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CAFE CLUBMAN. Omar's started this project in June of 2003.


Because we were so busy getting orders out, progress has been slow. Our hope is to finish all the parts this year. The design of our clubman is based on CR Honda road race bikes but we're doing some untraditional sculpting so be prepared for some slightly unusual vintage glass. Commando Specialties. Clubman Racing. All CRA gas tanks are intended for show or race application and are not guaranteed suitable/legal for street use.

Clubman Racing

Until recently our fiberglass tanks were unaffected by the ethanol in today’s gasoline, something has changed in the gasoline and this is no longer true. We are looking into having our remaining stocks coated with the latest Caswell sealer. British Only. Andover Norton. Andover Norton International Ltd. is a company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of spare parts for Norton motorcycles, particularly COMMANDO models produced from 1968 to 1976.

Andover Norton

ANIL is also a distributor of AP Racing (formerly Lockheed) motorcycle parts. Since moving from Shenstone in 1991 the company has continued to produce parts in accordance with original factory drawings. Genuine parts are identified by the familiar 'Green Globe' symbol - recognised by Norton owners worldwide as the mark of quality assurance. We are represented in most major markets of the world by a network of distributors and dealers whose names and addresses can be accessed by clicking here or within the quick links section. Those listed carry a good stock of Genuine Norton Factory Parts, and are also able to offer other parts and specialist services. Legendary Motorcycles. Fair Spares.