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CNC Punching & Stamping Los Angeles, CA

23 march 2023

CNC Punching & Stamping Los Angeles, CA

CNC Punching & Stamping Los Angeles, CA - 90001

D & A Metal Fabrication can quickly remanufacture and replace damaged or worn-out die components.  Our experienced tool makers and machinists utilize our full-service tool room and state-of-the-art equipment to provide a quick turn around on your components.  Our Wire EDM and CNC machinists can accurately reproduce your components to your specifications.  Additionally, we can provide in-house TIG welding and heat treating services.  Therefore, there’s no need to wait for these services to be outsourced. 

We repair all types of metal stamping dies and tooling. Our team can remanufacture your die if updates or changes are needed. We stock tool steel so that we are prepared to begin die repairs immediately.  Therefore, we do not have a time-consuming wait for supplies. We offer reverse engineering as well as complete in-house machining services, including TIG welding and heat treating.

Phone Number: 818-780-8231