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Its disgusting that people are less angry about what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp and more angry about her hurting their “movement” : TrueOffMyChest. My exgirlfriend took the condom off while i was in the middle of putting it on. Sat down on it without asking, gave me an STD. : TrueOffMyChest. Dear Tracy Allard : Edmonton. Kenney's Covid-19 slap in the face to Albertans. : Edmonton. YSK: If you have a friend who doesn't like celebrating for their birthday it is not your job to "break their shell". If you really want to make them feel special and you're a close friend, plan a day alone with them and see what they say, anything more sh. I tried to make a representation of a ddos attack in blender : hacking. Found this little gem while cleaning up. Turned based tactical marine warfare sim with local pvp enabled and no microtransactions. : gaming. Lynda Carter. : oldschoolhot.

I'm so sorry : ProtectAndServe. Table Topper I built for a friend who does board games and DnD. All six legs are dice towers. : DnDIY. COVID-19: Sikh doctors in Canada take ‘extremely difficult decision’ to shave beards. : worldnews. Spent all night long trying to make this work, hope you like it :( : NoMansSkyTheGame.

LPT: Some people aren't good at asking for help because they're so used to being 'the helper'. : LifeProTips. What is some advice that is too late for you, but others ought to hear and consider? : AskReddit. Dear antivaxers this is the world when there is no a vaccine for a disease, enjoy! : TrueOffMyChest. To all the thundering wallopers.. : Edmonton. Reminder: your GM is always pulling punches : dndnext. Makeup free : EmiliaClarke. Lynda Carter, 1970s. : oldschoolhot. Air ambulance Bell 412 EPI returning to base after a call. Kamloops, Canada. : Helicopters.

You're at a job interview. You get the "what is your biggest weakness?" question. What is your answer? : AskReddit. Dang. : Edmonton. I asked hiring managers how to answer common behavioral questions : ITCareerQuestions. [Mod Post] Let's take a moment to remember … - IAmA. LPT: Those viral posts asking things like “Your stripper name is your first pet and your mother’s maiden name” are amazingly effective ways to reveal answers to common security questions you may be using elsewhere. : LifeProTips.

The faces of brave Kurdish women fighters who have fought ISIS : pics. This couple dancing in the rain. : BetterEveryLoop. This is Maya. Her owner built her a luxury cabin so that people passing by can say hello and even talk to her while he's at work. : aww. Guys of reddit, what can us girls do to make you feel special? : AskReddit. Open VR Advanced Settings Overview : Vive. Thanks Satan : memes. While everyone is focused on an internet meme, millions of people are marching around the world for action on climate change. : pics. PSA - Some imformation for those of you fed up eating 20, 30 minutes at a rail crossing while the train is standing still : Edmonton. Women of reddit, what do you think would be the worst part of being a man? : AskReddit.

Transforming Aluminium Cans : Damnthatsinteresting. TekSavvy Protests Push for Pirate Site Blocking in Court : canada. When opening a gift : youseeingthisshit. Two creative Swiss girls recreate the Simpson's food tour of New Orleans, scene for scene. : videos. Paragliding tow winch how I build it : freeflight. I Built a Smart House Guide for Visitors : smarthome. Dragonlance Myers-Briggs : dragonlance. Which psychological tricks should everyone know about? : AskReddit. Great idea! How do we get these here? : Edmonton.

Sonoff RF WIFI Light Switch Smart Home Remote Control 433MHZ Controller ... : smarthome. What would you like to clear up with the FBI agent watching you? : AskReddit. Just another day in Colorado I suppose : youseeingthisshit. Being a medic in games. : gaming. It’s a me, Mario : gaming. Gene Tierney. : oldschoolhot. Need help with insults for Vicious Mockery against a water elemental : dndnext. Practice makes perfect : gifs. A young Sally Field “Gidget” hanging by the beach in 1965 : OldSchoolCool. I built the DMGE for playing living battlemaps : DungeonsAndDragons. Parents of reddit: what are your kids currently attempting to hide from you? : AskReddit. I love this : BetterEveryLoop. The way this talented groomer creates trust with this shibe in less than 60 seconds : aww.

Oh darn, just missed it : funny. Very rare Emilia : EmiliaClarke. Challenging random people to a water gun fight : videos. What's a quote that has just "stuck with you?" : AskReddit. A softball at 60yds. : Archery. Try again : memes. Look and learn : funny. Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General. DoorDash’s tipping policy : assholedesign. Blue : DaniellePanabaker. When making Alice in Wonderland, Disney used a live action reference for Alice’s mannerisms : Damnthatsinteresting. Who needs society : memes. Social media, but not video games, linked to depression in teens, according to landmark Montreal study.

Jim carrey anyone?? : memes. Being an introvert is a trend now apparently : introvert. Building a home. What are the essentials? : smarthome. Robot bowling : gifs. Hello northern neighbors : canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Corportation (CBC) tried to do live fact checking during Trump's speech. : PoliticalHumor. Girls don't compliment guys because they're likely to take it non-platonically, guys take it non-platonically because it happens so infrequently they don't know how to handle it : Showerthoughts. Being a “morning person” or “evening person” is a behavioral consequence of a person’s underlying circadian rhythm, which is shaped by their genes. Some genes can even shift a person’s natural waking time by up to 25 minutes. : science. If you cannot operate a computer in 2019, you should not be hired for any desk job. : unpopularopinion.

This door in my hotel bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways. : mildlyinteresting. Tesla Model 3 stops itself to avoid an accident : BetterEveryLoop. She wrote her bf a letter every single day while he was at basic training for the Army and got yelled at by a Drill Sergeant for it□ : funny. Why men’s rooms need real changing tables... : funny. Robot wrestling... just in case you havent seen something this cool before : mechanical_gifs. Teens and young adults who seek solitude may know what's best for them, research suggests (n=979). Despite stigma, solitude doesn't have to be problematic. Chosen solitude may contribute to personal growth and self-acceptance, and lead to self-reflection,

Best thing I’ve seen all day : aww. Mark Ruffalo on Twitter : "#FBF to our long days on the #AvengersEndgame set □ @ChrisEvans " : marvelstudios. Roaming Data from Bell (if you forget to get a plan) is now $6,000/GB : canada. Let’s not forget this.. : AdviceAnimals. Game of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke is startled by Rockets mascot Clutch during Timeout : nba. It sucks... : funny. I. Can't. Breathe. : Unexpected.