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12 Best Tomato Companion Plants. Companion gardening is a must-try technique for expanding your garden and helping your plants thrive.

12 Best Tomato Companion Plants

It involves growing plants together that complement one another. Compatible plants might have similar growing habits that make your garden more efficient, or they might aid each other's growth by deterring pests — which, in turn, can help you become a more productive and sustainable gardener. Growing companion plants to go with tomatoes is a great way to try out this technique. Tomatoes are popular and easy for home gardeners to grow, and you can increase your chance of having a successful harvest by surrounding your tomatoes with other plants that provide multiple benefits.

Below are the best tomato companion plants to boost your garden's success. We Have The First-Ever Confirmation of Alternating Sleep States in an Octopus. The flickering colors of a sleeping octopus seem to indicate something akin to an REM sleep state, scientists have found.

We Have The First-Ever Confirmation of Alternating Sleep States in an Octopus

In fact, as octopuses snooze, they distinctly cycle between two major sleep states, quiet and active. This discovery suggests not only that an active sleep state evolved separately in vertebrates and cephalopods, but also that, just like terrestrial vertebrates, octopuses might be able to dream. "The alternation of sleep states observed in the Octopus insularis seems quite similar to ours, despite the enormous evolutionary distance between cephalopods and vertebrates, with an early divergence of lineages around 500 million years ago," said neuroscientist Sylvia Medeiros of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. There's a lot we don't know about sleep. For a long time, scientists thought that only birds and mammals had sleep cycles, moving between active and quiet states - called REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep. African elephants now listed as Endangered and Critically Endangered.

The IUCN Red List has announced that the African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) and African forest elephant (L. cyclotis) are now classified as Endangered and Critically Endangered respectively, following the first separate assessment of the two species.

African elephants now listed as Endangered and Critically Endangered

Prior to this, the two species had been treated as a single species and had been listed as Vulnerable. However, new genetic evidence emerged that they are separate species. Both species have declined in recent decades, with the populations of African savanna elephant decreasing by at least 60% over the last 50 years, and African forest elephants by more than 86% in 31 years. The latter is thought to occupy only a quarter of its historic range. 17 Beautiful Edible Landscaping Plants. When it comes to garden plants, there often seems to be a sharp divide between the ornamental and the practical.

17 Beautiful Edible Landscaping Plants

But there are plenty of backyard plants to choose from that offer both calories and an appealing look. From delicious berries to flowering tubers, these edible beauties can transform your landscaping and contribute to your garden's bounty. Here are 17 edible landscaping plants that can also add beauty to your yard. Some of the plants on this list are toxic to pets. For more information about the safety of specific plants, consult the ASPCA's searchable database. As endangered birds lose their songs, they can't find mates. Male songbirds usually learn their tunes from adult mentors.

As endangered birds lose their songs, they can't find mates

But when aspiring crooners lack proper role models, they hit all the wrong notes—and have less success attracting mates. For five years, ecologist Ross Crates has tracked the singing ability and breeding success of critically endangered regent honeyeaters. These distinctive black and yellow birds were once common across Australia, but habitat loss since the 1950s has shrunk their population to only about 300 or 400 wild birds today. While male birds once formed large winter flocks, now they are sparsely distributed across the landscape, so many fly solo. High-Yield Vegetable Plants for Small Garden Spaces. Gorgeous Indoor Plants that LOVE the Dark. A Cephalopod Has Passed a Cognitive Test Designed For Human Children.

A new test of cephalopod smarts has reinforced how important it is for us humans to not underestimate animal intelligence.

A Cephalopod Has Passed a Cognitive Test Designed For Human Children

Cuttlefish have been put to a new version of the marshmallow test, and the results appear to demonstrate that there's more going on in their strange little brains than we knew. Their ability to learn and adapt, the researchers said, could have evolved to give cuttlefish an edge in the cutthroat eat-or-be-eaten marine world they live in. The marshmallow test, or Stanford marshmallow experiment, is pretty straightforward. 'Presumed Extinct' Bird Is Found in Indonesia. In October 2020, two men living in Indonesia's South Kalimantan province on Borneo managed to catch a bird that they had never seen before.

'Presumed Extinct' Bird Is Found in Indonesia

They photographed and released it, then sent the pictures to birdwatching organizations in the area for identification. To the men's surprise, the bird wasn't just new to them. Ornithologists identified it as the black-browed babbler (Malacocincla perspicillata), a bird last documented around 170 years ago. It is so rare that the data on the only collected specimen lists it as "presumed extinct. " There's a rare yellow penguin on South Georgia island, and biologists can't quite explain it. Black-and-white tuxedos may be the conventional dress code in the penguin world, but one dashing individual is breaking the status quo with an à la mode yellow coat.

There's a rare yellow penguin on South Georgia island, and biologists can't quite explain it

A wildlife photographer captured images of the rare penguin on a remote island in South Georgia in December 2019 and only recently released the photos. New chameleon species may be world’s smallest reptile. Scientists have discovered a tiny new species of chameleon in a patch of rainforest in northern Madagascar.

