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Sfact. SF-ACT is a user friendly version of Skeinforge with lots of enhancements. It has correct default values and does not mess up your current SF install as it stores its settings in its own sfact_settings folder located in the Skeinforge folder. You will only need to enter your filament diameter to print. SFACT is avilable here: DO NOT TRY TO TAKEOVER ANYTHING THAT YOU HAD USED WITH SKEINFORGE( except the filament diameter) SFACT USES ENTIRELY DIFFERENT VALUES AS IT CALCULATES MOST OF THE SETTINGS INSIDE Updated and working versions of SFACT and help are under : SFACT Homepage and the development is under: (Master branch) License is same as Skeinforge (GNU Affero General Public License) For SFACT to work you need to have Python 2.7 installed.

SFACT is only compatible with Stepper extruders and best works with Sprinter Firmware and Pronterface host program. SFACT is Skeinforge modified to be more practical and easier to tune. -Added feature for calibration. De. About | RepRapable Objects | Community | Help and support Benutzungshinweise Bitte nutzt und verbessert vorerst primär die englisch sprachigen Seiten. Hier sollten nur Hinweise stehen, die besonders für Reprapper aus dem deutschen Sprachraum interessant sind.

Das Wiki lebt vom Mitmachen! Hinweise wie du mitmachen oder Kontakt mit anderen RepRappern bekommen kannst findest du auf der deutschsprachigen Portalseite. Solltest du eine Frage haben, die durch den Inhalt im Wiki nicht beantwortet wird, aber an anderer Stelle diskutiert und beantwortet wurde, sei so nett und ergänze die entsprechende Wiki Seite. Übersicht Zur Zeit (April 2011) gibt es die 3 weit verbreitete Versionen der RepRap: Mendel - zwar nicht die erste Konstruktion der RepRap-Gemeinde, doch inzwischen der Klassiker.

Elektronik Die meiste RepRap-Elektronik basiert auf den ATmega-Prozessoren der Firma Atmel. Die Art der Elektronik ist von der Art der RepRap-Maschine recht unabhängig. Gebräuchliche Versionen Schrittmotoren Software. GCodeSimulator & GCodeInfo. This is the home of GCodeSimulator, GCodePrintr and GCodeInfo, tools to make the life of 3D Printer's easier. 3D Printing is the "Next Big Thing" and the community is growing each day. Many 3D printers use GCodes to control the printer movements, extrusion and heating. GCodes where initially used to control CNC milling machines. Some History... My RepRap 3D Printer I started with the 3D printing hobby last year (2012) and bought a RepRap Prusa Mendel Kit.

It took me some weeks to assemble the kit, build a custom chassis and start printing. I was overwhelmed by the great community and the mass of available tools. Therefore I needed a quick and easy way to check the outcome of the slicer. This application visualizes Gcodes and simulates a real 3D print. In addition it analyses the Gcode file and prints additional information like: Developed for my reprap printer but works with other printers (e.g. makerbot, ultimaker,...) as well, tested with Silc3r and skeinforge gcodes. Print Features. 3D G-Code Simulator. Slic3r - G-code generator for 3D printers. Skeinforge download page. How To Run Skeinforge - DEMOZENDIUM. From DEMOZENDIUM Skeinforge Contents To Run Skeinforge When Skeinforge is started two windows will be displayed: The Skeinforge Settings window The shell window (the black window where information is displayed, including which parts of the program have been executed, information about the processing of the file, errors, etc).

Left: Skeinforge Settings windowRight: Shell window The usual sequence for converting a file to gcode is: In the "Skeinforge Settings" window select "Extrusion" from the "Profile Type". Now that you have the gcode generated, you can use your preferred gcode sender program (ie. Skeinforge - DEMOZENDIUM. From DEMOZENDIUM Skeinforge is a tool chain composed of Python scripts that converts your 3D model into G-Code instructions for RepRap. Updating Skeinforge manual Skeinforge Manual Update advice from Enrique for updating pages and setting up a new structure. Tutorials Allan Ecker aka The Masked Retriever BotHacker Keep it Cool! C Blair 3D Model to G-Code File for Rapman Cliff Biffle, Nick Ames & Rick Pollack Compendium of calibration information: How to Calibrate and Tune Skeinforge for your MakerBot Daniel K.

Skeinforge for RapMan Dave Durant Keith Fixing CupCake Build Problems Marius Kintel Explanation of setting the important Skeinforge parameters, extrusion width and layer thickness: - Skeinforge Width Thickness Tutorial Nick Ames Skeinforge Tutorial: - Configuring Skeinforge Rapmanist How to Generate Gcode with Skeinforge video. Tony Thanks With thanks to all the above and Enrique who has a Blog for discussion of all things related to Skeinforge: Fabmetheus Blog What Overview.