OWS Hand Gestures

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Exquisite Tweets from @DiceyTroop. Occupy movement hand signals. Occupy movement hand signals, grouped by function.

Occupy movement hand signals

Example signals[edit] Diagram of Occupy movement hand signals used in London 2011. Twinkles and down twinkles are referred to as a "temperature check". They indicate if a group is getting close to consensus. Twinkles are also known as "sparkle" or spirit fingers.[13] Origins[edit] In addition to commonalities with various sign languages, and cultural gestures, these or similar hand signals have been used by other groups and events prior to the Occupy Wall Street protests. See also[edit] References[edit] Occupy Wall Street hand signals, an illustrated guide by Ape Lad. Occupy Wall Street - Hand Signals. Occupy Wall St. Hand Signals Explained. - Story Balloon. Occupy Portland - DownTwinkles.

OccupyRichmond 10/6/11 Hand Signals. Occupy Berkeley Movement explains its hand signals. Consensus Decision-Making Hand Signals Explained at #OccupySF. Jazz Hands and Waggling Fingers: How Occupy Wall Street Makes Decisions. If you walk past the Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park, you may see a lot of waggling fingers.

Jazz Hands and Waggling Fingers: How Occupy Wall Street Makes Decisions

It looks a bit like jazz hands, but here it indicates silent applause or agreement within the complex system of gestures that the group's General Assembly uses to make collective decisions. Limp wrists to the floor indicate disagreement. Making a diamond shape with your hands raises a procedural interruption. And the dreaded crossed fists, a Japanese import known as the batsu, signifies an outright block on a proposal. Veteran outdoor activists know even more signs, like rolling both hands to say “yeah, we get it, wrap it up,” or wiggling their fingers at eye-level (imagine playing a tiny air guitar) to say “I’m confused.” When faced with questions big and small — Should we demand international debt forgiveness? Then there’s the awkward business of deciding who gets to speak, and in what order. The occupation’s organizers and leaders stress its disorganization and leaderlessness. What’s behind those Occupy hand signals - Ideas.