New chameleon species may be world’s smallest reptile

This so-called nano-chameleon is about the size of a sunflower seed, fits on the tip of a finger, and may be the smallest reptile on Earth. Officially known as Brookesia nana, or B. nana for short, the new species is so tiny it’s thought to survive on a diet of mites and springtails, which it hunts down in leaf litter. “At the first glance, we realized that it was an important discovery,” says Andolalao Rakotoarison, a Malagasy herpetologist and coauthor of the new study published in Nature.

Finding such a small reptile raises interesting questions about the lower limits of body size in vertebrates. It also highlights the astonishing—and highly threatened—biodiversity of Madagascar. Travel - A tiny bat that can fit in your palm. I drove to Sarapiquí, a little-known region in Costa Rica, during a brief respite of dry weather between Hurricanes Eta and Iota in search of a miniature tropical bat.

Travel - A tiny bat that can fit in your palm

Here, conservation efforts big and small are fighting to preserve a lowland tropical rainforest with astonishing biodiversity, including one of the smallest and most adorable mammals: Ectophylla alba, also known as the Honduran white bat or Caribbean tent-making bat. It was impossible not to coo I'd been warned that these bats aren't always easy to find. They live in selected lowland rainforest habitats from Honduras to eastern Panama. In Costa Rica, I tried my luck at Tirimbina Rainforest Center, a 345-hectare private reserve. My guide, Emmanuel Rojas Valerio, led me across a 270m chain-linked suspension bridge over the roaring Sarapiquí River. Bees Witnessed Using Tools in Nature For The First Time... And It's Really Gross. The Asian honeybee (Apis cerana) isn't just on the look-out for flowers. Brain Candy. Brain Candy. Circus elephants from Ringling Bros. moving to conservation center.

An Australian Family Just Found a Live Koala in Their Christmas Tree. The McCormicks are having a wild Christmas. On Wednesday night, the South Australian family came home to find a mess in their living room. Blue, silver and pink bobbles had been scattered across the floor, and their dog was sniffing their Christmas tree. When the mother looked up into the plastic branches, she came face-to-face with a blinking juvenile koala.

"I thought 'Is this a joke? '" Amanda McCormick told The Guardian. Scientists Confirm Certain Spider Bites Inject Something Even Worse Than Venom. A tiny brown invasive species of spider that's creeping its way across the UK has a dangerous reputation for dissolving flesh, one that many experts have argued isn't deserved. There's now compelling evidence suggesting that stories of the false widow spider (Steatoda nobilis) causing horrid skin infections has at least some basis in fact. The false widow has called the UK home ever since it was spotted on its shores in the 1870s, most likely having hitched a ride from Madeira and the Canary Islands off the African coast.

First sightings of lek and courtship behavior in wrinkle-faced bats. Wrinkle-faced bats not only have the most convoluted faces of any bat species, the males also have a flap of furry white skin they can pull over their lower faces, not unlike the face masks people wear. In a new report published in PLOS ONE, Smithsonian researchers and colleagues describe the first observations of courtship in this species. "This was an incredibly lucky encounter with these rarely observed 'masked seducers,'" said Marco Tschapka, a research associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute from the University of Ulm. In September 2018, on a night walk in San Ramon, Costa Rica, two nature guides noticed several "ugly" bats hanging from some low branches near a trail.

Newly discovered primate 'already facing extinction' New langur species in Myanmar described by scientists. Scientists have confirmed the existence of a previously undescribed primate species in Myanmar, following field surveys, genetic analysis, and examination of museum specimens. Called the Popa langur (Trachypithecus popa), the primate is found in central Myanmar and is named after Mount Popa, an extinct volcano which is considered sacred and is believed to have the largest population of this newly described species, with just over 100 animals. Mount Popa is a sacred pilgrimage site, home to the ‘Nat’ spirits, as well as an important wildlife sanctuary. The addition of the Popa langur has expanded the knowledge of langur evolutionary history, a group of primates which is mainly found in Southeast Asia, but also parts of the Sunderland region.

Samples and complete mitochondrial DNA were collected from the 20 known langur species in the Trachypithecus genus. Rare yellow turtle spotted for only second time looks like melted cheese. Sciencealert. Humans wouldn't survive two minutes in space, but in 2007, two species of tardigrades were released into space and then collected again - still alive. 100-year-old turtle welcomes hatchlings at Emperor Valley Zoo. News 6 Hrs Ago AS the world observed World Environment Day on Friday, a 100-plus-year-old South American river turtle at the Emperor Valley Zoo welcomed 18 new hatchlings. Rare snail makes science history thanks to international hunt for a mate.

Nature crisis: Moths have 'secret role' as crucial pollinators. Blue Bee Feared to Be Extinct Is Found in Florida. As soon as the blue calamintha bee arrived on the scene, scientists worried it might be gone for good. CT Scans Show Brains of Baby Bumblebees Could Get Irreversibly Damaged by Pesticides. These Are The Top 15 Deadliest Animals on Earth. A Tiny Species That Looks Part-Deer, Part-Mouse Was Missing for Nearly 30 Years. Scientists Just Found It.

