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Why Misinformation on SEO is So Rampant - Cyber Rafting Blog. Have you ever heard that Google will blacklist you if you stuff too many keywords through the pages in order to gain SEO results?

Why Misinformation on SEO is So Rampant - Cyber Rafting Blog

How about thinking that the more the content is shared the higher it will rank among the SERP ranking? These are only misleading half-truths, but many entrepreneurs and search engine optimizers believe in them. For example, keyword stuffing won’t automatically lead you from being blacklisted by Google, and it’s debatable where the line between “keyword stuffing” and “keyword optimizing” even lies. Social shares may play a role in ranking potential, as show by correlation studies, but Google has repeatedly denied that they do. Furthermore, there is also strong correlation that content with more social shares also has more inbound links, and inbound links are known to be one of the top two strongest ranking signals; this has been corroborated by Google.

The difference between Half-Truths and Truths Related. Why Design Trumps Content in Marketing - Cyber Rafting Blog. Most businesses still understand the importance of design in creating an effective marketing campaign.

Why Design Trumps Content in Marketing - Cyber Rafting Blog

Most of their opinions are formed due to what appeals to them in web design. But the important thing to consider is that do people know what makes web design vital for the success of your business- even more than content? Why? It may not be a question you hear often, but if you’re a web designer, occasionally someone is going to ask you why. What does it matter to audiences where the call to action on a certain page is on? When it comes to building trust in a desired audience, research shows that web design elements are exponentially more significant than content. When a survey was conducted on which factors affected the trust of a particular website, 94 percent said that it depended on the web design elements, while only 6 percent made mention of specific content. The basis of the mistrust included a variety of information, such as: SEO Mistakes That’ll Will Make or Break Your Site- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog.

No Quality Back links Google trusts a website when there are quality back links from reputed website back to the site.

SEO Mistakes That’ll Will Make or Break Your Site- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog

Building a solid reputation for your website is essential or Google will rank you lower than other websites in your domain. Get quality links from high ranking websites and domain leaders to improve your chances of ranking on Google Searches. Avoid going for paid back links program of kinds. SEO Mistakes That’ll Will Make or Break Your Site - Cyber Rafting Blog. Search Engine Optimization is the thing of the present to drive meaningful traffic to your website.

SEO Mistakes That’ll Will Make or Break Your Site - Cyber Rafting Blog

It is therefore the strongest form of marketing strategy out there due to the sheer volume of traffic that can be funneled to your site. While SEO is a guaranteed way to achieve marketing goals, the constant evolution of SEO makes it hard for any one company to stay on top of things on the searches. There are some techniques which are hard to avoid and may negatively hurt the website ranking of your site. Search engines are constantly changing the way they optimize the search engine ranking hence creating a dilemma of whether something would be on the right track. However, there are some proven ways and techniques to avoid common SEO errors and to bring the desired results that match your efforts.

How to Choose the Best Web Design Company - Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. Cost, Value and Track Record Although, cost is the main prerequisite to choosing hiring a Web Design Company; cutting down costs is not good when you want to reap the reward and gain better results.

How to Choose the Best Web Design Company - Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog

The question is how to calculate the cost while hiring an agency. Businesses need to conduct research on their areas of spending previously to come up at a wise estimation of how much it would cost to develop a website. What is the ROI on expenditure? As a business, you need to prove to ask the prospective design agency how they can present clear evidence of value that they have delivered for projects and have clear results to show as well.

Furthermore, by communicating with the agency and asking questions about their project handling processes, their methods and their approach to problems, you will learn which will help you take the right decision. How to Choose the Best Web Design Company - Cyber Rafting Blog. To succeed in this competitive market, it is the most important to have the best user experience for your customer and this should be the bottom line of the company.

How to Choose the Best Web Design Company - Cyber Rafting Blog

Marketing has seen a sea of change when it comes to the different options available to choose from with the power of social media and web for the customers. Finding the right web design company to fulfill and deliver your message in front of the audiences is of highest importance and it should be done in the most efficient manner possible. A series of steps can be chosen to help companies make the best choice and succeed in the competitive market. Here is a checklist that can help you make all the right decisions when it comes to choosing the right web designing agency. Why Optimizing Images is the Key to SEO – Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. By Puneet Kulkarni · So how hard is it to optimize your sites images?

