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Speakaboos: Kids' Stories. The Official Website of Robert Munsch. The Story Museum - 1001 stories from around the world. Myths and Legends from E2BN. MightBook: Story books and games. Speakaboos: Kids' Stories. Little Red Riding Hood. iStoryBooks - Home. Ljudmästaren.

Thank You, Mr. Falker. Community Club Home. Community Club Firefighter Level A, Community Club What happens when the fire alarm rings?

Community Club Home

Early readers will follow along with images and audio as a firefighter races to work. Librarian Librarians love to read, too, as early learners will find out in this read-along book about life at the library. Mayor What’s it like to be a mayor? Pediatrician Listen and read along as a pediatrician describes how she takes care of children in this interactive book for early learners. Pizza Maker Dough, sauce, and cheese combine to make a delicious pizza pie in this fun early-learner read-aloud about being a pizza maker. Police Officer A police officer’s most important duty is keeping people safe, as early readers will learn through the words, images, and audio in this interactive book. Utility Worker Follow along with images and sounds as a utility worker climbs down into manholes and up high on electric poles in this exciting read-aloud book. Veterinarian Animals Animal Moves Level A, Animals Level B, Animals. The Happy Prince - Storynory. Original Pictures for Storynory by Henrietta MacPhee Read by Natasha Oscar Wilde’s story of a statue and a swallow is both beautiful and sad.

The Happy Prince - Storynory

We feel it captures much of the spirit of Easter (our reasons for thinking this are explained here). The statue was once a prince, who enjoyed a life of pleasure. He had no idea that anybody else could be poor or sad. HIGH above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. Baby Jake. Stories & Props. Snowman. Short stories.

Kindergarten Education Games Songs Stories. LISTEN AND READ ENGLISH for Kids. Love: Listen A English Listening Lesson. Love makes the ________________, not money.

Love: Listen A English Listening Lesson

I agree with the centuries-old quote that says, ‘Love conquers all’. It’s true when you ________________. So much has been written about love. It must ________________ most written and talked about topics ever. How many songs and poems ________________ love? Love makes the world go dnour, not money. Round go world the makes Love, not money. DISCUSSION (Write your own questions) Write five GOOD questions about love in the table. When you have finished, interview other students. Now return to your original partner and share and talk about what you found out.

Write about love for 10 minutes. 1. 2. 3. Robinson Crusoe. The Little Red Hen - Interactive Story. Spraktrollet: Listening. Here you will find good exercises to improve your listening skills.

Spraktrollet: Listening

Powerpoints voc +sound. Read Along Stories and Songs. Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans. Advertisement. How Our Honey is Made (& Subbable announcement) English news and easy articles for students of English. English for kids - Cartoons. Free Online Educational Videos For Kids. Young children love to watch videos.

Free Online Educational Videos For Kids

If you have ever seen your child watch a favorite cartoon or kid's television show, you know how easily it can capture their attention. You may have also noticed how much of the show they actually remember, even days, weeks or months later. At, we understand how useful kid's educational videos can be for children of all ages. When information is presented in a fun manner, kids are even more eager to learn, making their education an easier process throughout their school years and beyond. KidsTV123. Community Club Home. ESL Videos. Learn English from movies. Multimedia-English. Studyladder.

Welcome to - Easy English news, short news, English story, reading skills for you. BookBox. Lyricstraining. The Elephant's Child. From the Just So Stories of Rudyard Kipling Download the audio story here.

The Elephant's Child

The young elephant hero is full of questions. Why is his tall uncle the giraffe so spotty? Why are the eyes of his broad aunt the hippopotamus so red? Above all, he wants to know what the crocodile has for dinner. This masterpiece by the author of the Jungle Books is full of language that evokes Africa – the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees. Read by Natasha. Proofread by Jana Elizabeth. The Elephants Child - In the high and far-off times the elephant, O best beloved, had no trunk. But there was one elephant–a new elephant–an Elephant’s Child–who was full of satiable curtiosity, and that means he asked ever so many questions. One fine morning in the middle of the precession of the Equinoxes this satiable Elephant’s Child asked a new fine question that he had never asked before.

Free ESL Stories and Exercises. 161 Free ESL Short Stories with Audio, normal speed & slow speed. Featured Videos. Read Along Stories and Songs. Kindergarten Education Games Songs Stories. Short stories. Short stories for children: audio and transcript. Untitled. Untitled. ABC Activities. The Little Animals Activity Centre - Storybear's stories. CBeebies - Tikkabilla - Fun with songs and stories. Short stories. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.mp4.

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Fairy Tales

Learn more? Ok, Don't show me this message again Fairy Tales 1001 nights Aesop. Listening Games.