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Extract multiple genes' promoter sequences. C-Myc Cancer Gene. Personalized Medicine - Relevance for scientists. Service d'authentification de l'Inist-CNRS. La Recherche, l'actualité des sciences. XTractor. KEGG Encyclopedia. DAVID: Gene Functional Classification. What does this tool do?

DAVID: Gene Functional Classification

Quickly translate given gene IDs to corresponding gene names in a batch way Provide links for each genes to DAVID Gene Report for in-depth information Search functionally related genes within user's input gene list or genome Key Concepts of "Search Related Genes" Any given gene is associating with a set of annotation terms. If genes share similar set of those terms (annotation profile), they are most likely involved in similar biological mechanisms. The algorithm adopts kappa statistics to quantitatively measure the degree of the agreement how genes share the ~75,000 annotation terms collected by DAVID knowledgebase.

For any given gene(s), the tool instantly searches and lists the related genes passed kappa similarity measurement threshold. Revues électroniques en Biologie - Médecine.