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Little boxy pouch tutorial. My latest favourite thing to make, little boxy pouches.

Little boxy pouch tutorial

It took me almost an entire morning, lots of paper and sellotape and countless cups of tea to figure this out. I’m here to save you the bother. This little bag is 4.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 2 inches deep, just right for a lipstick and a compact (or better still, lots of sweets). 1. Grand Revival Designs: Pleated Wrap Skirt Tutorial.

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Grand Revival Designs: Pleated Wrap Skirt Tutorial

How to Make a Tulle Skirt - UCreate. Abby over at Sew Much Ado shows us how to create this beautiful tulle skirt!

How to Make a Tulle Skirt - UCreate

Perfect design for many ages, too! Tulle Skirt Tutorial. Simple Shirts with Exposed Zippers (works as cardigan too!!) How to Fix a Broken Zipper - Zipper Repair. DIY Heart Cutout Dress. Usamimi · How To Make A Fabric Headband · Sewing on Cut Out + Keep · How To by May Kay ♥ 20 Easy Tricks For Improving Vintage Clothes. Skinny Ties. One of Ralph’s requests for his birthday was skinny ties.

Skinny Ties

They are surprisingly hard to find — either too long or too expensive for a 13-year-old’s wardrobe. So a few weeks ago, I had an idea: I would buy some old fat ties at a thrift shop and take them to a tailor to have them altered. Brilliant, right? But then, of course, I forgot about the idea till 3 days before his birthday.

At which point, I tried to rush and make it happen. But since I had the ties in hand, and since they only cost $1 each, I figured I’d try it myself. Here is the before shot. Here is the after shot: DIRECTIONS: 1) Turn your too-wide thrift store tie upside down. Butterfly Bow Tie ∙ How To by onelmon on Cut Out. Ruffled Boxers Tutorial... When I made these as part of Elsie Marley’s KCWC, I had no idea they would receive so much love!

Ruffled Boxers Tutorial...

They were inspired from a pair of ruffled boxers I found on Pinterest months and months ago, and simple knew I could recreate them. Creature scarf. DIY dress: Pollock Impulse. Hey guys!

DIY dress: Pollock Impulse

Today's post was supposed to be an outfit with this Pollock Impulse DIY dress, but the weather in Barcelona hasn't been so good this week (and I couldn't get the pictures done outdoors). Anyway I simply couldn't wait to show it to you guys, so here is the DIY tutorial. It's super easy, you just have to get some textile paint, a brush and release your inner energies. Lace Up Shorts ∙ How To by Judy on Cut Out.

Peekaboo Spider Web Shirt ∙ Creation by lotusbomb on Cut Out. Paper-Tape Dress Form. David Coffin Photo: David Coffin by David Coffin Barbara Deckert, a dressmaker from Elkridge, Maryland, and author of Sewing for Plus Sizes, uses a form-making method that I've seen in sewing texts from the 1930s: Brown-paper tape from an office-supply store forms a body mold as well as duct tape does, then hardens into "papier-mâché" to become a pinnable form, which you don't even have to stuff.

Paper-Tape Dress Form

Steampunk Inspired Collar Necklace ∙ How To by susie on Cut Out. Gathered clutch DIY. My friend has a clutch like this and I just thought it had the cutest shape!

Gathered clutch DIY

So I decided I’d try making one myself. Here is what I did so you can make one too! You will need: 2 fabric pieces 12×5.5 inches for the outside 2 fabric pieces 12×5.5 inches for the lining (these will be for the body of the clutch) 2 fabric pieces 8×2 inches in outside print 2 fabric pieces 8×2 inches in lining print (these will make up the neck of the clutch) 1 piece of scrap fabric (either of outside fabric or a different color) 1 zipper 1 clasp Let’s get started!

Bjork Swan Dress ∙ How To by Hello Sweet Taco on Cut Out. Shoes!

Bjork Swan Dress ∙ How To by Hello Sweet Taco on Cut Out

I just could not find the right ones. Petticoat Tutorial. Easy Poofy Dress ∙ How To by pupa c. DIY Bow Tie. A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated FNO by DIYing bow ties and neckties from scraps of denim at Madewell – because honestly, who isn’t borrowing a bit of inspiration from the boys this season?

DIY Bow Tie

Today we’ll be showing you, who may have missed the event, how to DIY a bow tie with luxurious, Dolce & Gabbana-inspired velvet. Before you know it, you’ll be well suited and ready to channel your inner Marlene Dietrich! You’ll need:a 6″ x 3.5″ piece of velveta 0.75″ x 2.5″ piece of velveta 1″ pin backa glue guna rulera pen Start by drawing a vertical line and a horizontal line, dividing the rectangle into 4 equal quarters. Pinch the intersecting lines and pick up the velvet. Flip the piece over, while still pinching the backside, and place a drop of hot glue in the center. Place another drop of glue on the front side and fold the fabric closed. Turn the bow on its backside and glue the tip of the velvet strip to the center. Glue a pin back to the back of the bow. 12 Easy Image Transfer Methods for DIY Projects. Striped skirt by iCandy handmade. Jen and Autie over at icandy handmade are some of our go-to girls when we’re looking for sewing inspiration.

They create fabulous things for little ones, but also have quite the grown-up-sewing-project arsenal. And their projects always have this air of professionalism and FUN about them- their bright, happy, candy-filled space makes me want to hang out with them for the day (or a Girl’s Night Out!). Plus they share our love for stripes- gotta love that. A few favorite icandy projects? This hint-of-vintage maxi dress, this ice cream social skirt, this vintage strawberry skirt, this sail away with me dress, and this Urban Outfitters knock off to name a few (but I had to be choosy- seriously, go check out all of the goodness they have stored up over there).

In classic icandy form, they have a sewing for ME! THE SUN WAS HIGH: DIY // Galaxy Jeans. I don't want to enter in a "I liked galaxies before it was cool to like them" monologue, but I've always been obsessed with outer space! My brother and I used to visit the local library and borrow tons of books about galaxies, spaceships and planets. The obsession stuck and now, even my design portfolio is filled with space-inspired pieces. There is something so fascinating and mysterious about coloured clouds, planets and stars... Galaxy print clothes have gained phenomenal popularity over the last three years, but oddly enough, they never made it to the racks of affordable chain stores.