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Let me tell you what we have here. Since February 2011, I write about inspiring you to: Stop living your life the way others expectLive a life true to yourself.Find what excites you every day Since this may be your first time, I’ve put a list together to guide you through the best posts. First, just a sampling of popular posts here. Famous People Who Found Success Despite Failures 7 People Who Found Success Starting in their 30′s My $4,739 iPhone App Weekend and 11 Lessons to Help You 50 Ways to be a Loser in Life 34 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 34 Years of Living How Bad Do You Want It?

Choose to Live an Epic Life Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways Life as App of the Week and How Much I Made Write Your Annual Review Plus a Free Worksheet to Help Learn the One Sentence that Changed My Life What I Would Say to Myself 5 Years Ago and 5 Years from Now 6 Bad Excuses You Should Never Use Again. The Ultimate Source for Understanding Yourself and others.

10 Most Brilliant Social Psychology Experiments. Ten of the most influential social psychology experiments.

10 Most Brilliant Social Psychology Experiments

“I have been primarily interested in how and why ordinary people do unusual things, things that seem alien to their natures.Why do good people sometimes act evil? Why do smart people sometimes do dumb or irrational things?” –Philip Zimbardo Like eminent social psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo (author of The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil), I’m also obsessed with why we do dumb or irrational things. The answer quite often is because of other people – something social psychologists have comprehensively shown.

Over the past few months I’ve been describing 10 of the most influential social psychology experiments. Each one tells a unique, insightful story relevant to all our lives, every day. 1. The ‘halo effect’ is a classic social psychology experiment. » Read on about the halo effect -» 2. » Read on about cognitive dissonance -» 3. » Read on about Sherif’s Robbers Cave experiment -» 4. 5. 6. 7. Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind. Creative Thinking: How to Be More Creative (with Science!) Have you ever wished you were more creative?

Creative Thinking: How to Be More Creative (with Science!)

If you do creative work, have you ever suffered from a creative block and been stuck wondering what exactly is wrong, and how you can get yourself out of it? Of course you have, I mean, who hasn’t? Let’s talk about that. How to Boost Your Creative Thinking When it comes to creativity, one of our biggest concerns is usually how we can be more creative, or come up with better ideas. 8 Life Tips for INFPs (aka Idealists) Which I Don’t Follow. 1.

8 Life Tips for INFPs (aka Idealists) Which I Don’t Follow

Stop caring what other people think. Other people don’t matter. What matters is you and your life. Consumer information about Clinical Psychology : Psychotherapy, Therapy, Counseling, Mental Health. Psychology studies relevant to everyday life from PsyBlog.

Planet Psych - A World of Mental Health Information. Inquire, Learn, Share, Embrace. Practical Happiness & Awesomeness Advice That Works. Personal-Development.Com. ABCs of Self Help Psychology - Books and Personality Tests. - Enneagram tests, type descriptions, forums. Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist.

Self Improvement from Your Trusted Source for Self-help and Psychology since November 1, 1994. Personality Tests. 10 Psychology Websites To Help Educate Yourself. The Internet is a great place to satisfy your curiosity about anything under the sun.

10 Psychology Websites To Help Educate Yourself

There are tons of resources to learn about anything that may catch your fancy, whether it is for a casual look, a serious hobby, or a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in a specific field. Whatever the nature of your interest, it doesn’t help to start on the wrong foot. It is often necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff on the web, so here is a guide to get you started with 10 websites to educate yourself about psychology. You might also want to check out 8 Websites With Cool Free Personality Traits Tests. #1: PsychCentral This site is one of the largest independent psychology websites launched in 1995, providing information, resources, & hosting over 150 support groups. Key sections on the psychology website are: #2: American Psychological Association With over 150,000 members, the APA is the world’s largest association of psychologists.

. #3: National Institute of Mental Health #4: Wikipedia #9: PsyBlog. Psychology Websites. How to Change Your Life: An Epic, 5,000-Word Guide to Getting What You Want. Everybody talks about it.

How to Change Your Life: An Epic, 5,000-Word Guide to Getting What You Want

Nobody does it. If I’ve learned anything about the world by my age, it’s that most of the world, myself included, is composed of talkers, not doers. There are very few exceptions to this rule. The good news is, you can be one if you want. Litemind.