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Daniel Arenas

I was born in Montreal Canada, but my parents come from Spain and Peru. I have studied in Montreal and Madrid and worked in The Hague, La Paz, Bolivia the projects I have been involved in have taken me to the U.S, South America, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kazakhstan, India and Australia. I guess you can say I'm a pretty “Nomadic” type of Person. I've absorbed some things from each place where I've lived, and therefore I'm definitely composite. I define myself as a ''Cultural Mosaic’’; I have one identity formed by a variety of origins. My particular ''Pedigree'' definitively trickles down to pretty much all of my different facets of life, whether personal or professional, find out for yourself by checking out my profile.


Rutas en Moto. Inner Self - Self Improvement. Herbolario. GLOBAL AWARDS STUFF. My Tatoo. Business - Entrepreneurship.