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Antes y más allá de Google. Search Engines for kids! Web invisible. Cuentos. #VISIBLENursing. Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science. Alpha de cronbach. Life Cycle of Data Science Projects. 10 types of regressions. Which one to use? Originally posted here by Dr Granville.

10 types of regressions. Which one to use?

Read comments posted about the original article. Should you use linear or logistic regression? In what contexts? There are hundreds of types of regressions. Here is an overview for data scientists and other analytic practitioners, to help you decide on what regression to use depending on your context. Click here to see source, for this picture Linear regression: Oldest type of regression, designed 250 years ago; computations (on small data) could easily be carried out by a human being, by design. Note: Jackknife regression has nothing to do with Bradley Efron's Jackknife, bootstrap and other re-sampling techniques published in 1982; indeed it has nothing to do with re-sampling techniques.

Other Solutions Data reduction can also be performed with our feature selection algorithm.It's always a good idea to blend multiple techniques together to improve your regression, clustering or segmentation algorithms. 10 types of regressions. Which one to use? A critique of the Cochrane Collaboration. What follows is a summary of a longer paper on some of the problems that the Cochrane Collaboration face.

A critique of the Cochrane Collaboration

It is based on the presentation I gave at Evidence Live 2013 entitled ‘Anarchism, Punk and EBM’. But to begin with I want to make it clear that I am fully supportive of systematic reviews and the reasons for doing them. I also want to make it clear that this is not a criticism of the many thousands of volunteers who give their time freely to improve global healthcare. I am in awe of their efforts. My criticism is based on the fact that I feel that the current methods are unsustainable.

SEARCH 4. PsycINFO. Guías de Práctica Clínica en el Sistema Nacional de Salud - ¿Dónde buscar GPC? Recursos. Herramientas y Recursos. GuíaSalud - Biblioteca. Búsqueda Bibliográfica. 639-644-bis. How to Search for Literature More Effectively. UC Berkeley. Sheldon Margen Public Health Library. Increase Your Researching Power With DEVONagent Pro. Everyone knows Google is the first-choice tool for web research.

Increase Your Researching Power With DEVONagent Pro

But Mac tool DEVONagent Pro could change all that. Ok, I admit it – I'm an automation hound. I really like finding an easier way to get things done. It's no surprise, then, that Devon Technologies' tool DEVONagent Pro caught my eye back during the summer when I was looking for ways to improve my existing workflow. Unfortunately, due to work and personal commitments, I wasn't able to look into its capabilities in any great detail at that time, but I have since come back to DA and would like to share some of my observations with you. So What Is DEVONagent Pro? DEVONagent Pro is a powerful and sophisticated tool for finding information on the web. The easiest way to get searching is to use one of the pre-defined search plugins. And if you don't see a search engine that meets your own specialist needs, you can easily create a new plugin that uses the search engine of your choice.

Working With Results What DEVONagent Pro Isn't. PG%20Day_Literature%20Review_10062013_Library%20Presentation.pdf. Planteamiento-de-la-busqueda.pdf. Question.pdf. Research Methods for Comprehensive Science Literature Reviews. Research Methods for Comprehensive Science Literature Reviews Barry N.

Research Methods for Comprehensive Science Literature Reviews

Brown Science Librarian Mansfield Library The University of Montana Missoula, Copyright 2009, Barry N. Brown. Used with permission. Abstract Finding some information on most topics is easy. Define and Refine Your Topic Identifying potential topics of interest is typically the beginning of a literature review. Before beginning to search for information resources, it is useful to write out concepts or facets of a topic on a search planner worksheet (see Search Planner -- Science Literature Databases handout). The first results of searching an information resource are rarely the best results. When beginning a search, it is often helpful to try broadening and narrowing search statements.

Search All Relevant Sources Comprehensively and Efficiently Before a research project leads to a published or discoverable presentation or publication, you may find out about it by searching grant databases. Revista chilena de cirugía - ¿DÓNDE Y CÓMO BUSCAR EVIDENCIA CIENTÍFICA EN MEDICINA? Where and how to search scientific medical evidence?


Drs. Javier Moraga C.1,2, Carlos Manterola D.2,3,4, Ricardo Cartes-Velásquez4,5, Sebastián Urrutia V.3 Grupo MINCIR (Metodología e Investigación en Cirugía). Taller%20pasos%20a%20seguir-1.pdf.