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שדרוג מראה הבית עם מסגרות. Mens All Over Print Shirts. Onesies & all in one sleepsuits by the all in one company. 1000-year-old Japanese joinery... - Drawing Technique. Japanese joinery techniques. Helios Touch Modular Lighting - Home. Online Portfolios on Behance. SAFA ŞAHİN Designs - Shoes Post. Ludwig Rensch. Paper Perfection: 12 Notebooks for Architects and Designers. Charles Eames was onto something when he said: “The details are not the details.

Paper Perfection: 12 Notebooks for Architects and Designers

They make the design.” When it comes to notebooks, Eames’ wisdom holds true. Designers tend to be picky and uncompromisingly detail-oriented and know that the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and comfort really matter in a notebook. While technology has brought us many incredible sketching tools, paper still tends to reign supreme as a repository for some of our best ideas. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Images via A:LOG. Bisou. The World's First Customizable Necklace. Antalis BO12 : the Book of 12.

An encounter For this project, Véronique Vienne went to meet 12 designers, men and women, from 12 different countries (Lebanon, South Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, USA, Finland…).

Antalis BO12 : the Book of 12

These designers have very different backgrounds (poster creators, directors of advertising agencies, typographers…) and they represent the myriad tendencies and trends in graphic design today. Whether they are stars or see themselves more as craftspersons, whether they are artists serving their art or advertisers serving business, they all have something in common : a strong personality and a sharp, personal vision of their profession and the way they approach it. Véronique Vienne guides us through their universe, their studios, their offices, be they in Manhattan or tucked away in a courtyard near to Montmartre, surrounded by books, papers, posters or their digital projects. Stories Each participant provided his or her vision of the place of paper in the digital age. WARD+ROBES - a partnership with top designers to create unique hospital gowns teens actually want to wear. The Fifth Element Life - Spirited Mandala Talismans.

רעותא - עמוד הבית - Reuta CRAFT & DIY. סמר עסאף היא הכוכבת החדשה של עולם האופנה הישראלי - אופנה. בא במייל -אין גבול ליצירתיות: רעיונות מדליקים למיחזור ועיצוב. Ear Cuffs Earcuffs Ear Wraps Unique Handmade Jewelry by martymagic. 15+ Book-Inspired Pieces Of Jewelry For Bookworms. When a book connects with you on a deeper level, the relationship doesn't end when you finally put it down.

15+ Book-Inspired Pieces Of Jewelry For Bookworms

He Was Tired Of Looking At Boring Office Walls, So He Bought 9,000 Post-It Notes. The Result Is Amazing. April 1, 2015.

He Was Tired Of Looking At Boring Office Walls, So He Bought 9,000 Post-It Notes. The Result Is Amazing

The Most Advanced Briefcase - Briefpack Utility XL by VENQUE. About this project Risks and challenges This is our third campaign.

The Most Advanced Briefcase - Briefpack Utility XL by VENQUE

With two successful campaigns under our belt, we fully understand the entire process and have learned from these experiences. In our first campaign, we did not properly estimate the production time and ended up delaying the shipping date. We'd like to thank our backers as they were all very patient. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Have a question? Ask a question. Tiny House Tales: Welcome To My 200-Square-Foot 'Dream' Home. Tiny House Movement comes to Aylmer (with video) Martin Bisson is a firm believer that good things come in small packages and he plans to prove it with the unveiling of the Lumbec Tiny House at next weekend’s Cottage & Backyard Show.

Tiny House Movement comes to Aylmer (with video)

Owner of Lumbec, a small construction company in Aylmer specializing in garden sheds, gazebos and backyard decks, Bisson spent months fine-tuning the layout of the 225-square-foot prototype designed for a couple. Despite its compact size — it’s only 8.6 feet wide and 16 feet long — the skilled carpenter insists his house on wheels has all the comforts of a larger home. “By building this prototype, we want to show Canadians it’s possible to live in a smaller house, but still have everything we need,” says Bisson, 36, whose design includes a loft bedroom with a king-size bed, a bathroom with a standup shower and a galley kitchen with a gas stove.