Why Optimizing Images is the Key to SEO – Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog

Condense: If you want your site to load with images, then you would want to condense your images. High-resolution photos can take up several megabytes of space all by themselves, and because the website will be viewed on a hand held device such as a laptop or mobile phone, the resolution isn’t simply necessary. Scale down your images to maintain a decent quality, but shave off some megabytes of memory of the total size of file. While you’re at it, make sure your image is formatted properly for the web (GIF, JPG, and PNG), and if you want to strip down the size even further then, try stripping them of meta data.Title: Unless you are using infographics, most of the time you will use stock photography or find free photos on the web, most of the images with capture a technical title attached to them, such as a long string of letters and numbers.

Why Optimizing Images Is the Key to SEO - Cyber Rafting Blog. Most SEO experts will tell you that optimizing images is the key.

Why Optimizing Images Is the Key to SEO - Cyber Rafting Blog

It has been considered an important part of on-site optimization, especially if images are central to your SEO and content strategy. But in the recent years it has been seen that website builder platforms such as WordPress have been able to offer more out-of-the-box on-site optimization with automatically formatted images in cases. Things of Importance to know About Web Designing- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog.

It is important to know the facets of web design.

Things of Importance to know About Web Designing- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog

We understand that you must have a need ready for such purposes but getting a web design company to create a website is of high importance as they can tackle any problem with the web design. Things of Importance to know About Web Designing - Cyber Rafting Blog. Why focusing on just SEO is not Enough – Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. Keep in mind that technical aspects of SEO should not be overlooked such as Alt tags, URL headers, structures, etc.

Why focusing on just SEO is not Enough – Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog

In fact the study from KissMetrics shows that job titles revealed that jobs with SEO titles averages more than $100,000 annually. Clearly, companies want an SEO expert who knows what they are doing. However, changing the alt tags attribute isn’t something which convinces someone to stay, quality content does. The quality content debate isn’t something which is new to most marketers, but SearchMetrics Report has termed a new term for such content which is called as “holistic content.” According to the report, a holistic content includes relevant keywords which are similar to the target keywords in order to answer search intent more completely. Emotional Web Design and Action of Colors - Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. In the previous article we talked about the difference in colors and what it means in web design, we will look at the different colors in detail in this article.

Yellow Although yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, warmth and enlightenment, it also has some negative connotations such as the color of cowardice, illness, and madness along with betrayal. Yellow is also found to be the most visible color to the human eye, so it is great for use in areas that you want to draw attention to. It is also highly reflective so that it can irritate the eyes if used excessively. Emotional Web Design and the Actions of Colors - Cyber Rafting Blog. Appealing to the emotions of the audience is not something which is new and certainly something which marketers and branding experts will have plenty of experience and specialist knowledge about. But because the online world is getting saturated with content, it is highly important to cater to the needs of users and make them instantly feel at home on your site.

With the help of SEO copywriters who are ready to tell the story of the brand and making sure everything is included and stunning images which will blow your mind away you might think you have got everything covered. But if you haven’t looked at your use of colors in a while, you might be missing a trick. The fact is that color is the first thing people assimilate when they land on your website. Emoji SEO: How You Can Rank for Emoji-Based Searches? – Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. Psychology Today has mentioned and studied the behavior of Generation Zers and Millenials and they found that they are more likely to express themselves through emoji format over typing their thoughts and feelings conventionally.

What’s more is that using emojis to express themselves in a larger fashion will eventually translate into how people use search engines. We have seen a similar change in how Google searches interpret themselves with acronyms or slang terms. In 2009, it was seen by expert Bill Slawski how conventional search terms were being interpreted for slang terms in Google searches that display the best search results for user intent. The same evolution is being used for displaying search results based on emoji use in an easy inference to make. Emoji SEO: How You Can Rank for Emoji-Based Searches? - Cyber Rafting Blog. It may seem silly now, but at the rate millennials and Generation Zs are using Emoji it may not be a far thought out idea to include Emoji SEO in the next 10 years.

