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How to build a highly secured m-commerce app for your store. M-commerce has expanded its reach exceptionally in the last couple of years.

How to build a highly secured m-commerce app for your store

According to a report released by Forbes, on an average 30,000 websites are being hacked every day. Every year thousands of m-commerce stores are compromised by cyber attacks. The market is growing at exponential pace. However, this doesn’t mean that the users will anyhow get your m-commerce app. They need to be ensured about numerous factors, among which security is a primary concern. Any breach in security can eventually make your m-commerce store app users abandon the application, without giving it a second thought. ganizations, and took the entire world by storm. We might not be able to stop the hackers from doing such illegal activities, but we can indeed take preventive measures to secure our online store and the data of our users. What needs to be done? 1. Broken Cryptography is one of the major reasons behind the breach in an app’s security. 2. 3.

However, there’s a glitch. 4. 5. 6. Conclusion. Build fitness activity tracking App. Staying fit is no new trend.

Build fitness activity tracking App

However, the ways to get fit kept changing since years. With the evolution of technology and introduction of tracking devices from Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone, a new wave overtook the fitness industry. But it was the launch of Apple Watch which grew the fitness tech market. According to a study, the market of fitness trackers surpasses that of smartwatches.

Another report predicts that by the end of 2019, around 245 million fitness and activity trackers will be sold. Sitting quietly on your wrist, the fitness trackers keep you updated with the calories you gained/burnt, times you slept and when you used the most of your brain and body. Applications and their success story There are numerous fitness apps contributing to healthy lives globally. Retail mobile app development. The retail market is growing exponentially with time.

retail mobile app development

Every dawn brings a new technological milestone reshaping the predeceasing strategies. The retail mobile market is growing faster than it was ever expected. How mobile technology is making traveling easier and cheaper. Only 15 years ago, mobile phones were used almost exclusively for making phone calls, SMS and playing on Snake (if you had a Nokia).

How mobile technology is making traveling easier and cheaper

Now, smartphones are integral to our lives. They’re where we answer emails, go shopping, track our health, and navigate the world (both socially and literally). One recent study by the Content Marketing Association suggests that “Three in four people in the UK now use a smartphone”. In short, smartphones are here to stay. Just ask the people around you now if they would rather lose their phone or their wallet – a surprising amount go for wallet. One area in which mobile app development and its use continues to thrive, is the travel sector and given that we’re heading into summer, here are 6 apps that make travelling abroad both easier and cheaper. 1. Taxi App development for tourism industry. It’s natural that if you are traveling to a new place, you would like to plan your trip perfectly to ensure everything is well-aligned.

Taxi App development for tourism industry

This indeed involves a number of components to consider, such as hassle free rides, on time hotel bookings, location tracking, entertainment, restaurant bookings etc. For instance, you’re on a holiday and the day you’re going for sightseeing ends up in a mess. To further break the essence, the tourist bus fails to come as per the schedule and your guide couldn’t show a ray of hope. Even he is perplexed about the location of the bus and can neither contact the vendor. Consequently, your sightseeing got stalled. How to Protect Your Business with Enterprise Mobility Security. Companies’ incorporating bring your own device culture and work from home options for employees are fast becoming the norm rather than the exception.

How to Protect Your Business with Enterprise Mobility Security

And that makes sense. It’s never been easier for us to communicate with one another over vast distances, share information in an instant and collaborate with people effectively no matter where they are in the world. But the fundamental drawback in all those cases is that more of our data is being transferred from one party to another online which, as always, carries security risk. There are Not to mention that when your employee brings their own device to work, the onus is on the company to ensure that whatever they’re working on is safe and secure. Having said all that, then, what are some of the measures you can take to ensure that you maintain maximum enterprise mobility but without severe sacrifices to security? On-demand mobility solution.

The world is going mobile.

on-demand mobility solution

Today we have mobility solutions for almost all the industries. Applications have made a deep space in the personal and professional lives of people. Starting with the eCommerce till fulfilling daily utilities and personal care, there’s an app for everything. Everything you need to know about Android O. It’s not been long that the people started to relish the advent of Android 7.0 Nougat; they received a new treat in form of the next version of the operating system.

