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Earthship Biotecture - Radically Sustainable Buildings. Verzicht auf Konsum und Karriere: Porträt des Berliners von Jorck. Wie Menschen für eine bessere Welt kämpfen Zu seinen einstigen Studienfreunden hat Gerrit von Jorck kaum noch Kontakt.

Verzicht auf Konsum und Karriere: Porträt des Berliners von Jorck

Gemeinsam hörten sie in Köln Vorlesungen zur Volkswirtschaft, saßen in Seminaren zur Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik. Planten mit einer Zukunft in finanzieller Sicherheit. Inzwischen verdienten seine meisten Ex-Kommilitonen so viel, dass sie schon nicht mehr darüber redeten, sagt von Jorck, 27. "Ich will nicht mit ihnen tauschen. " Wenn von Jorck wollte, könnte er Spitzenverdiener sein. Von Jorck entschied, dass Zeit wichtiger ist als Geld. Auch, weil die Lebenssituation seiner Eltern ihm zu denken gegeben hat, wie er sagt. Vier Euro pro Tag Von Jorck ging zurück an die Uni, er macht gerade seinen Master in Philosophie. Das ist weniger als ein Drittel des Hartz-IV-Satzes. "Ich darbe nicht, mir geht es gut", sagt von Jorck. Dass ein Student mit wenig Geld auskommen muss, ist kein Einzelfall. Kein Job - kein Ansehen Es gibt Menschen, die den Verzicht noch radikaler leben.

Permaculture. It can be safely said that modern, industrial farming is one of the most destructive practices on the planet today both for the health of the people and the planet.


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), factory farming, the use of pesticides and excessive nitrogen-based fertilizers, agricultural subsidies – all of these practices are unsustainable. GMOs upset the natural practice of saving seeds by creating genetically-modified crops that do not reproduce so that farmers must buy new seed every year. This is incredibly risky behavior as we lose the natural variability in organic seed. What if Monsanto for whatever reason were to stop producing the seed? The factory farming of animal meat is one of the most inhumane practices ever developed by human beings. Pesticides are sprayed on crops by men wearing chemical suits yet they are somehow declared safe to eat.

All of these practices are declared necessary in order to feed the world. Permaculture: A Journey To Freedom. A Man Replaces His Lawn With a Giant Vegetable Garden and No Regrets. During the summer, nothing is better than the smell of freshly cut grass.

A Man Replaces His Lawn With a Giant Vegetable Garden and No Regrets

That is, unless, you have a giant vegetable garden growing in the place of your lawn. Instead of turf, this awesome homeowner, user locolukas on Reddit, opted for tomatoes. The results are absolutely epic. What you see actually used to be a lawn. But instead of mowing grass, one man decided to say “screw the lawn” and plant vegetables. He filled his yard’s grid with compost that the city gave away. Seeds began growing quickly and he had to keep up by planting support systems around them. He even developed an irrigation system, which is much more difficult than it looks. He lined his garden with cinder blocks, covered the ground with wood chips and filled the cinder blocks with compost as well.

Arugula came in first. Activist Abby - Photos du journal. Portraits - Schulen der Zukunft - für eine Kultur der Potentialentfaltung. The Man Who Lives Without Money. Think you couldn’t live without money?

The Man Who Lives Without Money

Irishman Mark Boyle challenged this notion and here’s how he finds life with no financial income, bank balance, and no spending. “If someone told me seven years ago, in my final year of a business and economics degree, that I’d now be living without money, I’d have probably choked on my microwaved ready meal.” According to Boyle, the plan back then was to ‘get a good job’, make as much money as possible, and buy the stuff that would show society he was successful. Like most individuals raised in a consumer-driven society, he never second guessed those goals. For a while he had a fantastic job managing a big organic food company and even had a yacht in the harbor.

The change in life path came one evening on the yacht while philosophizing with a friend over a glass of Merlot. That evening, though, a revelation came through: “These issues weren’t as unrelated as I had previously thought – they had a common root cause. The next concern was shelter. 9GAG - Photos du journal. If we grew our own food. Back to Eden. Dorfgeist - Startseite. TMU: List of Consciousness Expanding Documentaries.