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not logged in How spamgourmet works If you give your email address to everyone, you are bound to receive spam emails, and you won't know where they came from. Wouldn't it be convenient to give a different email address to every business or web site, while getting all your email as before? Wouldn't it be easiest to assume the address will be given to spammers, and have it work as a spam blocker by shutting off automatically unless you decide otherwise? spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, spam blocker
This link kills spam This link kills spam Put this image in your blog! Or for "This link kills spam" text link, use <a href="http://officeofstrategicinfluence.com/spam/"> This link kills spam</a><br /> Changelog
In “Win the SPAM Arms Race” (A List Apart, May 2002), Dan Benjamin talked about the importance of hiding e-mail addresses on our websites from vicious, e-mail address harvesting bots—or spam bots, as they are more often called. Dan pioneered a JavaScript-based solution for bypassing the indexing mechanisms that spam bots use. Here’s a quote from the article: Posting a naked e-mail link anywhere on the web (or in a newsgroup, in a chatroom, on a weblog comments page…) is generally the kiss of death for your once-healthy address. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been more than five years since Dan wrote these words. So, did we win the SPAM Arms Race? Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation
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