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"BX" 1,200mW - 2,000mW Blue Laser System - "BX" 1,200mW - 2,000mW Blue Laser System Other Products You May Like The 1,200mW or 2,000mW "BX" blue laser at 445nm and is one of the world's most powerful blue lasers.

"BX" 1,200mW - 2,000mW Blue Laser System -

Functioning with internal cooling and unlimited duty cycle, this burning blue laser is matched by no other. Also, included are free accessories, free shipping, as well as a one year warranty. Tech-Air™ Street Airbag System Alpinestars. Tech-Air™ is the world’s first self-contained street airbag system that independently functions without the need for sensors to be installed on the bike and the subsequent need to link a specific motorcycle to the airbag system used by the rider.

Tech-Air™ Street Airbag System Alpinestars

This means that Tech-Air™ offers the freedom to ride any bike on any surface at any time. Offering instantaneous, high-pressure inflatable protection Tech Air™ gives the rider comprehensive protection in a crash by covering the full back, shoulders, kidney areas and chest. SCOTT Sports - itd-protec. First and only Acoustic Shark Repellent in the World. How goTenna works. GoTenna enables you to communicate without any need for central connectivity whatsoever—no cell towers, no wifi, no satellites—so when you're off-grid you can remain connected.

How goTenna works

In fact, goTenna will even work if your smartphone is in “Airplane Mode”! How does this magic work? Pair your smartphone to your goTenna device wirelessly, using Bluetooth-LE. Your goTenna needs to be within 20 feet of your phone, so that the two can communicate with each other. Use our free app to type out a text message or share a location. Your goTenna will be able to transmit to any goTenna user within range. Up to 50.5 miles 500ft 4ft desertforestoceanurbansuburb 1000m sea level NOTE: The ranges calculated above use industry-standard RF propagation calculators that assume ideal conditions. You should know that elevating the goTenna increases its range drastically. Rollerblade 中国 2014. Climachill Tee. SOS Mobile Watch. An SOS Button that immediately dials 3 phone numbers pre-set by the carer in case of emergency Mobile Phone capability and command activated two-way communication Real-time Tracking by GPS Alarm Clock for medicine and other reminders Rechargeable battery with 48 to 72 hours capacity and a short, three-hour charging time to full-charge Works anywhere, anytime to give optimum mobility and independence Water resistant and splash proof (must be removed when showering and swimming) Sensitive microphone and speaker for phone functions with an optional hands-free earpiece Australian Standards Testing Approvals - A-tick certified The SOS Mobile Watch is available in three colours and can be purchased on a either a Monthly Subscription Plan or on a Buy Outright Plan.

SOS Mobile Watch

Buy Outright Plan of $399** saving of 30%^^ The Buy Outright Plan is a pre-purchase of the SOS Mobile Watch and includes the SIM card and the first 12 months of mobile data plan usage*. Plus $69 set up activation fee Payment. The Stealth Mission Illumination Watch. Designed by a U.S. armed forces watch supplier, this tactical timekeeper can illuminate a night mission, send a distress signal, or even identify counterfeit currency.

The Stealth Mission Illumination Watch

At the touch of a button, three bright white LEDs provide a 20-second burst of 1,500 lumens to serve as a hands-free flashlight. In emergency situations, the LEDs can be set to flash as a strobe that is visible from up to a mile away. When stealth is desired, a UV light can be set to shine continuously or flash on briefly to illuminate the carbon fiber dial. The UV light can also evaluate currency, as a legal bill will absorb the light and a forgery will reflect it. The watch's super-luminous hands and face further aid nighttime use. Lifetime Guarantee The Stealth Mission Illumination Watch comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge. Emergency. Breitling Emergency A major innovation Breitling has once again distinguished itself in the vanguard of electronics by creating the Emergency, the world’s first wristwatch equipped with a true dual frequency distress beacon.


A high-tech miniature marvel, this peerless instrument belonging to the PLB (personal... Presentation Videos Operation The beacon of the Emergency was designed to simplify handling as much as possible. The Radiation Detecting Watch. This is the tactical watch that includes a radiation detector for sensing harmful ionizing radiation.

