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Cynexlink provides IT and cybersecurity services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout California. With a 15-minute response time, our local technicians can provide 24/7 support by ticket, email or phone. Contact us to learn more about how we can build, manage and secure your network.

WHAT IS SHADOW IT. FOUR REASONS TO CONSIDER CLOUD COMPUTING. How to Create a Small Business Computer Network. 6 Mos Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Make. WHY EMPLOYEES ARE THE WEAKEST LINK IN YOUR CYBERSECURITY BUSINESS. Virtual Machine : A Closer Look. Why Employees are the Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity Business. When many business leaders consider the security of their operation, the first things that come to mind are locks on the doors, proper outdoor lighting, and perhaps a security guard on-site, then they begin to look inward and consider their cybersecurity.

Why Employees are the Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity Business

Toward that end, they invest in the latest and greatest firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, firmware, and other software fixes while overlooking the most important aspect of their security integrity: their employees. Raccoon Malware: A Threat to Cybersecurity. As if you didn’t have enough difficulty maintaining your cybersecurity, now there is a masked bandit on the loose – for a fee!

Raccoon Malware: A Threat to Cybersecurity

Raccoon (a.k.a. Mohazo, Revealer and Legion) malware appeared out of the former USSR in early 2019, is still very active, is available on the dark web for approximately $200 per month, and has a development team which not only creates frequent updates (such as the ability to steal FTP server credentials) but which responds to user requests for enhancements (e.g., keylogger as a possible upcoming feature). The ease of use via a simple dashboard and excellent customer service, if you can believe that, make this malware a long-term threat to your information systems. Unfortunately, its popularity with hackers appears to remain quite steady. Does Cyber Threat Hurt My Business Reputation ? I hope everybody is doing well and staying safe.

Does Cyber Threat Hurt My Business Reputation ?

Holidays are around the corner. Here I want to share a good question asked by a friend of mine. He asked if the cyber threat can hurt his business reputation. Although I am familiar with the outcomes of cyber-attack, this concern is something I found worth sharing. Raccoon Malware A Threat to Cybersecurity. Does Cyber Threat Hurt My Business Reputation. 5 Applications of Virtual Machines - Cynexlink. The word application is everywhere these days, typically shortened to “app,” particularly when one speaks of a mobile technology solution.

5 Applications of Virtual Machines - Cynexlink

You have a weather app on your phone that allows you to dial up the weather anywhere in just an instant, another in your car to help you navigate to new locales, etcetera. These specifically designed applications of technology serve you well but when it comes to creating a virtual machine (VM), the difference is that you are creating an application in the older sense of the word. 6 Best Practices for Data Protection Strategy. Vulnerability Scanning Pros, Cons and Best Practices. Stay Safe with a Network Penetration Testing Checklist. Shortage of Cyber Security Specialists. Virtual Machines. Cybersecurity vs. Information Security. Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses. Four Reasons to Consider Cloud Computing - Cynexlink. CyNexLink Blog • June 31, 2017 Cloud computing allows you to virtually deliver hardware and software services through the internet instead of housing them physically in your office space.

Four Reasons to Consider Cloud Computing - Cynexlink

However, not all clouds are created equal: there are private, public, and hybrid clouds, and companies can choose from these three cloud options depending on the nature of their business or the sensitivity of the content at hand. For example, public cloud computing is generally cheaper and more efficient, while private clouds offer greater security and control over sensitive business content. Top 10 Security Awareness Tips & Tricks. Four Reasons to Outsource Your IT - Cynexlink. CyNexLink Blog • June 26, 2017 Outsourcing your IT means delegating non-core business tasks to a specialized external body or company.

Four Reasons to Outsource Your IT - Cynexlink

Paying for a managed service provider in the realm of IT has become an indispensable feature for medium and enterprise businesses. In fact, this industry is bigger than it ever has been. Cloud Computing & Lurking Cyber Threats - Cynexlink. CyNexLink Blog • July 24, 2017 Storing databases and software in the Cloud can be an invaluable asset to any company, but it can also be a gateway to indiscriminate theft.

Cloud Computing & Lurking Cyber Threats - Cynexlink

A major trend in the business world is the migration of email servers, data, and other software to cloud-based solutions. The cloud computing market is expected to grow to nearly $200 billion by 2020, according to Forrester, an analyst firm. Cybersecurity Tips For Employees. Ways to Detect a Phishing Email. Secure Access Solutions - California. Secure Access Solutions - California. SD WAN Checklist. Infographic 1. Cybersecurity maturity model certification - Cynexlink. Best Cybersecurity Practices for your business. Anti-Phishing Employee Training Services. Request your Business Security. What is Managed Service Provider (MSP) and what do they offer? Cybersecurity Specialist in California. Managed IT Services in Irvine California - Cynexlink. End-to-end storage simplicity means you can set up, configure and operate your storage array in a very short time.

