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Argos Infotech is a Dallas web design agency offering a full range of services from web design & development, mobile app development,net development

Data Analytics, Business Intelligence. What Is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Data Analytics, Business Intelligence

As businesses grow, they quickly accumulate a lot of data about their customers, products, employees, store fronts, suppliers, stakeholders, and more. This data has the immense potential to bring out correlations among the various elements that highlight the ways to change the course of business for good. Harnessing the latent power of the critical business data has been on the minds of global business leaders over the past decade or so, and now, the technologies are mature enough to support insight-based decision-making at all the levels of the organization.

With the use of cutting-edge BI and data visualization tools business users can easily slice and dice through complex data sets and arrive at data-driven insights for supporting everyday decisions. They can intuitively get automated predictions and prescriptions for the best course of action that would generate optimum results. ASP.NET Web Development Company Dallas, TX. Our Web Development Solutions We at Argos InfoTech, strive to offer you outstanding ASP.NET development services in Dallas, TX and across the United States to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

ASP.NET Web Development Company Dallas, TX

We are experienced in a full range of .NET technologies such as .net core, MVC, Telerik, Kentico Progress Sitefinity, MS SQL Server, Azure services, Angular JS, XML web services, etc. Our expert .NET team works with your business to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs, by leveraging these technologies and make it robust and secure. Let’s discuss your idea or business problem and we can help you build a solution that works for you. .Net Web Application Development Services.

Untitled. Custom Software Development Archives - Argos InfoTech. Untitled. Web Application Development Company - Argos Infotech. 10 Must-Have eCommerce website Features – Argos Infotech. Custom Software Development Company Dallas - Argos Infotech. Are you trying to change your way of doing business to fit the software you have purchased? At Argos we build custom software that follows your business plan, so you can be more productive and stay ahead of your competition. Custom Software Development At Argos, we firmly believe that software should meet your business process and not vice versa.

Sometimes out of the box software are like “round peg in a square hole” and doesn’t fit your unique business needs. Get A Quote Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. 5 Reasons to Avoid Off-The-Shelf Software. Admiral Ackbar was right when he delivered one of the most iconic lines in the Star Wars franchise (and probably in all of cinema history) in the 1983 masterpiece The Return Of The Jedi.

5 Reasons to Avoid Off-The-Shelf Software

He would be right again today if he were to warn business owners to stay away from off-the-shelf software and instead get a custom-built software if they want to optimize operations. And being the tactical mastermind that he was, he would definitely point out these five reasons. The Pros and The Cons of Xamarin Mobile App Development. Untitled. Custom WordPress Website Design & Development. Untitled. How to Reduce Software Project Risk - Argos InfoTech. The process of analyzing, identifying and responding to software project security to rationalize decision-making is called risk management.

How to Reduce Software Project Risk - Argos InfoTech

Enabling developers to control future events and be proactive instead of reactive, risk management should be embedded from the onset of project planning. This reduces the event of software project risk occurrence while also minimizing any impact magnitude. Classic ASP Maintenance & Support Service - Argos InfoTech. Custom Website Design. 5 Reasons to Avoid Off-The-Shelf Software. Dallas. Dallas is transforming as the Silicon Valley of the West. Xamarin cross platform development for long terms benefits. Xamarin, the shared codebase for Windows, Android and iOS, has been a top choice for developers.

Xamarin cross platform development for long terms benefits

Microsoft intuitively popularized this development platform featuring native aspects of app development. The ease of targeting all platforms with a shared codebase helps to gain an edge over time of development and hence, saving cost as well as resources. For this reason, Xamarin application development, in particular, is gaining a good momentum in the app development industry. High performance, security, better interaction, lesser bugs and the ease of coding being the primary aspects, developing Native apps is now the most preferred approach in Mobile Application development.

This is the reason a Xamarin app development company has the potential to impact strongly on app centric businesses. Apart from promoting Xamarin as the “Native” engine to develop mobile applications, Microsoft integrated substantial aspects to justify its claims. UI Offering the Best Native Experience Top Performance. Dotnetnuke Module Development Service Company Dallas.

ASP.Net is an Argos InfoTech specialty, as we are experts at creating cutting-edge applications using DNN that will grow with your business and provide excellent returns on investment.

Dotnetnuke Module Development Service Company Dallas

Get A Quote Get a Quote Upload DNN Features & Benefits Easy Web Site Administration Scalable – anything from a small website to a large-scale corporate site Used by 250,000+ organizations worldwide Easy to Deploy & Customize Built on ASP.NET and SQL Server Large number of 3rd party modules. Web Development for Creative Agency - Dallas Web Design & Development Company. How It Works Web Development for Creative Agency Our collaborations generally comprise creative agencies that manage the project’s life-cycle and maintain client relationships while liaising with our team of expert developers to work on different aspects of website development and application projects.

Web Development for Creative Agency - Dallas Web Design & Development Company

In addition to any technical aspects, we also help agencies during estimation and discovery processes. During the project life-cycle, we closely monitor the budget and project scope to ensure a seamless process and expected outcome.We also strive to maintain effective communication between agency’s creative team, our team members and account management team. Argos InfoTech.