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How to Run Content Departments Likes NewsRoom to Create More than SEO - Cyber Rafting Blog. Businesses run content department just to create content for SEO.

How to Run Content Departments Likes NewsRoom to Create More than SEO - Cyber Rafting Blog

But this myopic approach can fail to create the journalistic value of the content that can supercharge a company’s PR, brand, customer retention and reputation management. Sure content which is great can run more than SEO, it can do so much more in support of product launches, sales figures, refining brand personas etc. With paid social farm and journalistic capabilities, brands would be wise to create their own brand of journalism platforms that serve as an SEO powerhouse weapon while fulfilling a myriad of marketing goals. Brand Journo Strategy Breakdown To execute a brand journo strategy that meets strategy KPIs, marketers and SEOs need to get on the same page.

Identify Goals Let’s say that your start-up is eager to sell your product with an overall business goal of improving revenue. Don’t stop there! ‘Design: 2017’ Presents Graphic Design Student Portfolios - Cyber Rafting Blog. Seventeen graphic design seniors will be exhibiting their work as part of the ‘Design: 2017’ at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, the annual student portfolio exhibition in The Gallery at Penn College.

‘Design: 2017’ Presents Graphic Design Student Portfolios - Cyber Rafting Blog

A public exhibition reception will be held on Friday, April 28th from 4 to 6 p.m., in the gallery located on the third floor of the Madigan Library. The design work will be put up to display through May 12. The annual exhibition shows the best graphic design work, illustration, and web design work of graphic design majors in their final semester of study at Penn College. The exhibition provides a space for graphic design majors to showcase their talent in branding, marketing, design and advertising to industry professionals and the community.

Penn College graphic design majors have consistently gained recognition through submissions to regional, national and international advertising design competitions. Related. How Web Design Can Influence Conversion- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog. We will continue from where we stopped yesterday and talk about other important features of a web design.

How Web Design Can Influence Conversion- Part 2 - Cyber Rafting Blog

We will read about Readability and Typography along with conversion opportunities. Readability and Typography Having clear, readable and high-contrast typography with a logical hierarchy of information will make it easier to actually read the content. Or skim through it, if they can do that. How Web Design Can Influence Conversion – Cyber Rafting Blog.

There are a lot of naysayers to the term web design; most of them think that web design is just the cosmetics, the visual appeal of the website.

How Web Design Can Influence Conversion – Cyber Rafting Blog

But your website should be more than a pretty digital brochure. Web design is the tool which can be used to achieve specific business goals. For B2B website owners, web design should be the tool to increase the conversion and lead generation from the website. Good website design can help increase conversion rate, funneling down leads from the website and engagement with your content. Aesthetics, First Impressions and Perception. Why Should we Invest in SEO To Grow Our Businesses? – Cyber Rafting Blog. Why SEO is important to grow your online business and how it is not enough to just rely on SEO to rank high on search engines and you can do this by not relying high on social media.

Why Should we Invest in SEO To Grow Our Businesses? – Cyber Rafting Blog

Are you wondering if it is right to invest in Search Engine Optimization to grow your online business? “Is SEO dead?” If you search this you will get more than 10 million references. We have taken the views of Eddie Madan, CEO of Edkent Media – a digital marketing agency in Toronto on why you should invest in SEO and other Digital Media Marketing avenues to get the return on investment. Eddie believes that SEO is far from dead. Well Known Graphic Designer Butcher Billy turns famous love songs into Stephen King Books and Movies – Cyber Rafting Blog.

According to a majority of people, the internet is a sick and twisted place but genius still prevails.

Well Known Graphic Designer Butcher Billy turns famous love songs into Stephen King Books and Movies – Cyber Rafting Blog

The latest example of such genius comes from World renowned graphic designer Butcher Billy. This time he took all our favorite love songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s such as Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” to Joy Division’s “Love will Tear Us Apart” to Tears for Fears’ “Head over Heals” and converted them into Maine’s most popular novelist Stephen King’s books and movies. These books and movies do not exist; they are just graphic work of arts as the background for these works.