Think back to when domains started to be introduced in the market. Many smart people bought domains with seemingly simple ideas such as, These started selling for the huge amount of money when the internet caught on selling for millions and millions of dollars and transformed how we do business in the online world. But in the early 1990s, domains weren’t on the forefront of business and marketer’s minds. Emojis have the same trend when it comes to searches. Barry Shwartz also saw that while searching for emoji based searches on Google Search Engine’s image search returned images with real animals and humans for the emoji used in the searches.

Why You Should Use a Website Builder Instead of a Web Designer- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. Set up Your Website Quickly When you need a website to be built within days because you don’t want to lose out to your competitors because of lack of resource, or not lose your customers because they can’t find you online, then a website builder is most useful because you don’t want to hear a web designer that the best he can do is in two weeks to a month. With the website builder with a pre-defined template, you can build a website within a day or two.

Like many experts have said, with a website builder template, anyone at any level can build a website within minutes. All you need is a website builder with the desired template that can be readily molded into truly unique designs. How Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rate- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. Typography and Readability on the Website Having readable, clear and balanced contrast typography with a sensible chain of info will make it a lot easier for the visitors to read the content on your business or e-commerce website. Or you can highlight or summarize the important points, as the visitors are mostly looking for specific info and won’t be reading large patches of content. How Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rate - Cyber Rafting Blog. People have a misconception of the role played by web design of a website. Many people consider web design as just a tool to improve the feel and look of a website.

However, your site should look more than a digital brochure. Artful Graphic Design: thought to digital design - Cyber Rafting Blog. Ever wonder how graphic design work, the thought behind the graphic design come from or how the creative process works for a graphic designer? Are Internal Image Links SEO Friendly? - Cyber Rafting Blog. Today’s #AskanSEO question comes from Bryan in East Brunswick, N.J. Ways to Seek Help for your Web Design Work - Cyber Rafting Blog. Building a website can be as easy as dragging and dropping widgets onto your site. But the problem with such do-it-yourself web design companies is that it emphasizes ease of use, but the website which you create may be often looking amateurish or it can become a cookie-cutter copy of other company’s websites.

How to Run Content Departments Likes NewsRoom to Create More than SEO – Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. Become a Publication Think, act and perform like a publication. How to Run Content Departments Likes NewsRoom to Create More than SEO - Cyber Rafting Blog. ‘Design: 2017’ Presents Graphic Design Student Portfolios - Cyber Rafting Blog. Seventeen graphic design seniors will be exhibiting their work as part of the ‘Design: 2017’ at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, the annual student portfolio exhibition in The Gallery at Penn College.

How Web Design Can Influence Conversion- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. We will continue from where we stopped yesterday and talk about other important features of a web design. How Web Design Can Influence Conversion – Cyber Rafting Blog. There are a lot of naysayers to the term web design; most of them think that web design is just the cosmetics, the visual appeal of the website. Why Should we Invest in SEO To Grow Our Businesses? – Cyber Rafting Blog. Well Known Graphic Designer Butcher Billy turns famous love songs into Stephen King Books and Movies – Cyber Rafting Blog. Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites- Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites – Cyber Rafting Blog. Automating SEO: An Introduction to Python – Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Automating SEO : An Introduction to Python – Part 1 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Trends and Data Covering Mobile Web Design – Cyber Rafting Blog.

SEO How to: Mitigating Risk When Optimizing- Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog. SEO How to: Mitigating Risk When Optimizing- Part 1 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Graphics Design Company in Mumbai. Best Reasons to Choose CyberRafting for Your Website Design Needs. White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO, What’s the Difference? 3 Best Practices for Mobile Vinyl Graphics Design. Pay-as-you-go cloud platform offers fast, convenient web design. Fake SEO Plugin Used in Malware Attack on Wordpress.

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4 Outdated SEO Techniques which will get your Site Penalized. 5 Simple Tips to Consider While Designing a Logo. Some Common Web Development Mistakes You Should Avoid. SEO: How to Increase Traffic on Your Website Without Keyword Stuffing. Website or App: Which to Implement and Why? | Web Design Company in Mumbai.