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Dane Fine Art sells and buys fine arts, modern art, pop art, and contemporary arts and paintings in auctions.

Andy Warhol’s Ten Portraits of Jews. Many know Andy Warhol for his trendy pop art.

Andy Warhol’s Ten Portraits of Jews

His Campbell’s soup cans brought the advertising and art worlds together. His use of Marilyn Monroe’s image stood out as iconic. But he created many portraits. In particular, a series titled Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century. A Warhol Design Andy Warhol was a famous artist popular in the early 1960’s to 1980’s. However, when he published his Ten Portraits of Jews in 1980, he received an overwhelming amount of criticism. The idea for this collection came from Warhol’s art dealer, Ronald Feldman. But Warhol’s lack of connection with his subjects did not deter from the collection’s popularity. Warhol’s apathy about the subjects of his work was dispelled when he dubbed the series “Jewish Geniuses”.

Franz Kafka Franz Kafka was a German novelist and short-story writer best known for his works Metamorphosis, The Trial, and The Castle. Gertrude Stein. Di Faced Tenner, a Fake £10 Note by Banksy at Dane Fine Art. The Fascinating History Behind Banksy’s Fake £10 Note: the Di-Faced Tenner London’s famous Notting Hill Carnival became even more famous in 2004 when someone ran into the crowd, threw what appeared to be a big chunk of money into the air, and ran off.

Di Faced Tenner, a Fake £10 Note by Banksy at Dane Fine Art

Curious carnival-goers naturally descended on the unexpected windfall. They grabbed as many 10-pound notes as they could and ran off to spend the money at carnival shops. Unfortunately, what they tried to spend was not real money. It was art. Created and printed by the notorious street artist Banksy, the Di Faced Tenner spoofed real £10 notes. An inscription on the front of the note says, “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price”.

More Di Faced Tenner notes later turned up at the Reading Festival and London Art Exhibition. As an attention-grabbing approach to what Banksy saw as capitalism at its worst, the Di-Faced Tenner notes were thrown into the air. Jean-Michel Basquiat- Biography, Artworks, Famous Paintings and Facts. Few lives were as haunting and explosive to the art community as that of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Jean-Michel Basquiat- Biography, Artworks, Famous Paintings and Facts

A neo-expressionist artist focused on street art and graffiti; Jean-Michel Basquiat died at the young age of 27. Yet, like many short-lived artists, his fame rose even after his death — securing his place in history. The Beginning Basquiat was born in Brooklyn, to a father of Haitian descent and a mother of Puerto-Rican descent. The “Art of Politics” a look at Iconic American Artists, Politics and Art. Robert Motherwell & Helen Frankenthaler - A Match Made in Heaven. They seemed like the perfect couple.

Robert Motherwell & Helen Frankenthaler - A Match Made in Heaven

Both were popular painters and both came from fairly wealthy families. And they both enjoyed throwing extravagant parties for all of their artist friends. But there is definitely more to the story than just your typical romance when it comes to Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler. Here are some interesting details about these important American Abstract Expressionist artists, including who they are, their time together, and their contribution to the art world.

Who is Robert Motherwell? Robert Motherwell was born on January 24, 1915 in Aberdeen, Washington. Untitled (BlueTan) from London Series II, 1971. Robert Indiana: “American Painter of Signs” Robert Indiana is without a doubt one of the most recognized artists in American modern art today.

Robert Indiana: “American Painter of Signs”

He is most famous for his “LOVE” pop art sculptures that can be found in many languages and variations throughout the world. The Beginning Robert Indiana was born Robert Earl Clark on September 13, 1928, in New Castle, Indiana. He was adopted by parents, who unfortunately did not provide a very stable household. He spent his early childhood in Indiana, in the Indianapolis area. Education. Andy Warhol Birthday, Biography and Achievements.

Pop, Modern & Contemporary Art. Examples of Modern Art and the Artists That Create It In most historic senses modern art has been around for quite a while.

Pop, Modern & Contemporary Art

Lithography: A printing Revolution. Lithography is a printing process that is popular for auction purchases.

Lithography: A printing Revolution

The process involves using a metal plate or flat stone to apply an artistic design to a flat surface. What is Lithography? Lithography is a method of repeatable printing that dates to as far back as 1796. The A-Z of Printmaking Techniques. Print Making, a Brief History Printmaking has been around for thousands of years.

The A-Z of Printmaking Techniques

According to the Washington Printmakers Gallery, first known instance came from China in the year AD 105. Modern Art VS Contemporary Art. What Is the Difference? The artists from Modern and Contemporary Art are popular in part because they reflect our inner selves, our cultural, political, human conditions and the very evolution of our society. , Art is how we express ourselves.

Modern Art VS Contemporary Art. What Is the Difference?

Art speaks to us all in our own way, not always easy to understand and articulate, but it’s important and it makes a difference in our lives. Art has never been as accessible to everyone. Through the power of the internet, art is accessible and many beautiful an important works of Contemporary and Modernist artists are available via the art auction in Philadelphia, Dane Fine Art.

Tips for Buying Modern Art at An Online Auction. Online auctions are fun and rewarding opportunities, which is why 83% of people see them as exciting ways to find great deals, with high value and a good price.

Tips for Buying Modern Art at An Online Auction

The total revenue from online auctions has continued to grow steadily beyond the more than $2 billion in 2018. Online auctions are an adventure, but if you’re a novice auction buyer, it helps to have some direction on what to look for and what to consider when you’re bidding on art at online auctions. The Perfect Way to Show Your Love is Giving the Gift of Modern Art. The truth is… this time of the year is the best time to show your loved one that you care by gifting a modern art piece. It’s simple, beautiful, and it can last a lifetime. Art is also an investment in the future. It shows that you want to contribute and share something you believe they will appreciate and love.

It’s also much easier to buy modern art than you probably even realize. How and Where to Buy Affordable Modern Art Online. The best place to buy modern art online is via online auction. More than 35 million people currently log in for these auctions, because they are flexible, easy-to-access, and you’re able to access the most affordable modern art. But, what is an online auction, and what can you expect from the experience?