His explanation is quite simple: “This series imagines an alternative universe in which some of the most hopeless, desperate and tragic heartbreak songs of the 70’s and 80’s were actually novels written by Stephen King. Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites- Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog. In the previous article, we looked at the different parts of an E-Commerce website.

Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites- Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog

Display Total Cost of Products Straightforwardly There are many E-Commerce websites which do not display the overall cost of buying the product from the website such as shipping cost unless the customer completes the orders. It is a deceptive practice leaving customers with the feeling that they are being cheated. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that the total cost of buying the product is shown prominently. Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites – Cyber Rafting Blog. Online shopping is rapidly increasing with each passing day.

Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites – Cyber Rafting Blog

A lot of the thanks goes to Online Shopping Portals who use advanced technology on their website to help customers gain from the best shopping experience on their sites. A well-designed E-Commerce website can generate a lot of traffic to your website and can improve the sales on the website by a huge margin. If you are planning on creating an E-Commerce website you can take note of the following points which will help you create a more user-friendly and successful E-Commerce business. Reliable Shopping Cart. Automating SEO: An Introduction to Python – Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Similarly, you could use Python to check on your data such as headings and structured data.

Automating SEO: An Introduction to Python – Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog

Valentinova gave an example where multiple content experts are making changes to data on a single product page at the same time. At this important time, it is seen that the SEO may not get a notification about these changes. If the changes are not notified then it could affect key SEO of the pages such as ranking, and therefore a script can be used to provide a timely alert. The Python script parses through HTML files comparing current and expected values of content, sending an email alert that highlights any discrepancies. Automating SEO : An Introduction to Python – Part 1 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Velentinova is a senior developer at VistaPrint, a company that manages 21 websites with about 40,000 web pages.

Automating SEO : An Introduction to Python – Part 1 – Cyber Rafting Blog

Well, automation is a surprisingly innovative method which will come handy when handling such a huge database of web pages and Valentinova even though is a newcomer to Python, explained how excited she is working on new scripts from her day-to-day work. On a day when artificial intelligence and voice search were the norm of the talk, her talk about this was refreshing and new about the simple way of making workflow more manageable. Trends and Data Covering Mobile Web Design – Cyber Rafting Blog. Mobile devices are driving sales and demand in the companies online. Recently, Google started its own certification for mobile web design which is comparable to most college courses. Google known as Alphabet Inc. provides certification for multiple fields such as Google Adwords for Marketing Associates, Google Analytics for managers and Google Developer for people that like to code.

Google just rolled out a lengthy exam and training for the course. Google is known for its tough exam for courses it rolls out. For example, a person who is studying for days for the Google Adwords exams can still fail the exam after two attempts. After obtaining a master’s degree, it is not the material which is difficult, it is the manner in which Google expects people to remember the data and apply it for the best fit principle which is tough. That being said, I am going to go through some of the training and mark the important data points. SEO How to: Mitigating Risk When Optimizing- Part 2 – Cyber Rafting Blog. The risk to natural search performance comes in three forms: change to content, changes to link and changes to underlying technology. We looked at changes to content in yesterday’s article, let’s look at the other two today.

Changing Link Structures Changes in navigational and other linking structures should be handled with care. First find the risk involved in changing the link structure, more specifically how much natural search volume or sales does the page make which has to be changed. The higher the value, the higher the risk. Mitigating that risk is somewhat more difficult and involves discussion with user experience and creative teams. For example, if the UX engineer tells you that a simplified navigational header is an option for change that it could lead to 10 percent more sales, then adding the link to the footer may be an option.

Think of every move to remove links as an option to remove sagging spots in the roof. SEO How to: Mitigating Risk When Optimizing- Part 1 – Cyber Rafting Blog. Search Engine Optimization comes with changes. You cannot optimize something without making some changes to it. All changes come with a performance risk as well as a potential improvement. Risk to underlying search performance comes in three ways: changes in underlying technology, changes in content, and changes in link structure of the website. The key to search engine optimization is to mitigate risk by ensuring that your natural search performance continues to improve when routine creative and development changes are being made. Changing and Removing Content Even something as simple as changing the words on a page could have a positive or negative impact on the natural search performance of the page.