“Our goal is to show what the size looks like.” Construction of the Lumbec Tiny House started in February inside the company workshop in Aylmer’s industrial park. Tiny House Blog - Living Simply in Small Spaces. One Couple's Brave Decision To Live Small Results In A Brilliantly Designed Home. This House Might Be Small, But Wait Until You See Inside. It's Spectacular. [STORY] She Built A Tiny 320-Square-Foot Cottage That Actually Feels Huge…GENIUS!! About Elyse WanshelSee more stories Elyse is an Original Content Writer at

She Built A Tiny 320-Square-Foot Cottage That Actually Feels Huge…GENIUS!!

She is human, female, and the purveyor of epic roundhouse kicks. A small house can offer BIG perks. מרמלדה – בגבולות הטעם הטוב. Fonts O - the best free fonts found Online - StumbleUpon. Coolest. Stage. Ever - StumbleUpon. Nov 29, 2010 Check out this incredible floating stage on Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria.

Coolest. Stage. Ever - StumbleUpon

The Bregenzer Festspiele (Bregenz Festival) has become renowned for its unconventional staging of shows. - StumbleUpon. 20 Insanely Creative Bookshelves: Pics, Videos, Links, News - StumbleUpon. Universal Wrapping Paper / Humorpix - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Bubble Printing Fun!!! - StumbleUpon.

This weekend we were doing bubble activities galore: playing and printing with bubbles.

Bubble Printing Fun!!! - StumbleUpon

Cassie enjoyed both. What inspired us to do this was when we were at friend's house and they had Crayola Colored Bubbles. When you play with these bubbles they actually are colors. Art Inspired Outfits III - Polyvore - StumbleUpon. 307 121 104 104 175 110 81 155 152 94 96 65 143 118 96 112 79 119 133 106 153 51 59 74 68 73 87 73 95 116 90 128 123 87 106 76 90 131 83 89 97 103 119 76 160 116 79 101 64 69 83 172 128 85 117 72 78 62 63 44 51 49 86 73 70 72 45 59 95 62 96 62 103 68 66 57 55 76 41 65 57 107 102 54 71 117.

Art Inspired Outfits III - Polyvore - StumbleUpon

Light Projection Turns Plain Room into Geometric Maze - My Modern Metropolis - StumbleUpon. If you ever wanted to turn one of your plain, all-white rooms into a crazy, awesome experience, just ask Bahar Yurukoglu. The artist has created an interesting installation where he puts simple, polygonal shapes made of acrylic glass tiles on walls and ceilings. He then hits those objects with projected rays of light. An Abandoned Country Estate in Yonkers & Scouting NY - StumbleUpon. Note: I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ALDER MANOR AND WEDDINGS!! I’ve tried to figure it out, but the person in charge of weddings has never called me back, and it remains a complete mystery. I receive emails daily complaining about a lack of response for weddings, and I just don’t understand the situation.

Very sorry! Since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics. Andr& ch&nier opera on the lake at bregenz. Aug 11, 2011 andré chénier opera on the lake at bregenz the floating set designed by david fielding for the bregenz opera festival lakefront performance of umberto giordano’s ‘andré chénier’image © bregenzer festspiele / karl forster under the artistic direction of david pountney, stage designer david fielding brings the opera ‘andré chénier’ to life for the ‘opera on the lake’ floating stage (‘seebühne’) of the 2011 bregenz opera festival in bregenz, austria. written by italian composer umberto giordano, the opera retells a story of love and death during the french revolution.

The bregenz festival performances of the show run through august 21st, 2011, with additional performances in the summer of 2012. the proscenium theatre of the seebühne stage seats 6,800 persons in stadium seating. more info on the festival website. Rapping Paper. If you've never made some sort of joke about how the word 'wrapping' sounds exactly the same as the word 'rapping' then we're disappointed and/or convinced that you're lying. Just think of the endlessly hilarious possibilities. Okay, so we've gone blank at the moment but there are some we're sure. In fact, here's something we wished we'd have thought of first. Just in time for Christmas, Rapping Paper allows you to wrap your gifts in the lyrics of some iconic hip-hop songs, including tracks from Eminem, Run DMC and The Sugarhill Gang.

Coolest Packaging Designs. Marmelada Market. Brilliant Stairs photos.