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Cyclone Valves is dedicated to providing property owners with the very best solutions to help you reduce the risk of a destructive health hazard sewer backup flooding.

Model H804 - 4" Wi Fi Horizontal Main Ball Valve - $274.95 - Cyclone Valves. Model FD404 - 4" Wi Fi Cleanout Plug Alarm - $174.95 - Cyclone Valves. Model V903 - 3" Wi Fi Vertical Main Ball Valve - $224.95 - Cyclone Valves. Model V904 - 4" Wi Fi Vertical Main Ball Valve - $274.95 - Cyclone Valves. Model SP609 - Wi Fi SUMP PUMP ALARM - Cyclone Valves. Upc pdf 2. Wi Fi App - Cyclone Valves. Shop - Cyclone Valves. Wi Fi Main Sewer Valves - Cyclone Valves. Cyclone Backwater Ball Valves are mechanical devices that are designed to allow the flow of water in one direction only away from your property.

Wi Fi Main Sewer Valves - Cyclone Valves

Used on a sanitary sewer lateral they can offer a decrease in risk of sewage backup if installed properly and maintained adequately. Cyclone backwater valves are ideal for water/raw sewage applications thanks to our reliable backflow prevention device, reliable operation and all plastic highly corrosion-resistant construction.

Cyclone valve features a full flow design, providing maximum flow for each ball valve and positive seal with minimum back pressure when flow stops. Our Valves are installed in the sewer line ahead of any fixtures. In the event of sewage being forced back into a property during a flood event the ball inside the valve is closed within the valve to prevent the sewage from entering the dwelling. Features and benefits: Wi Fi Alarm Products - Cyclone Valves. Cyclone Wi-Fi Water Alarms offer reliable performance, helping keep your property safe by alerting you on potential water leaks/sewer backups before it causes serious damage.

Wi Fi Alarm Products - Cyclone Valves

Battery powered with low energy consumption it can operate in standby mode for over 6 months. The sensor requires little effort to install and is very easy to use. Made durable Cyclone water alarms are compact in size and can easily be installed in your any desired location. For peace of mind place the water sensor near your kitchen sink, washing machine, water heater, bathtub, dishwasher etc.

The bottom of the sensor contains 3 highly sensitive gold-plated probes which set off the alarm. 4" Underground Main Wi Fi Sewer Alarm - Cyclone Valves. Cyclone Ball Valve Design - Cyclone Valves. Cyclone Ball Valves have many advantages over conventional Swing Disc Check Valves.

Cyclone Ball Valve Design - Cyclone Valves

The Valves operate in a very simple, basic manner. They have only one moving part – the Ball. When water starts to flow up the ball moves upward closing the top opening of the valve. When the water stops the ball begins to move back to its original seated position. The ball is made of hollow polypropylene plastic resistant to most solvents. The special advantages of the Cyclone Ball Valves, in comparison with conventional Swing Disc Check Valves include: More reliable “non-clog” operationLower friction – pressure lossesGreater unrestricted passagewayMore positive, resilient seatingLess wearLess maintenanceLonger service lifePolypropylene Construction.

Cyclone Product Sales - Cyclone Valves. Cyclone Valves LLC - Cyclone Valves. Since our inception in 2017, Cyclone Valves has expanded from producing one valve with one material to manufacturing a series of valves in a wide range of sizes.

Cyclone Valves LLC - Cyclone Valves

Many companies manufacture check valves in addition to other product lines however, Cyclone Valves is dedicated solely to the design and manufacture of ball loaded check valves. We have become a local recognized company for quality, innovation, and cost efficiency. We recognize that the customer is #1 and we will continue to build our foundation for success on service to each customer. Along with our many standard space saving designs, we can design and manufacture our check valves for almost any application. Our customers can be assured that all of our check valves are rugged, efficient, and built to perform to their specifications. Whether you need a high quality check valve for your standard application or have special requirements, make Cyclone Valves your first choice. Contact Customer Service: 806361 Greater Mack Ave.

Flood Insurance - Cyclone Valves. New and old homeowners are facing a new requirement of home insurance.

Flood Insurance - Cyclone Valves

A back water valve device helps keep basements safe from backed up sewer water. Installation of a backwater valve has led to regional rebates to encourage home owners to invest in their home’s safety. Basement flooding is a growing problem in the USA. Massive floods in May of 2013 caused over a billion dollars in property damage. Homeowners who had flood damage are eligible for disaster assistance from there states. New Home Owners For new or first time home owners, it is very important a back water valve is installed. Existing Home Owners Some states have made an effort to reward current home owners for improving their homes. All Home Owners and Insurance. Flood Prevention - Cyclone Valves. Basement flooding is a widespread problem and causes millions of dollars in damage to personal property not to mention huge personal efforts in rehabilitation to fix the damage caused and to replace items lost.

Flood Prevention - Cyclone Valves

Clearly it is in a home owners best interest never to experience a basement flood at all. Whether you have flooded or not part of this discussion will be based on principles of home plumbing and drainage reviewed in causes of basement flooding additional resources are included at the end of this section. Image: Is a summarized list of measures a home owner can take to protect their basement from flooding.

If your home has a basement you can have a basement flood. All measures listed will provide the knowledge and best practices on how to avoid a flood. Sewer Backups - Cyclone Valves. Wet Weather Heavy rains or melting snow will overwhelm a sewer system.

Sewer Backups - Cyclone Valves

The sudden flow from the excess water will cause sewage to back up into a home. These problems normally begin from outside on street level. The water pours into the system after a heavy storm and raises the water table. The water surfaces at the lowest point of the basement. Poor Home Maintenance Cracks in a basement can allow water from sewers and ground moisture water to invade homes.

Too Many Users The last cause of basement flooding is as simple as a population increase. What Home Owners can do to Prevent Sewer Flooding: Be aware of how much waste is washed down a drain.Make sure all pipes and drains are repaired and in working order.Install preventive plumbing aids like sump pumps and back water valves to handle the water rushes that can’t be controlled.

If you’re a homeowner, here’s one of the worst nightmares you can experience. What Causes Sewer Backups Flooding of basements can occur any time. Hydrostatic Pressure - Cyclone Valves. Is a common procedure used to performance verify a fluid pressure vessel, such as, valve body and ball.

Hydrostatic Pressure - Cyclone Valves

Hydrostatic testing is also a common testing procedure to verify pressure vessels do not leak or have manufacturing flaws. Hydrostatic testing is important for pressure vessels in the interest of device safety, and durability under operating pressure. Hydrostatic test is normally conducted under industry and/or customer requirements or specifications. Home - Cyclone Valves.