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Botta Solus All Black Edition Watch - Now available at Watchismo. 01 the One AN03G03 Watch - Cool Watches from Watchismo. Projects Watches. Buy Fashion Watches, Cool & Unique Sport Watches, Designer Mens & Ladies Watches. BY BIEGERT & FUNK. Abacus Watch by Lacher Review & Unboxing (Black) ABACUS, German Made Abacus Watches, Single-ball design Watches, Tells time without hands Watches. Abacus. Laco Absolute, a new line designed by Dietrich Lubs in collaboration with Laco and Dieter Rams to create the Absolute Collection.

Both Lubs and Rams are renowned for their work and the designs they produced during their respective tenures with Braun. Rams was with Braun Design from 1989 to 2001 and was responsible for Braun's original collection of watches, which have since become horological icons. The design concept; The creation of the Absolute Collection was born out of Laco's desire to produce a clean, uncluttered timepiece that embodied harmony in its geometry. Utilizing a distinctly Teutonic design language, the collection is resolutely German in its embrace of logic, functionality and high-grade technology. The watches are 39mm in diameter and 9.6mm thick, offer 5 ATM of water resistance and are equipped with Swiss quartz, GMT (dual time zone) movements, Sapphire crystals, and robust rubber straps.

Abacus Watch 100 - ABA-400_2082 - Abacus watches. Shop - ZIIIRO. Starck PH1116 Gents Watch LED Red Display Black Rubber Strap: Philippe Starck: Watches. You can set a special message to be displayed after the time.

Starck PH1116 Gents Watch LED Red Display Black Rubber Strap: Philippe Starck: Watches

I set mine to read "Party Time" and it always goes down well at parties. My only problem with this is the durability. My original broke after six months, whilst the replacement has broken again after a year. It has a two year warranty and it was quite easy to arrange the replacement. It's also quite hard to set the time and the message, and more often than not I end up resetting it completely by accident and having to start from scratch. Due to the durability, thickness and how hard it is to set this ought to only have 2 or 3 stars, however the fact it's fun and makes a great talking point gives it an extra point.

I've noticed that Fossil have removed the Starck range from their website so I suspect no more of these will be produced, so if you want one, grab it while you can. Charcoal Grey - Mutewatch. Kinetic dial analogue reveal watch by twisted time. Review: Reveal Watch. Review: Reveal Watch Posted on 03 March 2006 by John Biggs Writing about a watch like the Reveal is like writing about music. You can make a few educated statements, but it all comes down to taste. Hopefully, I’m tapping into the general WWR feeling towards this piece when I say it’s a fascinating watch and very cool even if it’s a bit to austere for my complication-happy taste. The Reveal reminds us we’re in the here and now. Designed by the Markuse Corporation, whose mission is to bring architecture and design to our everyday travails, this watch is one of the many pieces they sell online and also comes in bright orange. Overall, the watch is very simple.

Can a guy wear the Reveal? Quality: 3/5 Style: 4/5 Overall: 3/5 By John Biggs Product Page [Projects-US] Projects Reveal Watch - Cool Watches from Watchismo.