To mitigate risk in changing content on the pages, make sure all the pages which are being changed, and the phrases and words which are relevant and ranking for which you are optimizing the page. Graphics Design Company in Mumbai. Typography artist and graphic designer Shiva Nallaperumal was in the city and talks about how important typography is in daily life. “Thanks to my father, as a child, it was always books over video games. I had the entire Tintin collection at home. That was how I was first exposed to typography”, says Shiva Nallaperumal. The 24-year old artist has already won a plethora of awards related to this work in typography. “Typography is the basis of everything that we do.

It was not like he wanted to be a type designer right from an early age. Best Reasons to Choose CyberRafting for Your Website Design Needs. You must have realized that in order to create a favorable first impression on your desired audience you need to have a good website. The reasons why you need to create a favorable impression include getting leads and revenue for your company using the online medium. Whether it be an idea, a product, a service or a brand you require a website of the right type to create a positive impression. Well if you are looking for the right type of website you should consider the myriads of web design services offered by CyberRafting, a leading web designing company in Mumbai. Established in 2015, Cyberrafting has become a website design company with intent.

The website designing company has become a leader in digital marketing, as it offers a comprehensive range of services that include everything from website designing, SEO Services and Social Media Optimization. White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO, What’s the Difference? White-hat SEO or Black Hat SEO, what’s the difference? While SEO is the process of improving the organic search ranking of the website which can increment your earnings through the online medium. White-Hat SEO is the process of legally and methodically improving the ranking of your website using white hat or legal techniques while the other Black-Hat SEO is the process of gaining short-term gains which can set you back in terms of ranking and revenue. 3 Best Practices for Mobile Vinyl Graphics Design. Mobile vinyl designs are a great way to grab the attention of customer with a low overhead cost.

Vinyl designs are cheap to produce, easily customizable, inexpensive to update and change, command attention, and serves as a mobile billboard for vast audience reach. Pay-as-you-go cloud platform offers fast, convenient web design. There aren’t many businesses out there who do not have a website, even those who are new to the business require a website, but building a site can be cost intensive and keeping the website up to date can be time-consuming and a costly affair. Fake SEO Plugin Used in Malware Attack on Wordpress. Malware software masquerading as an SEO plugin called WP-Base-SEO has infected close to 4,000 WordPress sites in the last two week, according to security experts.

The attempt to install these plugins which act as a legitimate SEO tool for use by the WordPress Site while creating a backdoor to the targeted WordPress account. Switching to Atom for Web Coding. We all have known people who were coding since blink was the popular item, when website under construction was the rage and when every site declared with images even if there was a war on which browser it landed on, Netscape or Internet Explorer. There weren’t many tools available at that time, and WYSIWYG editors were messy with their code examples. The what you see is what you get editors made clunky code which isn’t useful when building advanced websites.

SMBs Invest Enough, But Focus on Wrong SEO Metrics. B2B Research and review firm, Clutch have come out with a report saying that SMBs, even though use search engine optimization for their businesses, invest enough for their efforts but their metrics are completely wrong. Website Design for Real Estate Developers. Most Real Estate developers of high end luxury real estate do, not what is required for their website design. Page Speed effect Conversion Rate and Your SEO Ranking.

3 Web Technologies Trends to Watch. Creating solutions using everyday SEO techniques. All of us have experienced what Bad SEO is. You probably have visited a website where there are key phrases filled into the header, footer, and body of the website along with other irrelevant content. Along with the Oscars, Bad Typography has ruined much more than just a few parties.

