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Pair Programming Considered Harmful? “We have trained, hired, and rewarded people to be cowboys.

Pair Programming Considered Harmful?

But it’s pit crews that we need,” said Atul Gawande — a surgeon and Harvard professor who writes for The New Yorker in his copious spare time — in a recent TED talk. He was talking about doctors, but what tech profession might fit that description as well? Yes, that’s right. You there, huddled over the IDEs on your MacBook Pros. Step forward, software developers. Coding has always been seen as lone-ranger work; witness the opening scene in The Social Network. There are various ways to try to mitigate this risk. Great! …Not so fast. “Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption … What distinguished programmers at the top-performing companies wasn’t greater experience or better pay. “Work alone… Not on a committee. Open-plan offices, in particular, seem an impressively terrible idea.

Sorry. I’m not saying programming ever rises to an art. …Maybe. No, no, hell no. Case Mod Daniel’s murderbox – 008 / Final Abridged Version (page 1 loaded w/ images!) Daniel’s build has evolved to completing the build and then shipping it essentially ready to run.

Case Mod Daniel’s murderbox – 008 / Final Abridged Version (page 1 loaded w/ images!)

This is great because now I’ll have the chance to take shots of the finished product in its entirety! The only concern of course is that it will have to be properly packed to survive the rigors of transport – more on that later. First we’ll start with the motherboard and blocks. The board of choice for this “Black ‘n Blue” themed build is the ASUS WS Revolution.

While the board looks great with the blue heatsinks, Daniel chose to go with the gorgeous Mips blocks instead. They all turned out fantastic – nice job and great idea Kirk! Next, it’s off with the blue and on with the new! Seems a shame to cast these aside, perhaps they’ll be used somehow on a future build – or they could be used for something else… who knows where they might pop up. Oh yeah… that’s the stuff! Hold on though; what’s this? They’re not sitting flush… hmmm. Orrr… I could place them the right way around!


Technology. Feds’ Use of Fake Cell Tower: Did it Constitute a Search? Federal authorities used a fake Verizon cellphone tower to zero in on a suspect’s wireless card, and say they were perfectly within their rights to do so, even without a warrant.

Feds’ Use of Fake Cell Tower: Did it Constitute a Search?

But the feds don’t seem to want that legal logic challenged in court by the alleged identity thief they nabbed using the spoofing device, known generically as a stingray. So the government is telling a court for the first time that spoofing a legitimate wireless tower in order to conduct surveillance could be considered a search under the Fourth Amendment in this particular case, and that its use was legal, thanks to a court order and warrant that investigators used to get similar location data from Verizon’s own towers. The government is likely using the argument to avoid a court showdown that might reveal how stingrays work and open debate into the tool’s legality.

The device, however, doesn’t just capture information related to a targeted phone. Photo: Keith Survell / Flickr. The Most Effective Method for Learning a Language Alone.