The Radiation Detecting Watch

Designed by a supplier of timepieces worn by U.S. military personnel, the watch's integrated Geiger-Müller tube measures single-dose gamma ray levels, as well as cumulative exposure. The ultrasensitive detector tracks dose equivalents—a measure of tissue damage caused by radiation—from 0.0001 to 9999 millisieverts (mSv), and the dose equivalent rate up to 4000 microsieverts per hour (µSv/h). Users can set their minimum radiation threshold, up to 9999 mSv, and an alarm will sound when this level has been reached. Radiation levels are displayed graphically and can also be shown in the electroluminescent backlit digital display, which can be switched between dose equivalent rate, accumulated dose, and the time.

The watch has an accurate Swiss quartz movement, with time shown via luminescent analog hour, minute, and second hands. Lifetime Guarantee. Products. Breva watch: COLLECTION. Instruments for Professionals. UltraTech International Inc. SpareOne Emergency Phone. Portable - Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator. The nPower PEG personal energy generator captures and stores the kinetic energy created from walking, running and biking and uses it to recharge your mobile electronic devices.

nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator

Items with a lithium battery can only be sent via Standard ground shipping, and can't be shipped to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territory, APO/FPO, or International addresses. Made in USA. Item 849998 nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator Loading Ratings & Reviews... nPower PEG Personal Energy Generatoris rated2.7143out of5by7. Rated5out of5bytrbiiifromPortable, green back up powerI've enjoyed the nPower PEG for more than 2 years: reliable back up power at work conferences, car trips, and bike rides. Waka Waka Light. UHF ONLY D-STAR W/ GPS HT IPX7 DSTAR IC-ID31A. Introducing Icom's New ID-31A UHF D-STAR Handheld:New ID-31A.

A compact and submersible radio with GPS, Micro SD card, and more! UHF Only • Submersible Construction (IPX7) • Internal GPS - GPS "Last Heard" Log - GPS Waypoint Memory • Large Dot-Matrix Display • 1252 Alphanumeric Memory Channels - 500 Regular - 700 D-STAR Repeater Memories - 50 Scan Edges - 2 Call Channels • Cloning Software Included • Micro SD Card (Optional) - DVR Incoming/Outgoing Messages - GPS Log - Memory Backup Details: Lightweight & Compact Body The ID-31A has a compact 58 95 25.4mm (2.28 3.74 1 in) body, and weighs only 225g (7.94oz) with battery pack and antenna (approx.).

IPX7 Submersible Construction. IC-R20 Communications Receiver - Features - Icom America. 2 for 1, Dualwatch receive Until the IC-R20, the capability of monitoring two frequencies required two radios. Whether you need to monitor local public safety, air traffic control, or at the track listening to two drivers, even the play by play from both the local TV and radio station is possible! See specifications for actual frequency ranges for Dual-watch receive.

Shortwave to microwave, Wideband coverage The IC-R20 covers 150kHz to 3304.999MHz* in SSB, CW, AM, FM and WFM modes. Earthmate PN-60w with Topo North America and inReach for PN-60w - DeLorme. The Sabercut Saw – Choosing the Best Collapsible Chainsaw. Choosing wood cutting tools for your survival gear can be complicated because of weight.

The Sabercut Saw – Choosing the Best Collapsible Chainsaw

Axes, hatchets, and saws can be heavy and cumbersome. A much lighter option is a flexible saw. A flexible saw, or survival chainsaw, is a chainsaw-type blade strung between two handles. They all weigh in at 5 or 6 o.z. At that weight I can’t think why you wouldn’t want one in your survival gear. Besides weight, it is pretty amazing how effective these things can be with very little effort. After poking around online for a while I found there are 3 different saws that seem to be the most popular. After looking at all three and reading customer reviews I think the SaberCut Saw is probably the best choice for a couple of reasons. Loop Handles It has loops instead of handles. Also check out how the SaberCut connects to the blade and loops with metal clips and both the others use little pieces of nylon. The SaberCut. Your Outlet for Finding Shoes, Clothing, Great Sales, and More.

Green Laser Pointer 1 Watt. Oakley 墨镜和服饰3折起.