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What Is Food Product Testing? – Site Title. Food product testing is a broader term that is used to define the process through which manufacturers or producers make sure that the packaged food item they are making for the public is safe for their consumption or not.

What Is Food Product Testing? – Site Title

This process is a mandate by the FSSAI i.e. the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It was established in the year 2011 and stresses over consumer protection when it comes to packaged food and beverages. It was made compulsory because packaged food and beverages remain intact for a long period of time with the help of some unique ingredients and preservatives. Since these ingredients are many a times not a part of the food item naturally, there is always a risk of this step going wrong and the composition being incorrect. This could lead to certain health issues in the masses. Like this: Like Loading... Related. What Are Tests Like Shelf Life Study Done For? – Site Title.

When you pick up a packaged or a processed food item and place it in your cart, how often do you make it a point to check beyond the expiration date?

What Are Tests Like Shelf Life Study Done For? – Site Title

Very rarely do people actually check the ingredients and the nutritional value that the product brings to the table. Some people just trust the store and do not even check the expiration date. They just put it in their carts and walk away. However, this particular thing is very important to check if you are someone who heavily relies on processed and packaged food items. Although it is not advised to rely on packaged food products and instead choose healthier options, time constraints do force people into counting on tinned goods for quick meal preparations. How Important Is Testing Medicines Before Being Prescribed? – Site Title. With the pandemic that has taken over the world, an organism that is so small that it cannot be even seen with naked eyes, the demand for medicines is at its peak.

How Important Is Testing Medicines Before Being Prescribed? – Site Title

The medicine industry has always been one of the most important ones. These are drugs that help doctors cure ailments and make people feel better. The medicines prescribed by the doctors need to be taken in the exact quantity and proportion as given by the doctor or the physician. This is because, it is only in this exact quantity that the medicine will prove to be most effective and will give results. The Journey Of Your Packaged Product – Site Title. Have you ever wondered, that the package of packed food that you picked up at your regular grocery store goes through a number of testing procedures before it reaches your food cart?

The Journey Of Your Packaged Product – Site Title

Well this testing is important for various reasons. Firstly, it is vital to make sure that the food being delivered to the masses is safe for their consumption. Before the product is mass produced to be supplied to millions, it is put through some stringent tests such as heavy metal testing, testing for the presence of any kind of toxins, that might have become a part of the product unknowingly. While the presence of heavy metals is permitted up to a certain extent, any more than the permissible levels would make it very dangerous to consume.

The Role Of Analytics Lab In Food Safety. Role Of Food Testing Labs In Packaged Food Business – Site Title. The packaged food industry is one of the biggest ones in the past 2 decades. with lives of people becoming more and more hectic, with less time left in their hands to focus on actually making some things at home from scratch, it has become a need of the hour to have products that are ready made and can be easily consumed.

Role Of Food Testing Labs In Packaged Food Business – Site Title

It is almost impossible today, to have a dish that we eat, that would not be packaged or does not have preservatives. Even milk is now packaged and a separate industry of dairy in itself. But amidst all this, there is a need to detect any kind of adulteration, contamination or the presence of naturally occurring toxins. These toxins appear when, sometimes, through raw material, some chemicals that were used in nurturing them, seep into their system. How Does A Food Lab Help The Food And Beverage... What Service Does Shelf Life Study And Method Validation Provide? – Site Title. Shelf life studies and nutritional labelling are one the mandates of a food test.

What Service Does Shelf Life Study And Method Validation Provide? – Site Title

While the lab technician checks for the presence of any contaminants in food, it is also compulsory for them to do the shelf life study. Shelf life study is the process of finding out, for how long will a food product be able to survive the drastic change in temperature without rotting. Every packaged food has some preservatives added to them to keep them safe from spoiling due to the outside factors. It tells us how effective the preservatives are being in keeping the food and its taste intact.

Other mandate as mentioned above is the nutritional labelling. But this does not work in case of a medical service. Like this: Like Loading... Emergence Of Food Product Testing – Site Title. It wasn’t really common until a few years ago, to have packaged food products tests in a food lab.