Everything you need to know about Android O

Yes, we are here talking about the new Android version ‘O’, of which developer preview images were made available on March 21st, 2017. At the initial stage, the images are available only for Nexus Player, 6P, 5X and Pixel, Pixel C, XL. So, it is indeed the good news for android app developers. If you own any of these mentioned devices you can download them by clicking here. Call it bridging the gap between mobile apps and mobile web, or dawn of a newly defined app world, the concept of Android Instant Apps, by all means, is grabbing the attention globally. Android 8.0 Oreo Release date. How Android Instant Apps will enhance the User Experience. Once in a while, out from our tech oriented lives, we all have probably noticed the way technology is evolving with every passing day.

How Android Instant Apps will enhance the User Experience

Though the announcement was made last year at the Google’s I/O in May 2016, Android Instant apps are back in motion as the company started their testing with Periscope, Viki, Buzzfeed, and Wish applications. Call it bridging the gap between mobile apps and mobile web, or dawn of a newly defined app world, the concept of Android Instant Apps, by all means, is grabbing the attention globally. But the question is; Why? Claimed not only to avail better prospects for android app developers but also to enhance the experience of end users, instant apps are being looked forward to. Being precise, “Instant Apps are liter version of native android apps allowing users to avail features without downloading the application.”

How to measure customer experience strategy for mobile app business. If you are into a mobile app business, you might be well aware of the lengthy testing procedure that a mobile application has to go through before going live.

How to measure customer experience strategy for mobile app business

How Uber for trucking will change the logistics business. We recently came across a news that Amazon is planning to build ‘Uber for trucking app’. The news took the entire transportation and app industry by storm. Amazon has plans to launch the app somewhere in the summer of 2017. Well’ it isn’t just the Amazon coming with the concept, the commuting giant Uber is also planning to land into the trucking business after getting an enormous success with its taxi app development. A deeper look into the trucking business Trucking in last six decades has changed steadily. The changes while on one hand portray the sturdy rise of transportation and logistics business, but if we look at the Uber’s progress on it, we have figures narrating an entirely different saga. Uber’s Track Record We can’t disregard these points.

How to attract customers for your on-demand services. How healthcare mobile apps reduce hospital management cost? Mobility is no longer a trend but has evolved as a need of the era. The pace of its evolution soon invited numerous health app development companies to step ahead and initiate the healthcare mobility solution process. According to a website, it is estimated that by the end there will be around one million mobile health apps generating revenue of $26 billion. The Advanced Guide to Mobile Product Management. Mobile Product Management though is a relatively new term, but it is growing at a great pace. In the last couple of years, you might have noticed that despite fundamentals remaining same, the roles of general product managers and the mobile product managers have changed. This includes: Roadmap creationRequirements definitionPerformance measurementCustomer obsession We can notice senior product managers across different industries making a switch to mobile.

These veterans are hired perfect mobile app developers who also have sufficient skills and expertise in mobile product management. Is Blockchain Fintech’s Not-So-Secret Weapon That’ll Disrupt Banking? The financial services is up for disruption, no doubt. Blockchain, the technology behind the bitcoin model, has too many advantages over traditional banking. Faster transactions, lower fees, greater transparency, better accessibility… to ignore these changes is to rely on handheld pagers and not on smartphones for mobile communication today. How Edtech will solve current education problems via mobile apps. Why Mobile App Is The Smartest Solution To Boost Sales In Holiday Season? Holidays are always a good opportunity to increase sales, and if it’s the holiday season, it’s never less than great for your business. In a recent survey organized by Statista, only 5% people declared that they won’t be joining in festivities. Why mobile app is a smarter step for inventory control process?

What Startups should First Focus On? A cashless India: To go or not to go mobile? November 9, 2016, early hours of the night, brought in a storm of emotions for not only the people in India but also those who are somewhere linked with the economy. Taking a historic decision, the prime minister, Narendra Modi called off INR 1000 and 500 notes. What to consider when converting a website into a mobile app. What Mobile App Design Looks like in 2017. How can free mobile application make money for you? 7 Questions Startups Need to Answer before Building an App. How to hire the perfect mobile app developer? Important Task. What to Look for When You’re Hunting for a Good Educational mobile App? 5 Ways How Mobile App Developers Are Carving an Amazing Future - Peerbits. 5 Must Have Features Your Restaurant App Needs. Does Your Business Need to Develop a Mobile App? - Peerbits. Using RxJava with Retrofit to boost your mobile app performance - Peerbits.

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