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Systems Engineer in Robotics (Dipl-Ing Mechatronics, M.Sc. Computer Controlled Systems)<br><br>Pearltrees 2.0 SUCKS so much!


Photography. Security and Privacy. DIY & Life Hacks. Goldmining. Minecraft. Free Learning. Tech Videos. Robotics. Data, Statistics. Hardware. Audio. SW/HW Project Handling. Software. RFID. SmartCards. Data Matrix. Other Science Stuff. Graphics. Mechanical Construction. Geocaching. Cool Firefox Plugins.

Cool Experiments.


  1. cyborg_x1 Jun 12 2014
    Saw your new mode, don't like it, if its just an alternative ok, but please do NOT remove the round mode. Almost nothing Microsoft does (-> Tiles) is good. The round mode is extremely better than this new tile "thing". Don't make things worse because you just want "something new". The overview suffers A LOT on tiles. Keep the trees don't force to go to tiles. Thanks a lot! Regards cyborg_x1
  2. amsika Dec 25 2012
    Hello, I'm the community manager of Pearltrees. The Android version is definitly on the 2013 roadmap. I can't commit on a datie but here it comes. Keep pearling.
  3. cyborg_x1 Dec 25 2012
    Hey amsika, you are one of the developers right? What about a Android version of pearltrees?
  4. cyborg_x1 Feb 13 2012
    Hi to anybody, if you want to team up with me than I am sorry to tell you that I won't, because I use pearltrees mostly for saving links and finding them at the place I left them. So I don't want anybody else messing around in my trees. SORRY ;-)