Stack Overflow Hiring Trends: ReactJS in, AJAX Out. How to Win on the SEO Battlefield. The Development in Web Frameworks. What to look for while hiring for SEO. Why Website Design is Important for Business. What to Do with Spilt Link Juice and How to Mop it For SEO Gains. How to Choose the Right Web Design Company in 2017. SEO and its Effect on Small Businesses who fail to grasp the full potential of it. 5 Great Graphics Design Tools for Free Use. Looking for a Design Company, How to Choose One without breaking the budget? How Guest Posting on Blogs can boost your SEO Strategy. How to Select a Good Web Development Company in India. How Important is SEO for your Business and its Success? What not to Do In Web Design That Will Assure Growth. Why SEO is ‘What you Pay is What you Get’ How to Combine SEO and Web Design which can boost your marketing efforts. Google gives SEO tips on how to handle day-long site closures.

8 Best Tools for Web Developers. Visual Design, UI Design and Graphic Design, Whats the Difference? 6 Local SEO Tips and Tricks to Fast-Track your Business. Why you need to hire a PHP Developer. Common SEO Tactics New Websites Need. Web Design Concepts for Small Businesses. Digital Marketing and Simple SEO Tool Hacks to Improve Ranking. Responsive Web Design and Reasons to Opt for it. 6 tips to improve search engine ranking using Off-Page SEO. 6 Website Trends Currently as Top Website Design Trends.

Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively. 4 Important Trends in Web Design Every Small Business needs to Know. SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Rank Better and Drive More Traffic. 13 web development and design blogs to follow in 2017. SEO Services Company in Mumbai. Why is CodeIgniter Recommended over Other PHP Framworks? 5 SEO Trends that will dominate in 2017. Lower Your Costs by Hiring a Good Magento Web Developer. 5 Tips for Effective SEO in 2017. Five Good Web Design Trends of 2017. Mastering SEO In Two Simple Step the Easy Way.

5 Website Design trends that will transcend through Time. SEO Priorities for Your SEO Campaigns. Reasons why your E-Commerce Web Design is not Converting Customers. How Content which is not Readable, affects SEO Ranking. How to Hire a Good Web Developer for Design. Growing your SEO using Techniques which will help Improve Your Business. How to Re-Align Your Web Design To Fit Your Brand.

How to Enhance Your SEO for ECommerce Web Development. Top 10 Website Development Companies in Navi Mumbai – Geek Letters. Top 10 Website Development Companies in Mumbai – Geek Letters. 4 Outdated SEO Techniques which will get your Site Penalized. 5 Simple Tips to Consider While Designing a Logo. Some Common Web Development Mistakes You Should Avoid.

SEO: How to Increase Traffic on Your Website Without Keyword Stuffing. 5 Well Defined web development trends to expect in 2017. What does Black Hat SEO mean and how you are Unknowingly Falling for it. Top 4 Digital Marketing Tools for Web Design. Web Designers Require to Test Cross Browser Functioning before Releasing Web App. 10 Reasons you Should be a Graphic Designer in 2017. Tips To Consider While Making your Blog and SEO Friendly Post. SEO Mistakes to Avoid While Posting Content. How Does Back-End Development Work. How New Google Indexing Guidelines affect SEO of Your App. Top UI Design Trends to Expect in 2017. 4 Deprecated SEO Techniques to Avoid at All Costs. Website or App: Which to Implement and Why? 12 Wordpress Tip to improve Your Business Website Traffic.

Why SEO should be considered a Strategic Part of Marketing Efforts. Work SEO in Small Portions of Time Every Day. 6 Common Front-End Web Development Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs. Website Development Company In Mumbai Cyber Rafting. Reasons why SEO Campaign are as Good As Your Conversions - Cyber Rafting Blog. Why should Marketers Send Keyword Ranking Reports to Clients - Cyber Rafting Blog. Responsive Web Design: The What, Why and How It Works - Cyber Rafting Blog. 3 SEO Trends to Lookout for in 2017 - Cyber Rafting Blog. 10 Mistakes to Improve in Creating Web Design - Cyber Rafting Blog.