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Console série sur liseuse Samsung E60. Les bons plans Samsung de janvier avait déjà fait le tour du web, et je n’en reparlerais pas (sauf pour dire que j’en ai profiter pour acquérir une liseuse Samsung E60).

Console série sur liseuse Samsung E60

Une communauté s’est formée autour d’un forum (e60 sur et d’un espace google code (e60-open). On y trouve pas mal d’infos et en particulier la console série. De mon coté je dispose d’un adaptateur USB vers série en LVTTL 3.3V (à base de FTDI FT2232C) donc j’ai opté pour la connexion sur R232 et R233. Or RDX (R232) est déjà connecté au circuit MAX232 qui converti les niveau LVTTL vers les niveaux série, et apparemment ce petit gars était plus fort que mon FTDI… J’ai donc retiré R232 et connecté mon FTDI à la palace. Restait à savoir quel pad de R232 allait vers le CPU… Coup de pot, le premier que j’ai essayé était le bon: le coté le plus proche de la batterie. Une petite photo de mes belles soudures : ESP8266 2.9" e-paper MyMonitor Enclosure by b1g0n3. Sign in / Join ESP8266 2.9" e-paper MyMonitor Enclosure by b1g0n3 Feb 22, 2018 Thingiview.

ESP8266 2.9" e-paper MyMonitor Enclosure by b1g0n3

Projet IOT sensor low power

Ebook. Raspberry tv. Culture sous LEDs. Paper Lace Map: 14 Steps. AdWords We use AdWords to deploy digital advertising on sites supported by AdWords.

Paper Lace Map: 14 Steps

Ads are based on both AdWords data and behavioral data that we collect while you’re on our sites. The data we collect may include pages you’ve visited, trials you’ve initiated, videos you’ve played, purchases you’ve made, and your IP address or device ID. This information may be combined with data that AdWords has collected from you. We use the data that we provide to AdWords to better customize your digital advertising experience and present you with more relevant ads.



Galerie Graal - Galeries d'art contemporain - PEINTURE : JOSEP TEIXIDO - LA NUIT TOMBE SUR LA VILLE. L'Art pour tous. How to Run Android on Your Computer. Android isn’t largely thought of as a desktop operating system, but if you’re curious about how Google’s mobile OS works, running it on a device you already have isn’t a bad idea.

How to Run Android on Your Computer

This will give you an idea of what to expect on a phone or tablet, all without making a single change to your laptop or desktop since you can easily do this from a flash drive or memory card. Step One: Prep Your Drive (or Card) and Install Android For this guide, you’ll need a USB drive or SD card that’s at least 2GB in size. Be sure to copy anything you want off of it, because you’ll need to format it as part of this process. Creating a smart ChatBot for Slack - Oleg Korol's Blog.

Microphone wifi

G6EJD/ESP32-8266-Audio-Spectrum-Display. Leçon de piano : Gamme Blues. Piano - Comment débuter une improvisation ? Comprendre l'UX Design en 10 images. 22 Low-Fidelity Web & Mobile Prototyping Examples. Low-fidelity prototyping can be really useful because it helps an iterative, customer-focused approach rather than one where the Great Designer comes up with something directly from his brain.

22 Low-Fidelity Web & Mobile Prototyping Examples

It has several advantages like get better and more honest feedback, it’s great for A/B testing and make the cost of mistakes cheap, not expensive. In this post i have gathered some amazing low-fidelity web and mobile prototyping examples to inspire you to start your next project with pencil and paper. Planning Your Web Design with Sketches.

Avengers : Age of Ultron. I worked on the latest Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron for 6 months designing and animating on-set graphics and User Interfaces.

Avengers : Age of Ultron

I had the chance to work closely one more time with the production designer Charles Wood and Marvel’s art department director Alan Payne. I was responsible to design and animate myself the screens for the Iron Man, Avengers Tower, Quinjet, Leviathan Lab and Strucker sets. And collaborate with other sets the rest of team was working on. Iron Man The most challenging and exciting tasks of my career so far. Leviathan Lab. La Nuit étoilée de Van Gogh en faisant flotter de la peinture sur de l'eau. Suminagashi Paper Marbling DIY Japanese Water Marbling (How to Marble Paper)

Programmez un écran LCD - Perfectionnez-vous dans la programmation Arduino. Programmer l'ESP8266 avec l'IDE Arduino. Dans cet article, nous allons voir comment utiliser l'IDE Arduino pour programmer les modules Wi-Fi ESP8266.

