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Theatre Design and Technology online. Songwriting - Berklee College of Music. Theatrical & Rigging Equipment. The Bookshelf. Online Resources and Internships - Stage Lighting - LibGuides at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Monster Solutions View All Jobs.

Production/Lighting Courses

Lighting Design Internships - Internships in Lighting Design. By Richard Cadena Finding Summer Jobs and Internships Finding temporary work in the live event production industry is a great way to get through college.

Lighting Design Internships - Internships in Lighting Design

If you’re already in college and you’re looking for a summer job or an internship, then start by talking to as many production companies and manufacturers as humanly possible. Busy production companies can almost always use a hand in the shop and they often like to employ college students. Many manufacturing companies do the same. Some industry trade shows also hire college students to help staff their events. The School of Hard Knocks Maybe you don’t have the resources to go to college or technical school or perhaps you aren’t cut out for the college environment.

That doesn’t preclude you from working in the industry. One way to break into the industry is to start at the bottom, coiling cables in a production company, and work your way up. Open Door, Insert Foot Think Globally, Work Locally Continued... Where to Study Show Production. Are you an international student wondering where to study show production?

Where to Study Show Production

Cities around the United States host numerous concert tours, amusement park events, live theater productions, conferences and meetings every year. There's no better place to learn about the craft of producing an excellent performance than here in the US. How Becoming a Roadie Works - HowStuffWorks. Music Career Listings. Jobs in Film, Television, Video and Digital Media Production. Régie Générale des Musiques Actuelles. Mis à jour le 16 Septembre 2014 //// Prochaine session1er trimestre 2015.

Régie Générale des Musiques Actuelles

////Tarif60 euros ttc par personne. //// Public Accompagnateurs d'artistes, responsables associatifs, techniciens désireux d'évoluer professionnellement... //// Objectif Indépendamment des aspects "son", "éclairage", "plateau", "sécurité", largement proposés dans les programmes de formation régionaux, il est urgent de prendre en compte un besoin grandissant dans les structures de diffusion et de production issues du monde professionnel ou du milieu associatif : celui de disposer d'un maitre d'oeuvre chargé de la mise en application de tous les aspects pratiques d'un spectacle, d'une tournée, d'un festival.

Pour ce faire, lire un budget de production, négocier une fiche technique, identifier les enjeux des partenaires, gérer des plannings deviennent indispensables. Contacts / Accès. Formations courtes. Organisation du monde de la musique. Mis à jour le 16 Septembre 2014 //// Prochaine Session17 au 21 novembre 2014 à Issoudun.

Organisation du monde de la musique

Régie Générale des Musiques Actuelles. Habilitation électrique. Sound Man (or Woman) Jobs - Music Career. Alternate Career Titles: Career Description: Provides sound for the venue, works the sound board, keeps sound equipment working and ready.

Sound Man (or Woman) Jobs - Music Career

Salary: $25,000 to $60,000+ Sound Man Jobs About This Music Career The Resident Sound Technician is responsible for the basic sound engineering of a concert. The Resident Sound Technician must attend all sound checks scheduled, during which, he or she will talk to the act's Road Manager or other act members to determine exactly what type of sound they are looking for. The sound board is handled by the Resident Sound Technician, which is usually set up somewhere in the middle of the front of the stage. In some cases, the performing act will travel with their own sound technician – the Resident Sound Technician will act as an advisor and overseer in such a situation. Salaries Salaries vary, depending on whether or not the Sound Technician is working full or part-time.

Suggestions for Getting Started. Advance Person Jobs - Career in Music. Alternate Career Titles:

Advance Person Jobs - Career in Music

Concert Promoter Jobs - Career in Music. Personal Assistant to Recording Artist Jobs – Career in Music. Also Known As: Career Description: Makes the recording artists personal and professional life easier, screens calls, runs errands, schedules meetings, keeps track of day to day activities.

Personal Assistant to Recording Artist Jobs – Career in Music

Salary: $37,000 to $110,000+ Personal Assistant Jobs About This Music Career. Stage Manager - Music Career. Career Description: Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the stage: lighting, curtain changes and stage setup.

