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How To Control Your Temper During Fasting - Daily Punch. The holy month of Ramzan brings many blessings for Muslims.

How To Control Your Temper During Fasting - Daily Punch

However, we human beings always do a good job of turning a blessing (rehmat ) into a difficulty (zehmat). Besides the mad rush in traffic and the scramble for food at aftari time, one issue that almost everyone faces while fasting is of controlling were temper during fasting. People fighting on the streets at the slightest provocation becomes a common act during Ramzan. You Won't Believe What This Careem Captain Did! - Daily Punch Pakistan. Things you must do to prevent Heatstroke during month of Ramadan. As the holy month of Ramadan has commenced and, at the same time the sun is throwing down extreme heat.

Things you must do to prevent Heatstroke during month of Ramadan

There are certain things that can be done to prevent heat during fast. Heat stroke occurs when your body gets abnormally hot. A sudden rise in body temperature due to lack of body hydration. Online Shopping : Benefits Of Online Shopping and Convenience. In the recent decades, the world has experienced immense amount of changes.

Online Shopping : Benefits Of Online Shopping and Convenience

One of the major revolution in our lives is the Internet and the trend of online shopping, everything is just click away form the user. Online Shopping Online shopping has become the comfortable mode of shopping ever since the arrival of internet. From commodity to grocery, ready made food to medicines, this has highly impacted our lives. There are several reasons as to why this trend is booming, from buyer to seller and vice versa, both are acquiring the new trends of marketing. Benefits. Budget Analysis of Pakistan 2017-18 - Daily Punch.

It’s that time of the year when the entire nation waits to see what the new budget has to offer.

Budget Analysis of Pakistan 2017-18 - Daily Punch

How it will affect their daily lives? On May 26, the PML – Nawaz led government presented its fifth and final budget prior to the upcoming elections. Pakistani weddings to change as hybrid weddings go trending- Daily Punch. People often say that Pakistan has not four, but five seasons.

Pakistani weddings to change as hybrid weddings go trending- Daily Punch

Starting with summer, autumn, winter, spring and the most popular of all- the wedding season. It is no secret that people celebrate Pakistani weddings like there’s no tomorrow. The attires, the food and the decor, everything is prepared as lavishly as possible. Families spend millions of rupees on a single event, regardless of their economic status or financial limitations. Despite the massive costs, these occasions have become a necessity rather than a formality. Bollywood's Iconic Mother Reema Lagoo Passes Away. Reema Lagoo, a remarkable Bollywood actress died this Thursday (18th May) at the age of 59.

Bollywood's Iconic Mother Reema Lagoo Passes Away

If it was not for her supportive roles alongside superstars like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, the films would not receive the same amount of praise as they did. Her career history includes loads of blockbuster movies in the box office and also some great TV series. Her big break came in 1988 when she played the mother of the leading actress in the romantic hit Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Corruption In Education: Taleem Ghar Exposed - Saad Saleem, the founder and director of GOL organization is a self-claimed corporate trainer and an international speaker.

Corruption In Education: Taleem Ghar Exposed -

He is mostly known for his event Taleem Ghar. Francesco Totti to end his career.Reviewing ten of the most cherished AS Roma captains in their history. Literature in Urdu from the Top notch authors who had a major influence. Urdu is a rich language with a wealth of literary genres, but we Pakistanis frequently tend to forget this.

Literature in Urdu from the Top notch authors who had a major influence.

Poetry with Nazams and Ghazals in it, a variety of novels, short script stories and afsaaney in prose are present. Breastfeeding Her Baby In The Parliament - Larissa Waters, from the left-wing Queensland Greens party, fed her two-month-old daughter Alia Joy during a vote on Tuesday.

Breastfeeding Her Baby In The Parliament -

Ms Waters became the first Aussie senator/politician to do so. The lower house (one of two chambers of a bicameral legislature) joined the left-wing Greens party Senate to allow breastfeeding. An eye-catching act for the fact that no MPs in either house had never fed their babies. Kelly O’Dwyer, a government minister, did have an option to consider expressing milk in to avoid being late or missing her parliament duties. Online Bookmarks and Favorites - StartAid. 10 TIPS THAT HELP IN LOSING WEIGHT DailyPunch. Every woman dreams to have good health and the desirable weight.


First of all, what you need to know is that there is a HUGE difference between healthy dieting and starving yourself. Contrary to popular belief, staying hungry is NOT the best way to lose weight. Instead, you can lose weight through healthier ways. Census in Pakistan 2017 The term ‘census’ has been a part of almost every news broadcast and current affairs program for the past few months, yet only few people know what it actually means. In technical terms, census means: The official counting of a region's or nation's people and compilation of economic, social and other data, usually for formulation of development policies and plans and demarcating constituencies for elections. Simply put, a census OR mardam shumari is an exercise undertaken by the government to collect data regarding the number and socio-economic circumstances of the total population residing within its parameters.

Are Census and Survey the same thing? A majority of the population is confused between a survey and a census. Exams Or Nightmare Daily Punch Entertainment Blog. Studying For Exams Is The Hardest Thing Of All. As a student, we all face this period where we say we will study for the exams on a particular time and then end up not doing so. We go through this stage in every semester.

For the entire semester, we take it lightly and the night before the exam, we do not know what to do. Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Archives - -13%Hot. Women's Clothing - Kurti, Tops, Complete Suits And More. Get update about Women’s Fashion and new trending fashion in Pakistan. Now is offering their top products such as sun glasses, heels, sandals, watches, hoodies, women's clothing and much more. Avail these products in reasonable prices along with discounted offers and deals. Now women can avail all their stuff there in Cheapest prices with 1000% guaranteed satisfaction and pure products which does not any effective poisons. Feel FREE to purchase and win FREE delivery. Why We Need Sports In Our Lives - Daily Punch Blog. Sports play a vital role in our lives. Apart from giving us a good break from our monotonous routines, they have many benefits for us. They are not just beneficial for body but have astonishing results in boosting mental health too.

10 Things That Happen When You Start Learning Cooking - A wise person once said, “Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.” Anyone who has ever tasted truly magnificent food will agree with this statement. Ten Funniest Songs That Made Us Laugh A Lot Daily Punch. Top Fashion Magazines Of Pakistan - Daily Punch Pakistan. Pakistan’s Economy Continues To Suffer Due To Money Laundering -

Every year due to trade-based money laundering, the international community loses billions of dollars. According to US reports, China, India, Russia and Mexico are identified as the top four in this list of illicit financial outflows. Post HBL PSL: Rumors And Clarifications - Daily Punch Blog. Recently, an exciting news went viral. Good News For The Game of Thrones Lovers - Daily Punch Blogs. A new café is making people excited, especially the fans of Game of Thrones (GoT). Ronaldinho Playing in Pakistan would be a Stupendous Moment! - Ronaldinho Gaucho, the Brazilian Legend has officially announced his visit to Pakistan which will see him playing an exhibition match.

This news has given Goosebumps to the football lovers residing in Pakistan. New Online Shopping Website ItwaarBazaar.PK - Daily Punch Blogs. How We Feel When We Graduate. The Panama Pandemonium: Supreme Court Is Still Facing Turbulence - World Is A Better Place For You. Wedding Invitations From Abroad - Daily Punch Entertainment. Marium Saleem Nawaz Speaks About Her Experience In Beauty Parlor. We Want A Peaceful Country For Us. Most Awaited Hollywood Movies of 2017 - The Daily Punch Blogging.