Programmer l'ESP8266 avec l'IDE Arduino

L'objectif est d'utiliser l'ESP8266 comme microcontrolleur principal, et non comme un composant périphérique. Nos capteurs y seront directement connectés et toute la partie logicielle y sera exécutée. L'ESP8266, un Arduino avec Wifi pour 2€ ? Présentation Il y a encore peu de temps, pour offrir des capacités de connexion Wi-Fi à nos Arduinos, il nous fallait acquérir un shield dédié.

L'ESP8266, un Arduino avec Wifi pour 2€ ?

Il nous en coûtait quelques dizaines d'euros. Ce tarif prohibitif en a calmé plus d'un. Control everything with your voice. Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi. Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi This tutorial is about the best voice recognition software for Raspberry Pi and how to use it.

Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi

I was able to install and test three different voice recognition systems for Raspberry Pi. Two of these softwares were dependent on the internet and were online , however the third one was offline.The three softwares which were tested were : Out of these three, I rate the Voice Control software created by Steven Hickson to be the most precise and potent. The Jasper system, even though it works offline , it compromises on accuracy and speed. The softwares presented by Oscar and Steven use google voice APIs, they are very accurate and precise. Bill of Materials. Getting Started : Alexa with Pi.

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi and Alexa Hardware you need Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 2 (Model B) - Buy at Amazon - Pi 3 or Pi 2.Micro-USB power cable for Raspberry Pi.Micro SD Card - To get started you need an operating system.

Getting Started : Alexa with Pi

Raspberry Pi · alexa/alexa-avs-sample-app Wiki. On this page Overview This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up AVS on a Raspberry Pi. It demonstrates how to access and test AVS using our Java sample app (running on a Raspberry Pi), a Node.js server, and a third-party wake word engine. You will use the Node.js server to obtain a Login with Amazon (LWA) authorization code by visiting a website using your Raspberry Pi's web browser.

For instructions on how to set it up on Mac, Linux or Windows, please see our wiki. Required hardware. Alexa Voice Service. What Is an Alexa Built-in Product? Alexa built-in is a category of devices created with the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) that have a microphone and speaker. You can talk to these products directly with the wake word “Alexa,” and receive voice responses and content instantly. Domotique : pilotez une lampe grâce aux relais - Perfectionnez-vous dans la programmation Arduino. L'intérêt de la domotique est de réaliser des montages qui permettent de piloter des matériels qui fonctionnent sous 220V. Comme je vous l’ai déjà répété, cela demande beaucoup de mesures de sécurité. Si vous êtes prêts à prendre vos précautions, nous allons faire un point sur le courant domestique. Le 220V alternatif. MongoDB Connection Pooling with Node.js Modules by Wesley Tsai.

Aug 2, 2015 How to implement MongoClient connection pooling in a simple Node.js/MongoDB web app. Not So Good Here is a sample node.js app. On a GET request, the app will do something with the database (maybe fetch some data). The database operations are confined in the database.js module, which is great, but a connection with the MongoDB is opened/closed with each operation, which can be costly and inefficient. app.js var express = require('express');var app = express();var database = require('. database.js var mongodb = require('mongodb');var MongoClient = mongodb.MongoClient;var mongoUrl = ' exports.doSomethingWithDatabase = function(callback){ MongoClient.connect(mongoUrl, function(err, db) { if( err ) throw err; db.collection('db_name').find({}, function(err, docs) { callback(docs); db.close(); }); });};

How to Improve Your Predictive Model: A Post-mortem Analysis. Building predictive models with machine learning techniques can be very insightful and provide tremendous business value in optimizing resources that are simply impossible to replicate manually or by more traditional statistical methods. It can best add this value when coupled with good data and domain expertise in interpreting the data and the predictions. Predictive modeling is seldom a one-way street, where the first run through the cycle of data wrangling, feature engineering, model building, evaluation and predictions yields perfectly accurate results.

This requires the practitioner to go through many more iterations with different input data and model configurations in order to minimize the error while steering clear from overfitting and other types of bias. In this regard, the process does require some “art” that must be appreciated for what it is.

Dessin, graphisme, créations

Electronique - robotique. Jardin vertical. Aquaponie. on Pure Flow now working! (Evoke/One) - Hi, After several hours of trying various things I've come up with this solution to get on Pure Flow Radios (tested on Pure One Flow). I couldn't actually find any other solutions on the internet so this may be a first! 1. Download the scrobbler client software to run on your desktop and start a radio station playing 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Notes: Obviously there is a slight quality loss as you are capturing the stream off your soundcard and rebroadcasting it. The french radio station that speaks English! A lire. Coding. Param son freebox. I A. UI/UX Futuriste. Blender. Voile. Culture. Web Design. A ranger.


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