Managed IT Services in Irvine California - Cynexlink

You can also manage storage health faster, from start to finish. Managed IT Services in Irvine California - Cynexlink. Choosing an SD-WAN solution: A SD-WAN Checklist - Cynexlink. The traditional WAN function often struggles with the current unprecedented explosion of WAN traffic due to widespread cloud adoption and as a result, is no longer the most effective way to provide satisfactory user application experiences.

Choosing an SD-WAN solution: A SD-WAN Checklist - Cynexlink

The need for SD wan Solutions Hence, the introduction of software-defined WAN solutions. SD-WAN solutions are invaluable to companies seeking to upgrade their network and optimize user experience significantly. Most importantly, they offer security features that protect the traffic they manage, as well as functions that protect the offerings themselves. Endpoint Security Best Practices - Cynexlink. The proliferation of end-user devices and cloud systems in recent years has given rise to an increased volume and sophistication of cyber threats.

Endpoint Security Best Practices - Cynexlink

Cyber attackers with malicious intents have developed new ways of infiltrating the data systems of all types of businesses and organizations. In the 21st century, data is the most valuable asset of all companies and must be protected at all times. For this reason, many organizations are adopting endpoint cybersecurity services. Endpoint protection practices secure critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests of businesses. The following are the best practices for endpoint security. Ensure Absolute Visibility of the Entire NetworkRegular System UpdatesEducate EmployeesEnforce Least Privilege AccessDeploy SIEM solutions. Software Defines WAN provider. Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – allows users to make and receive calls over Local Area Networks (LANs) or the internet. Although VoIP has been around since the 1970s, it has soared in popularity in recent years due to the many advantages it offers over the traditional phone system.

Here are some of the top VoIP benefits everyone should know. Lower CostSimplified ConferencingWorldwide AccessClear Voice QualitySecurity Scalability Extensive Additional Feautre Lower costs: Best Practices To Choose Managed IT Service Provider. Businesses need advanced technologies to meet the expectation of their customers as well as manage their operations. But the problem is that they lack the extensive budget or IT staff to pacing up with ever-changing applications.

Luckily, as technology expects more from small businesses, there are also great solutions available to meet their needs. Top 4 Benefits of Network Visibilty - Cynexlink. What is Network Visibility? Network visibility is the term used for the collection, aggregation, distribution, and analysis of data traffic flows within and across a network.

With network visibility, you can have great control over network traffic, application, network performance, data analytics, and network resources. This way, you can make informed decisions regarding the traffic and protection of data. The Impact of CyberSecurity Maintenance on Small Businesses - Cynexlink. Cybersecurity attacks can be costly to businesses, no matter their size. With over 40% of these attacks focused on small businesses, keeping your data protection strategies up to date is now essential. Nowadays, hackers are constantly evolving their scams to try to access your company and employees’ personal data. Thus, any shortcomings in your data security strategy will put your business at major risks of theft of corporate information that can lead you to damaging financial losses and regulatory sanctions.

Not only that, the consequences can take bigger dimensions such as decreasing your sales and losing customers as a result of lack of trust in your data security policy. Hackers love it when you use the same password on multiple accounts - Cynexlink. We all find it very easy to reuse our passwords on different websites, as it saves us the stress of coming up with a new password every time we need to open an account on another website. Even though it seems easy and stress free; the truth is, when you reuse or recycle passwords, you set yourself or your company up for trouble in the event of a data breach. 3 Important Signs You Need a New Managed IT Services Provider - Cynexlink. Single Sign-On (SSO): Pros & Cons - What is Dark Web Scanning? Why It Is Important - Cynexlink. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vulnerability scanning. Vulnerability scanning has become an important practice in cybersecurity.

Network Penetration testing checklist. Are you thinking about exploring what vulnerabilities exist within your network or applications? You need what is known as a pen test. For a complete background, in this article, we provide a fundamental network penetration testing checklist for organizations to keep in mind. CMMC Certification : Everthing You Need To Know about CMMC! The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, or CMMC Certification, is the next step in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) efforts to properly secure the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

The loss of controlled unclassified information (CUI) from the Defense Industrial Base, or DIB (America’s defense contractors), increases the risk to national security. To reduce this risk, the Department of Defense (DoD) has finally created both rules and an auditing mechanism that will ensure the DIB practices good cybersecurity hygiene.

Cynexlinkllc. How phishing Affect Business and how to prevent it - Cynexlink. How phishing affects businesses? Imagine you’re on the finance team for a mid-sized business, with regular duties that include accounts payable.