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PHP « Programming « Portfolio. The number of times my 21 WordPress Plugins have been downloaded according to the official WordPress Plugins Repository.

PHP « Programming « Portfolio

FreeMyInternet 0.01 WordPress 2.8 & Up · 419 Downloads Automatically places the FreeMyInternet banner from on your WordPress website. WP-Ban 1.62. 100 Amazing Free Wordpress Themes for 2009 - Smashing Magazine. 6 smashingly des effets concrets CSS3 vous pouvez droit Utilisez. CSS3 is developing fast, and the most exciting part is seeing all of the intriguing and attractive effects that are being invented to solve real design problems.

6 smashingly des effets concrets CSS3 vous pouvez droit Utilisez

With the combined creativity of the design community, CSS3 has quickly traveled through the zone of interesting speculation and into the territory of time/resource saving practical everyday use. Today, we’re going to look at 7 impressive, concrete, real-life effects and techniques that you can implement in your next design. This isn’t going to be the usual overview of features – these are all specific techniques that will help your design work to be more advanced and effective. Ressources Wordpress : plugins indispensables, SEO, widgets [mis.