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Cross industry card set. Home. The Barefoot Guide Connection - Home. Karidiès. Trainer, gesprekscoach, creatieve werkvormen. Bouw de toekomst (met LEGO SERIOUS PLAY) ‘Ga je weer verhaaltjes maken met lego, mama?’

Bouw de toekomst (met LEGO SERIOUS PLAY)

, vraagt mijn oudste zoon als ik dozen vol lego in de auto zet. Elke keer wanneer ik weer op pad ga om een proces te begeleiden met LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, krijg ik deze vraag. What is the Art of Hosting? « Art of Hosting. The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size.

What is the Art of Hosting? « Art of Hosting

Based on the assumption that people give their energy and lend their resources to what matters most to them – in work as in life – the Art of Hosting blends a suite of powerful conversational processes to invite people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them. Groups and organizations using the Art of Hosting as a working practice report better decision-making, more efficient and effective capacity building and greater ability to quickly respond to opportunity, challenge and change.

People who experience the Art of Hosting typically say that they walk away feeling more empowered and able to help guide the meetings and conversations they are part of move towards more effective and desirable outcomes.