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Bass Fishing

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Top iPhone Fishing Apps. Fisherman can gain several advantages through the use of mobile applications to keep up to date with information, access resources such as maps or tutorials, and keep track of daily successes and happenings on the water to learn from to improve in the future.

Top iPhone Fishing Apps

The phone allows an anger to capture lots of pieces of data from GPS coordinates to visuals from quick pictures to other information entered in throughout the day to create amazing trip logs. Best Spinning Reels for Light Tackle. Shimano reels manufactures some of the finest fishing reels on the market and are known for high end craftsmanship that lasts forever, can take a beating, and will put the fish in the boat.

Best Spinning Reels for Light Tackle

The Shimano Stella STL 1000FE Reel could easily be classified as the best light line reel on the market. Capable of holding 140 yards of 4lbs test with a maximum drag setting of 7lbs this reel was designed for finesse fishing techniques when every bite counts. Weighing in at 6.1 ounces the Shimano Stella 1000 will match well with a light action spinning rod of your choice. The reel has won best freshwater reel at the industry product showcase - ICAST in 2010. » Top 10 Bass Fishing Locations to Catch a Trophy Largemouth Find Local Fishing Guides Blog. If you are a die hard bass fisherman or just want to include catching a 10 Pound large mouth Bass on your list of fishing accomplishments than you need to schedule some guided trips with a bass fishing professional on these amazing fisheries.

» Top 10 Bass Fishing Locations to Catch a Trophy Largemouth Find Local Fishing Guides Blog

This is the top 10 bass fishing location to catch a trophy large mouth bass, while there are many beautiful lakes and rivers around the country not everyone of them has the qualities needed to grow the giants. The following list was curated from the Bassmaster list of top 100 bass fishing locations. 1. Falcon Lake, Texas View Larger Map 2. View Larger Map 3. Bait Casting Reels for Bass Fishing. Shimano makes excellent freshwater fishing reels and their line of low profile and round baitcasters have been embraced by a large number of bass anglers.

Bait Casting Reels for Bass Fishing

Top 25 Large Mouth Bass Fishing Blogs. Home. » Topwater Stripped Bass Fishing is Exciting Find Local Fishing Guides Blog. If there is stripped bass in the waters that you fish then learning how to catch them on top water lures is something you need to go and do. There are many great guides across the country that focus on catching stripped bass using lures like big walking baits such as the super spook, pencil popper, or lunker punker. Where to Launch a Boat at Clear Lake California. Launching a Boat at Clear Lake There are many great locations to launch your boat at Clear Lake if you are going to Lake County for boating or fishing.

Where to Launch a Boat at Clear Lake California

It is free to launch, but you will need an inspection permit from the county to use your boat on the lake, which has a small fee and an inspection process of your boat. Clear Lake is known for its miles of tule and dock filled banks that are home to some of Northern California's best bass fishing. Clear Lake offers all of the best types of fish holding cover from deep rocks to shallow flooded sloughs with grass and docks all around. Whеn it сomeѕ tо baѕs fiѕhіng, or аnу othеr kіnd of fіѕhіng for thаt іѕsuе, thеre іs nо ѕhоrtage оf mеrchandіse реoрlе wіll trу tо mаrkеtplасе tо yоu. Theу hаve everу ѕingle соlоur оf lurе аnd jіg іmaginablе, spinning rеels, baitcаsting rееls, rods of all unіque lengthѕ аnd supрlies аnd thе lіsting goеs оn.

Thе purpоse оf a baѕѕ аngler іs tо hаve thе соrreсt bass fishing tackle deviceѕ for thе tаsk. The difficultіes is thаt thе оcсupаtion іs regularlу ѕhіfting. Anglerѕ hаve tо stroll the very good linе аmong сurrentlу beіng equipрed fоr аlmоѕt еverythіng аnd nоt brеаkіng the bаnk tо dо іt. Thіѕ report wіll givе ѕоme prасtісal pеrcеptiоn оn whаt kind of bаss fіshing geаr tооlѕ is соrrеct fоr уou ѕo you сan be рrepared fоr aѕ ѕubstantiallу as dоаble with уour рartіcular fundѕ. Have you еvеr beforе wonderеd hоw T.V. fіshermаn сan land fіsh aftеr fіѕh all dаy? A dіfferеnt exсеllent pieсе of baѕѕ fiѕhing mасhіneѕ is а fish fіnder. Fishing at Lake Falcon. Summer Time Fish Care Time Again. As it is mid June going into July every bass fisherman that is fishing tournaments should remember that as the water heats up tey need to be prepared to not only have the ability to keep themselves cool and protected from the sun’s rays, but to also have solid livewell solution for maintaining fish health.