7 Invasive Species That Have Wreaked Havoc in the US. The history of invasive species is usually one of unforeseen consequences. When an animal, fish, insect or plant is taken out of its original ecosystem and introduced to a new one—whether by accident or on purpose—it's less likely to have any natural predators. Dog years are a myth and puppies are middle-aged, scientists claim. Tardigrades Can Survive X-Ray Bombardment by Deploying a Protein Shield. China's Pork Shortages Prompt Farmers to Breed Pigs as Large as Polar Bears. World's Fastest Ant Has Just Been Clocked at a Breathtaking 855 Millimetres Per Second. Biologists Get Morbidly Excited Over Discovering a Rare 'Whale Fall' Types of Spiders With Identification Guide (Pictures, Names, Charts) Thousands of tarantulas are emerging from the ground in the San Francisco Bay Area, looking for mates. Dog breeder who created Labradoodle regrets opening 'Pandora's box'

What These Popular Dog Breeds Looked Like In The Past. Watch The Mesmerising Colour Shifts of a Sleeping Octopus. Newly Discovered Species of Electric Eel Delivers The Most Powerful Shock Yet. 7 fascinating facts you (probably) don't know about okapi - Discover Wildlife. Conservationists Find a Precious Two-Headed Turtle on a South Carolina Beach. Woolly Bear Caterpillars: Winter Weather Predictors. 13 Strange Reasons Why Crows And Ravens Are Definitely The Smartest Birds, Hands Down. Antarctica breakthrough: Scientists discover NEW species 'like nothing seen before' The Mysterious Fate of the World's Largest Butterfly. The Praying Mantis: Beneficial Insect. A Bizarre Tardigrade Was Found With a Belly Full of Strange, Glittery Material.

For The First Time, Scientists Record The Songs of One of The World's Rarest Whales. Wild Bees Have Been Found Building Nests Entirely Out of Plastic Waste. Where to Get Honey Bees: Buying Bees vs. Catching Your Own. These Breathtaking Photos Are The First Known Sighting of an Albino Giant Panda. Think Your Mom Is Too Much? Bonobo Mothers Get Really Involved in Their Sons' Sex Lives. How to Get Rid of Ants. This Bizarre Australian Slug Has Such Sticky Slime, It Can 'Superglue' Its Enemies. Man Shocked to Discover a Mouse Kept Cleaning His Shed at Night. This Is Why.

These 5 Horrifyingly Weird Animal Butts Are The Distraction We All Need Right Now. Nesting Habits of Great Horned and Barred Owls. This Freaky Arachnid With a Black Bunny Head Is Totally Real, We Kid You Not. Check Out These Adorable, Tiny Frog Species Just Discovered in Madagascar. A Three-Eyed Snake Has Been Discovered in a Small Australian Town. A Rare Family of 3 Eagles Has Been Spotted Raising a Nest Together. Webmd. From boosting hair growth to treating an oily scalp: 7 essential oils that'll work for all your hair concerns.

10 Essential Oils for Faster Hair Growth. The Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter (Evidence Based) Refined vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil – Which One is Better? Proven Health Benefits of Avocado Oil Based on Science. 10 Essential Oils for Sinus Infection and Sinus Congestion - Science Based. Essential Oil Perfume Recipes. 9 Best Essential Oils for Your Survival Kit. The Crunchy Urbanite. Frankincense trees—of biblical lore—are being tapped out for essential oils. The Best Essential Oils for Scars (Evidence Based) 6 Ways Essential Oils Can Seriously Harm You. Proven Uses and Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedar Oil) The Best Natural Oils To Put Under Your Eyes. 7 Essential Oils for Hair Growth + DIY Hair Growth Serum. The Best Essential Oils to Have in Your Home and How to Use Them. Victory Gardens Are Making a Comeback—Here's How to Start a Vegetable Garden. Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight (With Houseplant Pictures)

Unique, Cool, and Unusual Houseplants You Need to Grow. How to Grow Garlic (Indoors or Outdoors): A Complete Step by Step Guide. How to Care for Lavender in Winter. A New Antibiotic Has Been Discovered in The Soil of a Mexican Rainforest. Flower Meanings: Symbolism of Flowers, Herbs, and Trees. Types of Ivy: Different Types of Ivy Plants for Outdoors and Indoors. Allergies and Gardening Tips. A Prehistoric Plant Could Reproduce in The UK For The First Time in Human History.

Rare meat-eating plant making a comeback - Discover Wildlife. How to Save Vegetable Seeds: Seed-Saving Guide. 13 Proven Natural Antibiotics That Don’t Require a Prescription. Aphid Control: How to Identify and Get Rid of Aphids. The Best 14 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes. Plants that Attract Butterflies: The Best Plants for Butterflies. Pruning 101: The Clean-Cut Facts About Pruning. What Do Weeds Tell You About the Soil? How to Grow Wildflowers and Help Pollinators (Video)