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Dallas Artificial Grass Experts

Dallas Artificial Grass Experts are the leaders in artificial grass systems installation both for residential and commercial properties. Our trained landscapers can help determine which type of artificial turf is ideal to use as well as design a layout. We can install maintenance-free synthetic grass in practically any kind of preferred area such as backyards, front yards, patios, gardens and playgrounds. Our company takes pride in the quality of our service. An experienced turf specialist will be there to guide you through the process every step of the way. We even offer a free estimate so that customers can know the scope and projected costs of their projects.

Telltale Signs It’s Time for You to Move on from Live to Synthetic Grass. A lush, green, and perfectly mowed lawn is an aspiration for many homeowners out there.

Telltale Signs It’s Time for You to Move on from Live to Synthetic Grass

Why not? It’s relaxing, pleasing to look at, and increases the property value through its curb appeal. Keeping it all looking perfect requires a lot of maintenance and hard work, though. All that work turns off many homeowners from natural grass lawns. Often, weather conditions make it impossible to get the lush green look they want, even if they hire professional gardeners. When you go up against nature’s forces like that, it becomes a futile attempt, not to mention a costly one. If you’ve been feeling conflicted about maintaining your lawn then getting synthetic grass could be a choice you should start to seriously consider looking into.

Your Water Consumption is Sky-High Lawn owners know this all too well. Government studies show that each person can use as much as 80 to 100 gallons of water every single day. Interesting and Creative Uses for Artificial Turf within Your Home. One of the best things about artificial turf is that there’s absolutely no limit as to how you’re going to maximize its design value.

Interesting and Creative Uses for Artificial Turf within Your Home

Whether out on your front lawn or as an alternative carpet inside your house, it easily adds that pop of texture and interest that style-conscious homeowners aspire for. Here are some more interesting ideas for you to incorporate artificial turf into your home design. Pets Play Area If you’d rather that your dogs play inside the house, you can set up their play area with some artificial turf on. This should easily upgrade the feel of the room to something more outdoorsy, which is definitely something that pets love. If you’re living in a condo unit or in a building with a rooftop, you can even use this artificial turf for their potty training.

Balcony Lawns. Some Advantages of Switching to Artificial Grass from a Natural Lawn. Myth Busting: Common Myths About Artificial Turf and Why They’re Wrong. Dallas is no stranger to wildly varying temperatures throughout the course of the year.

Don’t let these prevalent myths deter you from enjoying the all the amazing benefits of having artificial turf in your commercial property in Dallas. – dallasartificialgrassexperts

With maximum average daily highs of 95°F and minimum average daily lows of 34°F, Dallas business owners and commercial property management often find it difficult to keep grass on their property looking lush and healthy.

Myth Busting: Common Myths About Artificial Turf and Why They’re Wrong

If you are experiencing this problem often, you may be interested in making the switch from natural grass to artificial turf. You may have heard stories about how artificial turf has been a fantastic choice for many commercial properties around Dallas. However, you may have also heard several myths surround artificial turf and why you should avoid it. The truth is that artificial turf has undergone many changes thanks to technological advances in the industry. Of course, saying that a myth is wrong might not be enough to convince some people to make the switch. Dallas Artificial Grass is a Great Pet-Friendly Material for Your Lawn. Artificial grass is a durable, low-maintenance material that makes a suitable alternative to conventional grass lawns.

Dallas Artificial Grass is a Great Pet-Friendly Material for Your Lawn

The fact that the demand for it is growing is proof that more and more people are seeing the good in its benefits. The decision to go with artificial turf is often one that’s rooted in convenience, as it presents home and property owners the opportunity to conserve water and save on money and time, as the lawn rarely needs to be weeded, watered, mowed, aerated, fertilized, or edged. More Than Lawns: Discover Other Uses for Synthetic Grass in Your Home. Dallas Artificial Turf Installers Answers FAQs about Synthetic Grass.

It pays to be an informed consumer, considering an artificial turf installation company from Dallas, here are five FAQs to remember. – dallasartificialgrassexperts

Dallas Artificial Grass Experts Share the History of Synthetic Grass. Today’s artificial grass look and feel like the real thing, and are far removed from its earliest incarnation in the 1960s.

Dallas Artificial Grass Experts Share the History of Synthetic Grass

Thanks to technology, even experts can’t tell real and artificial grass apart, and because of this, synthetic grass continues to enjoy wide use in many spaces, both indoors and outdoors. During the extreme drought in Texas a couple of years ago, synthetic grass helped Dallas homeowners maintain a well-manicured lawn. For Dallas and other drought-prone locales, maintaining a lawn is often an expensive and wasteful affair. As more people discover and realize the usefulness and convenience of artificial grass, it’s no wonder the product is experiencing significant growth in popularity and demand. In early 2016, predicted that artificial grass will enjoy widespread prevalence in some areas of the country, particularly drought-stricken regions where water-use restrictions are in place. Dallas Synthetic Grass Pros Discuss Artificial Turf’s Eco-Friendliness.

Many people in Dallas have synthetic grass for their lawns now, what with the frequency of droughts and dry spells in the area.

Dallas Synthetic Grass Pros Discuss Artificial Turf’s Eco-Friendliness

It makes sense, because synthetic grass doesn’t need water to keep looking good. With its ability to help homeowners save water, artificial grass has been enjoying a solid reputation for being eco-friendly. Still, the question needs to be asked: How good is it for the environment? Dallas synthetic grass suppliers urge you to take a look at some of the material’s natural benefits. No need for water Starting with the most common benefit, you will no longer need to water your lawn if you have synthetic turf.