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Why I Won’t Sign Your NDA. The other day I got to chatting with a lovely woman who reached out after reading my blog. She was interested in talking about an idea she had, how she might get it off the ground, and if I might be a good fit into the process in some capacity or another. “I saw what you did with Spotlight Denver, and I’ve got an idea that could revolutionize the whole deal-of-the-day industry.” is how she broached the subject.

It’s always a treat to chat with folks who have taken a shine to me from my online persona alone, and taking 20 minutes to offer up whatever perspective and insight I can is a welcome break from programming. I was happy to lend an ear and wax entrepreneurial. It wasn’t long into the conversation when she mentioned she would soon have a lawyer draw up a Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the project, at which point I had to interject. “Ah, let me stop you right there for a sec and let you know this up front: I will almost never sign an NDA.” She was curious as to why. Notes: ParkatmyHouse - a smarter way to park. This Kit Lets You Print Out The Internet. This complete project kit made by Adafruit allows you to print out things from the Internet.

Want to print all your Tweets onto receipt paper? You got it. Want to print out your Facebook wall? Why the heck not! The kit uses an Arduino board and thermal printer and offers the opportunity for weekend hackers to pop together a cool little printer thinger and learn Arduino and Twitter programming. The plans are completely open and you can either buy the full kit for $89 or just get the parts for yourself. The kit is available now.

Product Page. Mechanical Keyboard Guide - - Terminology First, it's worth noting that modern keyboards use a matrix to detect when keys are pressed. This is required so each individual key (of which there may be over 100) doesn't need to be connected to the board controller separately. Ghosting The event when two keys on the board are pressed, and a third key that you didn't press is triggered. Key Blocking The event when maximum key rollover is reached and the computer doesn't register certain keys that are pressed. This can be a little hard to comprehend, so consider this example: Imagine the keys Q, W and E are set up on the board so that if you press Q and W then E might is triggered due to ghosting. Key Rollover (#KRO & NKRO) NKRO is the ideal rollover for a keyboard, no ghosting or key blocking issues and any number of key combinations can be used at the same time.

Note that despite the precise definition, there are two different versions of NKRO, true NKRO and simulated NKRO. Inputs Advantages: Disadvantages: FontPark Is a Searchable, Sortable Database of Over 70,000 Free Fonts.