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Networking. Wubi - Ubuntu Installer for Windows. Feature: Seamlessly Run Linux Apps on Your Windows Desktop. Be careful folks - your Dorks are hanging out.

Feature: Seamlessly Run Linux Apps on Your Windows Desktop

Allow me to be more specific (and, while I'm at it, correct at one mistaken assumption) - I have not been, at any time in this discussion, referring to (or even thinking about) games. What I have been talking about is all the aspects of computing that matter to people who AREN'T geeks. While Linux may (in many cases) handle better 'under the hood', it's the 'over the hood' aspects that 90% of the population care about. And this is precisely where Linux falls short (and when the attempt is made to measure up, we usually end up with resource hogs like Gimp or Open Office). What most people want out of their computer is the same thing they want out of their car - they just want the damned thing to WORK. And this is where Microsoft really delivers. And for the record, I do like video games, although I rarely play them on computers.

Wide load: Adding widescreen monitor support to Ubuntu. This one had me pulling my hair out for quite a while. (in fact at one point I had to reinstall becuase I messed up my xserver config file so bad that I couldn`t see anything from the log in screen onwards!) After trying to manually edit the config files and failing a number if times I found out about this neat little wizard that walks you through and makes it slightly more difficult to mess things up. run this command: $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg Full Tip .