Emergence Of Food Product Testing – Site Title

Leave alone establishments of food labs that hardly existed back then. But soon, as the number of cases with toxicity were on the rise, it became more and more apparent that there was an urgent need for food labs that would make sure that the packaged food is free of any kind of impurities and toxicity before it reaches the food shelf. This has become an ethical responsibility of every producer of packaged food and drinks to have the products that they are providing to the customers, tested for these impurities. What Is Shelf Life Study And Nutritional Labelling? – Site Title. When you pick up a packaged food item to put in your cart, especially of those items that are perishable, the first or rather the only thing that we check is the expiration date.

What Is Shelf Life Study And Nutritional Labelling? – Site Title

This expiration date or the “use before date” tells us how long it is before the food item goes bad and the preservatives that have been added to the food item will lose their effect on the ingredient. When it comes to perishable products such as milk, bread, meat, cheese, yogurt etc., the preservatives are usually added so as to keep the product from spoiling immediately in two to three days’ time. But how do they determine that the product will perish or get rotten after that specific date? Well, for this, there are special labs that perform these dedicated services of shelf life studies and nutritional labelling. In shelf life study, the product, along with its preservatives, is put under various tests under various climatic conditions. Like this: Like Loading... Why Is Milk Tested Before Packaging? – Site Title. Milk is said to be one of the sources of nutrition and calcium for the body.

Why Is Milk Tested Before Packaging? – Site Title

It makes or bones and teeth stronger and helps the body to grow and nurture. Especially for the kids, milk is a very important source of strength building and energy too. a few decades ago, milk wouldn’t come in the form that we see today. It had to be bought from either the closest dairy to the house, or the milkman would come at your door step to deliver milk in your vessel or container. But gradually, this custom changed. Many cases of adulteration in milk were spotted. Why Is Our Daily Beverage Like Coffee Or Tea... Testing Food Products For Adulteration And More – Site Title. For a very long time, people have had to deal with adulteration in food products.

Testing Food Products For Adulteration And More – Site Title

Back when food testing wasn’t a thing, the food products sellers, like the milk sellers, would adulterate the food in order to make the quantity seem more than what it actually is. Testing The Health Of Soil For Construction And Cultivation – Site Title. When we talk about building a house, or constructing building complex, it is not just the proximity form nearest amenities, easy transportation or good weather that matters. The land, the soil you are actually building it on, matters too. If the soil that you are building your property on is faulty or loose in a way, then that is a potential threat to the future of the property. It could lead to faulty structure, risky foundation which will put many lives at stake. DALPL - A Soil Testing Lab In Mumbai. Accurate and Affordable quality and safety testing services for Food & Agri Products. Food analysis is the discipline dealing with the development, application and study of analytical procedures for characterizing the properties of foods and their constituents.

These analytical procedures are used to provide information about a wide variety of different characteristics of foods, including their composition, structure, physicochemical properties and sensory attributes. As well as the ‘normal’ nutritional composition of food, you need to know about levels of natural toxicants, and of potential contaminants, such as pesticides. At DALPL we have a wealth of knowledge, skills and state-of-the-art equipment (such as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) for chemical analysis and related issues.

Shelf Life Studies & Nutritional Labelling. Advantages Of Making Vitamins And Mineral A Part... Steps To Be Taken To Make Sure The Food You Eat Is Free Of Any Risk – Site Title. A very important portion of what we eat every day depends on vegetables, that is, the agriculture. Even if you are a hardcore non vegetarian, the food that the birds of the cattle eat (who you feast on) are herbivores. The food that they eat is plants. So, directly or indirectly, we are all dependent on mother earth for the food we eat. The plants that get into our system, depend on soil and fertilizers for their nutrition and growth. In the olden times, these fertilizers would be made by decomposing waste and then turning it into fertilizers. Why Is Food Testing A Big Priority And Why Is It A Mandate? – Site Title. DALPL -Tests Beauty & Care Products For Harmful Chemicals. Are everyday cosmetic, personal care and cleaning products like soap, shampoo, and lotion exposing you to harmful chemicals?

