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We provide a unique insight into the community and how any outcomes of the case may impact your life in the community that not all firms can. For more than 60 years, the Dane Shulman name has meant serious personal injury representation for accident victims and their families in communities throughout Massachusetts and New England. For more details, contact our Massachusetts personal injury lawyer at (617) 298-2500 or visit today.

Boston Personal Injury Attorneys. Boston Workplace Accidents Attorneys. 4 safety tips for all pedestrians. Whether you are outside training for your next marathon or simply walking your dog, safety should always be a priority.

4 safety tips for all pedestrians

While drivers have a responsibility to be safe and avoid accidents with other cars, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians, you also have to take a certain amount of responsibility for your own safety. You simply can’t trust someone else to make the right decisions to keep you safe. The next time you hit the pavement for a walk or a run, be sure to take proper safety precautions. Here are a few safe practices all pedestrians should know. Stay visible When out for a walk, especially at night or when the light is low, it is vital that you make yourself visible. Don’t get distracted Just like with driving, it is dangerous to walk or run while distracted.

Follow traffic rules As a pedestrian, it is just as important that you know and follow traffic rules as it for motorists. Avoid alcohol Approximately half of pedestrian crashes involve alcohol. Personal injury attorney in Massachusetts. Avoid these 3 post-accident mistakes. Imagine driving across town, on your way to work in Boston.

Avoid these 3 post-accident mistakes

Your day seems off to a good start until another driver suddenly plows into the back of your car at a stop light. Now, you have a damaged car and various aches and pains in your back and neck. But, what should you do? Personal Injury Attorneys Boston, MA. 4 common car insurance claim mistakes. The act of filing a car insurance claim is easy enough, but actually recovering damages for your injuries and related losses is challenging.

4 common car insurance claim mistakes

Many people who’ve been injured in a car accident want nothing more than to put this chapter of their life in the past. This leads them to make rash decisions, which allows their car insurance company to close their claim without paying out everything that’s due to them. Here are several car insurance claim mistakes that are easy to make: Giving a written or recorded statement: During your first conversation with your agent (or any other insurance company representative), let them know what happened and that your attorney will be contacting them. This is not a time to get into the finer details of your accident. Along with all the above, don’t lose sight of the fact that your car insurance policy is a legally binding contract.

Dane Shulman Associates, LLC. Personal Injury Lawyer Boston. If you live and/or work in or around the Boston area, you know there are bicyclists everywhere.

Personal Injury Lawyer Boston

As a bicycle commuter, you’re well aware of the benefits, such as the ability to avoid traffic jams and the opportunity to save money on gas, while doing your part to save the environment. Conversely, you’re also familiar with the many risks of commuting on your bicycle. This is especially true in the winter when bikepaths may be snowy or icey, thereby increasing the chances of suffering an accident. Slip And Fall Injury Attorney Boston. Driving Tips for Boston Residents. Boston winters are legendary for massive snow accumulations when a Nor’easter blows through the city.

Driving Tips for Boston Residents

Personal Injury Attorney MA. How to Avoid a Rear-end Collision. Do you what the most common type of car accident is here in the United States?

How to Avoid a Rear-end Collision

It’s a rear-end collision. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these type of accidents comprise almost one-third of all collisions. While these type of accidents are typically not as deadly to vehicle occupants as a T-bone or a head-on collision, they still have the potential to cause significant property damage and injuries. Below are four suggestions for avoiding a rear-end collision. Personal Injury Lawyer Boston. Tips for driving safely when traffic is heavy. Driving when traffic is heavy can be a maddening experience.

Tips for driving safely when traffic is heavy

It is imperative that you know the basic tips that can help you to do this safely. There is no room for drivers to operate their vehicles unsafely because of the inherent risk to others who share the road with them. The last thing anyone needs is be involved in a crash when we are all just trying to make it to our destinations. It takes the cooperation of all drivers to keep the roads safe. PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS BOSTON. Boston Drivers, Be Mindful When Driving Near Children. While they may appear oblivious to the dangers they face, children are at risk of being struck by inattentive motorists.

Boston Drivers, Be Mindful When Driving Near Children

Certainly, this is a tragedy all drivers want to avoid. No one wants to live with the knowledge they killed or maimed a child. Then, too, motorists should know they have a special duty of care to children. Younger children face higher risks Kids age 5 to 9 have the highest risk of being struck by a car. But children who fall into the 5-to-9 demographic are often playing outside with siblings or neighborhood friends. Drivers face greater liability Law enforcement and legislators realize this, and that’s why there are provisions in the law that make drivers bear greater liability when traveling near parks, schools and through residential neighborhoods.

Slow down in areas where children gather Drive slowly through streets and areas where you know or should realize there will be children playing, walking, riding bikes, etc.