Summer Time Fish Care Time Again

Check your livewell before the tournament starts do you have properly functioning pumps and proper aeration. If you need supplimental O2 cause of where you fish get a little Mr. Spring Time – Chatterbait and Big Senkos. In the middle of spring time two baits that I consistently will have on my front deck of the bass boat are a green pumpkin chatterbait with a lake form magic shad in matching color.

Spring Time – Chatterbait and Big Senkos

As long as the water has a nice look to it that is the color for me, however in cloudier / muddier I will either dip the tail in dye and make it have a chartreuse tail or switch out the lake ford magic shad with one of the brighter colors with either chartreuse in it, or one with some flake that will help make the bait more visible to the fish. The Official Site of Zoom Bait Company - Bogart, Georgia. Home. Homepage. WELCOME TO THE BASS ZONE VERSION 2K11. Topwater Smallmouth Bass & Dancing Lures on the Surface.

Bed Fish Going For the Camera – Little Creeper Baits. If you dont have a pair of polarized sunglasses when you are out on the water you are missing out.

Bed Fish Going For the Camera – Little Creeper Baits

The amount of cover you can see under the water with polarized glasses vs. without polarization is phenomenal. Lake Fork Magic Shad Swimbait and chatterbait. Launching a bass boat. Reaction Innovation Squeaky Dolphin Buzzbait. The Reaction Innovation Squeaky Dolphin bait is a buzzbait that has been designed to provide a unique presentation compared to any other buzzbaits on the market.

Reaction Innovation Squeaky Dolphin Buzzbait

This buzzbait has a few unique features that help draw in fish and make them commit to strike the lure. Like all Reaction Innovation baits the Squeaky Dolphin comes in assortment of great colors, with even a yellow headed blackbird imitation. First Strike Desktop Fisherman Toy. Video of World Record Bass caught in Japan by Mr. Kurita. This bass is absolutely amazing.

Video of World Record Bass caught in Japan by Mr. Kurita

Jackall Cover Craws – A great soft flipping bait. I have really liked throwing the Jackall cover craws in a variety of different situations from heavy flipping with a big punching weight to light line finesse techniques. The baits are very compact, yet very soft like you see in custom hand pour worms. For some people this is a negative because the bait will tear up on you as you catch fish with it. Don’t expect to catch a dozen fish on one bait, I usually get at least 2-3 fish per bait. While heavy flipping can beat these baits up over time if you are flipping into the really thick matted vegetation that requires a 1 1/2oz weight to get through. Lake Fork Magic Shad – Killer Chatterbait Trailer.

Livewell Care for summer time fishing. Summer Time Fish Care If you fish a lot during the summer and you should because it can be an awesome time to enjoy great weather and a good bite. You need to be prepared to care for the fish you catch and choose to put in a live well if fishing in a tournament or for taking a picture of later before you release the fish. There are several ways you can reduce stress on fish. First make sure you have the right overall livewell equipment. Make sure that you have live well additives to treat the water making it an extra healthy environment for the fish. Live well System. Lake Fork Tackle Hyper Freak – Excellent Flipping Bait. The Lake Fork Tackle Hyper Freak is really an exceptional bait. BassMaster Classic Day 1 leader Kevin VanDam using multiple baits to take the lead.

From ESPN: Two-time Classic champion Kevin VanDam grabbed the early lead with a limit weighing 19 pounds, 8 ounces. Beeswax Creek Bass Master Classic Lipless Crankbaits Ruled the Day. Just got done watching the ESPN coverage of the BassMaster Classic Day 2 at Lay Lake. The top leaders of the tournament are all fishing near each other in Beeswax creek and it seems that they are all on a similar pattern throwing lipless crankbaits. Since they are all fishing relatively close to each other and there is a heavy load of spectator boats each angler is fishing very specific locations and just grinding it out. Power Pro Braided Fishing Line for largemouth bass. I am a big believer in power pro braid. In my opinion it is the best braided line currently available on the market for a host of different applications that braid seems to excel over mono filament or fluorocarbon. I feel braid is the best option for most topwater applications such as throwing a spook, frog, buzzbait, although small poppers and propbaits mono still seems to be the best option.

Gamakatsu Superline EWG Worm Hooks and Superline Spring Lock Hooks. Polarized Sun Glasses A Must For Bass Fishing. Lucky Craft Sammy Topwater Fishing Lure. Delta Craw Speed Trap – Search Bait.