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Stand Up Comedians

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Natasha Leggero. Louis C.K. "Why?". Patton Oswalt - Wackity-Schmackity Doo!

Full Sets

Alonzo Bodden Stand Up Comedy. The Guinea Pig Song - Joe Pasquale. Jim Gaffigan - Bacon, Waffle House, Hot Pockets, and salad. Jeff Dunham's First Show. Dennis Regan Valentines Day Letterman. Dave Chappelle - Skeet. Katt Williams - ROAST Flavor Flav. O&A and Louis C.K (NSFW!!!) Dennis Regan - Comedian. ASSFLAC. Patton Oswalt - Bush Isn't Dumb. Larry The Cable Guy Boobla Boobla. 10 Reasons Why Louis C.K Is Awesome. Brian Regan Foul Language. The High Bar w/ Warren & Lewis Black. Brian and Dennis Regan - Stand Up Comedy. Cuban Coffee the Miami Way. U GO NOWWWW!!!!! Natasha Leggero- Toilet Babies. Alonzo Bodden. My Lovely Lady Lumps. Hannibal Buress on national TV! Hannibal Buress Live at Comix.