These products need to be effective yet environmentally and dermatologically non toxic. The consumers and lawmakers alike have the same goal to reduce non toxic elements from such products. There’s a constant demand for ingredients and raw materials used in such products are constantly increasing. With certain medical conditions inexplicably on the rise, our laboratory and consultation services can help you achieve your desired goals. You can rely on us and can be sure that your products comply with relevant regulatory criteria and meet the desired quality standards. Are everyday cosmetic, personal care and cleaning products like soap, shampoo, and lotion exposing you to harmful chemicals? These products need to be effective yet environmentally and dermatologically non toxic. Site Title. Untitled — Why You Should Visit A Food Testing Lab. Untitled — How Important Is It To Test The Food Product We... Untitled — Ensure Food Safety By Food Testing. Tumblr. Untitled — Making Sure Your Food Is Safe.

Untitled — Labs That Make Sure Your Food is Safe. About Us - Get Food Products Testing For Adulteration By DALPL In India. About Us - Get Food Products Testing For Adulteration By DALPL In India. Tumblr. Untitled — Steps Taken To Avoid Adulteration Of Food. Untitled — Food Safety and Standards in India. Untitled — Why Should You Include Minerals And Vitamins In... Water Testing - DALPL, An FSSAI-Recognised Drinking Water Testing Lab.

The most basic entity that one cannot live without, a colourless liquid which sustains life on earth also needs a quality check to ensure it adds more benefits to life, than harm. Water-borne illnesses being one of the major preventable calamities often contaminated with organic and inorganic impurities like; high levels of arsenic, fluoride and micro organisms. The water supplied to industrial & residential areas needs to be clean, full of minerals and germ-free. Precisely tested industrial water with advanced water treatment techniques ensures safe industrial water. The aesthetically designed water testing laboratory is dedicated to providing Chemical and Microbiological testing services. Let us serve you in any way we can to help you achieve the outstanding results!

Why one should test water? Have you ever wondered, what is there in your drinking water? Untitled — Different Types of Vitamins and Minerals in Food... Site Title. DALPL - Get Ideal Analytical Shelf Life Study. Water Testing - DALPL, An FSSAI-Recognised Drinking Water Testing Lab. DALPL - Detect Impurities Pesticide Residue Testing. All food & pharma handling companies and establishments should employ an environmental sampling program to monitor for spoilage microorganisms and poisoning pathogens. Such a program, if well designed will enable the detection of unacceptable microbial contamination in a timely manner. At DALPL our Sampling programs include the collection of samples during production on a regular basis from work surfaces in a randomised manner which will reflect the differing working conditions.

In addition, DALPL collects samples from these sites after sanitising and from sites which may serve as harbours of resident organisms. Sampling should not only be conducted on contact surfaces, but the evaluation of non- contact surfaces such as conveyor belts, rollers, walls, drains and air is equally as important as there are many ways (aerosols and human intervention) in which microorganisms can migrate from non contact surfaces to food & pharma products.

DALPL - Get Ideal Analytical Shelf Life Study. DALPL - Chemico Physical Analysis & Heavy Metal Testing. Elemental Impurities - For Migration Testing Food Packaging Choose DALPL. DALPL provides trace and heavy metal testing and is a leader in high precision elemental analyses. At DALPL we perform both highly accurate quantitative and semi quantitative analyses of elemental concentrations with extremely high precision. Our laboratory is equipped to measure elements which range from ppm to ppt. DALPL Services has an excellent reputation for quality data. DALPL’s newly inaugurated Pharma Division has special expertise in analyzing elemental impurities for pharmaceutical development. Our location in TTC Industrial Area, Airoli, Navi Mumbai features a ICP-MS instrument with microwave digester in a cGMP laboratory.

DALPL - We Have Effective Systems for Heavy Metal Toxicity Test. Water Testing - Know More about Mycotoxin Testing at DALPL. Water Testing - Know More about Mycotoxin Testing at DALPL. DALPL -Shelf Life Studies Accelerated and Real Time for Food Products. DALPL - Choose us for Undoubted Food Nutrition Testing.