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» Building the Perfect Beast: How the Political Class & Their Cronies Rig the System - Big Government. No Thanks for the Political Class. Greece and Italy may be ungovernable, but America is ungoverned.

No Thanks for the Political Class

The president ducked out of the country for an Asian tour while the supercommittee tried to reach agreement on a plan to cut the deficit. But the Democrats refused to offer specific cuts in entitlement spending, despite a Republican agreement to modifications of the tax code that would produce billions in new revenue, most of it by withdrawing from the wealthy various opportunities to use special provisions to reduce their tax burden. This increase in tax receipts, largely from the rich, did not satisfy the Democrats’ insistence on a $1 trillion increase, to come from higher tax rates on “the rich.”

It might take a sharp reaction from the market to force the politicians to veer off the road to ruin on which they are taking the country. The Corruption Of Our Entire Political Class Explained In One Paragraph. Occupy Wall Street: Contempt Of Political Class.