Stage Manager - Music Career

Salary: $24,000 to $75,000+ Stage Manager Jobs About This Music Career. The Boiler Room New York : Profile. The Boiler Room is as far removed thematically as it is geographically from the Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea gay scenes—what New York lovingly calls a "post-gay gay bar"—where orientation isn't a good enough basis for conversation and being the most ov... more.

The Boiler Room New York : Profile

Régie Générale des Musiques Actuelles. Roundhouse Blogs. Roundhouse Blogs. Celebrity domestic staffing: press & media. Personal Assistant Press & Media: Page 1 of 10 READ MORE PRESS>>

Celebrity domestic staffing: press & media

Partir étudier ou travailler à l’étranger. Où trouver des offres d'emploi - Conseils pour trouver un emploi. Crewspace - pro road crew network and jobs board. Search Music Careers. Stage Manager - Music Career. How To Work On The Road As Part Of The Crew, Touring With Bands (Short Version) — Andy Reynolds's Live Music Business. This article is adapted from my book, Roadie,Inc. Second Edition: How to Gain and Keep a Career in the Live Music Business . It is the short version of how to become a roadie; obviously the book contains a lot more information. However, if you are curious and really want to read the book right now, it is available on Kindle and can be downloaded here . New England Conservatory. 5 Ways to Intern Like a Rock Star. Touring With the Band - Music Industry Gigs and What They Pay. Elvis Week runs August 10-16, when fans from around the world gather in Memphis, Tenn. to celebrate the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

What would it be like to tour with the King today? It is tough to say but you'd have to imagine it would be lavish and maybe not as wild as his earlier days. The King would be 76 years old. 12 Tips to Land the Perfect Internship. Finding an internship in the music and entertainment industries can be a daunting task, especially if you want to work in music but you’re not sure what exactly you want to be doing. We’ve compiled some pointers from those who have landed and kept successful internships to help you in your search. 1. Most music companies want and look for interns. Institute of Audio Research NYC. Located in New York City’s historic Greenwich Village, IAR puts students in the heart of the action, allowing them to take advantage of a classroom that extends way beyond its walls and into every corner of this diverse, exciting and engaging city.

Anything that an aspiring audio engineer might need for work or play can be found nearby, including recording studios, theaters and some of the best nightlife in New York. The Village has long been the creative center for artists and intellectuals, and that tradition continues to this day with a new generation of students and thinkers who come from around the world to share ideas, create art and study at many of the outstanding colleges and universities nearby. World class cuisine, shopping, libraries, museums and recreation can all be found within blocks of the school, and for students looking to explore other areas of New York, IAR is within walking distance of every major line of public transportation in the Big Apple.

Touring With the Band - Music Industry Gigs and What They Pay. Stage Manager Duties for Concerts. Job opening: Concert Operations Stage Manager at Berklee College of Music. How to Be a Stage Manager: 11 Steps. Edit Article Edited by Jackaayy, Teresa, Tehol, BR and 8 others Being a part of a live performing art production can be very exciting, and very fulfilling, especially if you play such a major role. Being a stage manager is being the central brain of any sort of production, whether it be a musical or a small choir concert at your high school. More so, it can look amazing on a resume for future jobs! Ad. Advice for stage managing a concert? - Hi, Outdoor concerts can be challenging to say the least. In order to do a multiband concert successfully, you should have stage plots of every band, as soon as humanly possible.

I'm doing a concert this weekend, and I've had my plots for 2 weeks. First determine how many change outs you need to do. Then schedule how much time to allow between acts for the change over. Where ever possible, pre-stage the equipment to the rear of the stagew. Try to establish a flow, so that the equipment comes up on stage from one side, and goes down the other, That makes movement easier for everybody. I f you are working with a rented sound system, that's the soundman's job. If you are working with a rented backline, they will set everything up.

Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events. London College of Communication: BA (Hons) Production for Live Events and Television (top up) Event Planning and Production. Event Planning and Production.