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Dancing the Waves

Surf School in Morocco. Surf Morocco. Surf Morocco Water Sports Activities. Surf Morocco. Discover The True Adventure With Stand Up Paddle School in Morocco. Kite surf camp in Morocco has nowadays become a popular way for people to learn kite surfing and reach a larger level of audience in comparison to those of one or two day course.

Discover The True Adventure With Stand Up Paddle School in Morocco

Those who are looking to make friends and wants to learn kite surfing at the same time, this is the perfect stop to go with. Even in case, if you are staying outside the Morocco, then you can plan this holiday in Morocco with your family and friends. There are many camps are available which are run by professionals. The clean water, safety boats, large beach, consistent winds and the instructors are here who is ready to speak a large array of languages while making sure that they would be able to learn the sport in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Surf School in Morocco. These days, many parents are taking their kids to surf school in Morocco in addition to, or as an alternative for, traditional summer camps.

Surf School in Morocco

And why not? Surfing (or surf) camps come with an immense benefit in comparison to those of the traditional camps. In normal camps, your kids will have the opportunity to increase self-confidence and esteem, make new friends, but in surf camps, there is a lot more to avail, like the incredible health benefits for kids. With the assistance of a qualified instructor, they would be able to learn total body workout from leg strength to cardiovascular exercise to arm in order to increasing their body balance. It comes with a total blast that your kids are really going to enjoy with. When kids paddle out on their surfboards toward the ocean in order to catch a wave, there they will start developing upper body strength which also includes their shoulders and arms, while having a perfect cardiovascular workout.

Surf Camp in Morocco. Within Morocco, the majority of people opt for surf camp packages in order to spend a healthy and happy vacation package.

Surf Camp in Morocco

Today, there are a lot of surf camps in Morocco, however, there is no surprise that they differ with regards to quality. Thus, if you are looking to have some surf camp for the next summer, then do consider the below points in order to prevent yourself from unwanted surprises. # 1. In which place is the surf camp situated? Within Morocco, most of the surf camps can be found in the different regions, where language differs and the costs of life expenses as well. . # 2. Kitesurfing: Some Tips And Tricks. For this summer, are you thinking of some Kitesurf camp in Morocco, then give yourself a kick-start with these solid tips to make sure you come out on top.

Kitesurfing: Some Tips And Tricks

Every person requires some kind of fundamentals to start out right to ensure that their experience turns out exactly as planned. During the kite surfing, the kite which is used is quite similar to those of a regular kite except bigger. Thus, if you are in search of a feel how to handle this, get ahead of the game and try buying a normal handheld kite and learn how to fly it. Although, it won’t be the same as those of a normal handheld kite but this will definitely help you to understand the basics of how it works. For the beginners, I would also recommend you to have a book if you have never flown a hand-held kite before as there you can find diagrams and step wise step to do the whole process.

Inspite of all the facts above, safety is one of the major concern when you are kite surfing. Like this: Like Loading... Surf Morocco. Kitesurf School in Morocco. Lisa discovered Morocco through her passion for surfing, and was quickly fascinated by the diversity of the country and the friendliness of its people.

Kitesurf School in Morocco

In 2013 Lisa decided to leave her international career in Switzerland and move to Morocco to experience true Moroccan life among the locals, adapting and living their life style. She meant to go for 3 months, but it quickly became 3 years - and hopefully many more. Her interest in Moroccan culture and openness towards the locals have helped her establish a strong collaborative business network with hardworking and reliable local connections who are passionate about their country, its culture and of course its delicious cuisine. Previously, Lisa worked in senior HR roles at international companies, organising workshops and events, and managing Graduate Trainee programs which involved overseeing collaboration between people of many different backgrounds and cultures. Surf School in Morocco. Surf Camp in Morocco. Learn to surf on Morocco’s west coast, sleep in a homey Surf Villa in a traditional Berber fishing village and enjoy diving in to a culture completely different to your everyday life.

Surf Camp in Morocco

There are many different kind of surf spots along the coast. Long sandy beaches for the beginners, point breaks for the advanced and secret spots for the adventurous surfers. The surf lesson takes place in the morning and in the afternoon session you can further practice and perfect what you learnt that morning. A qualified surf instructor is continuously present, observing and helping you improve your surfing skills. With surf guiding you are taken to the best surf spots, receive all necessary information in regards to how the wave breaks and any current or other obstacle/danger to be aware of.

After breakfast you're picked up at the Surf-Villa, the time fitting in with high/low tide. You will be served a light lunch on the beach giving you energy for the afternoon surf session. Surf Camp Morocco Dancing the Waves.