a scent that matches their personality opens this week at London department store Selfridges (+ slideshow).

Selfridges' Fragrance Lab attempts to distill personality into scent

The Fragrance Lab at Selfridges was created by London studios Campaign and The Future Laboratory as an audio-guided journey through a series of spaces designed to heighten the senses. The existing concept store in the south-west corner of the shop has been transformed into a white laboratory-like space, complete with assistants in lab coats.

Inside, visitors are encouraged to interact with various items along a path through the space to create an olfactory picture of their personality. At the end, each visitor is presented with a scent by perfumer Givaudan to match their character. "Your engagement with space is intuitive," Campaign creative director Philip Handford told Dezeen. Inflatable dome by the River Thames filled with aromatic fog. Take a Free Art Workshop Using Apple Products. Apple hopes to inspire others to use their tools for creative purposes From art world figures like David Hockney to Internet-famous artists like Kyle Lambert, many a creative mind knows that devices like the iPad and iPhone can lead to stunning works of art.

Take a Free Art Workshop Using Apple Products

Apple wants to spark that same creativity through a series of free art workshops. Start Something New introduces users to the possibilities of creating visually compelling pieces with Apple devices and programs. On the official website, a centered piece of text reads “explore new bold work that artists are creating with Apple products.” From there, visitors can click on any piece to learn more about the work, artists and tools. How generation z will change the world. When it comes to social issues and politics, the activists in this issue agree: the internet has helped us in making the world a better place.

how generation z will change the world

It's our generation's ears and eyes, giving us the knowledge and tools to implement change. Change happens when we're told stories that "provoke and inspire us", according to Tamsin Omond, a young and experienced environmental activist and Green Party candidate. Why generation z are deleting their social media accounts and going offline. Like many millennials, Lena Dunham is no longer on Twitter.

why generation z are deleting their social media accounts and going offline

Last week, the usually unflappable feminist told Re/code Decode podcast host Kara Swisher that she had left the platform because it was an unsafe space that had created something "cancerous" in her. Essentially, she was sick of dealing with trolls. Generation Z: Who We Are. Generation Z.