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How to Hire a Good Web Developer for Design. Due to the ever changing landscape of the internet, the role played by web designers is constantly changing.

How to Hire a Good Web Developer for Design

No longer is it just an option for businesses to own a website. But now it is highly important that the website gets created and hosted quickly so that the businesses can continue their business. Now, in order to hire a good web designer you need to choose one who is up to date with the latest trends in order to keep things sharp and also to avoid falling short of the rest of the market. Let’s dig into the details of how exactly a web designer’s role is changing, and what that means for anyone looking to hire one. That way, when it comes time to design your website, you’ll know exactly what questions to ask. Web designing has become more Specialized. Growing your SEO using Techniques which will help Improve Your Business. In today’s world, online businesses can find it hard to succeed in the market without having a well-visited website.

Growing your SEO using Techniques which will help Improve Your Business

Most online visitors like to visit a website and purchase goods which have “best value” or a cheap deal which is available online, and as these make up a good chunk of revenue for most businesses they are highly important. If you want to get a piece of the pie, then you must employ certain growth hacking strategies which need to be implemented, and make yourself visible to Google.

Until recent years, there was no Search Engine Optimization as a job profile. With the advent of the internet and search engine, this has become an important profession with a sizeable population of developers and marketers who perform this function. SEO empowers us to rank better on Google and generally, make more money in the Digital landscape. Most people in this profession rely on the wrong technique of “post a content and pray” approach. Take Care of the evolving SEO technical aspect. How to Re-Align Your Web Design To Fit Your Brand. Website Design is the process of providing information about your business and also representing you and your business before thousands of people over the Internet.

How to Re-Align Your Web Design To Fit Your Brand

In today’s world to be really successful you need to ensure that you are effectively and efficiently designing your website that can easily gain the attention of a targeted audience. Draw a Big picture of your Business on the Web. How to Enhance Your SEO for ECommerce Web Development. Digital Marketing is the use of online mediums, mostly the internet to enhance the product visibility and use of digital marketing strategy using search engines and social media to promote their brand online.

How to Enhance Your SEO for ECommerce Web Development

The ultimate objective of digital marketing is to promote brand all over the world and targeting the specific audience mainly online users as well as mobile users. Types of Digital Marketing. Top 10 Website Development Companies in Navi Mumbai – Geek Letters. There are many companies in Navi Mumbai, which provide website development services, we consider a website company which provides full service from inception to completion and provide the important role of facilitator to the companies, which are in need of this service.

Top 10 Website Development Companies in Navi Mumbai – Geek Letters

This company provides fresh and creative web design which will help the users from standing out from the competition. They provide the desired services and other inclusive services which will meet every need client have regarding their website and web marketing. The Company offers creative and cost effective services which, in the long run will have positive result for clients in terms or returns.

The services provided by them includes Web Design, Dynamic CMS(Content Management System), eCommerce, Content Writing, Graphics Design, Domain and Hosting, Web Maintenance and SEO. Top 10 Website Development Companies in Mumbai – Geek Letters. Mumbai is the financial hub of India, has many companies which provide website development services for companies which require it.

Top 10 Website Development Companies in Mumbai – Geek Letters

We have listed out 10 such companies which provide website development in Mumbai. Conceptualized in 2002 in Mumbai, Webzsol has been a pioneer and a leading comprehensive website development and online marketing service provider in the global arena. The company has taken a major leap to become an online service provider, encompassing the wide gamut of services, including Web development, eCommerce Websites, internet marketing, custom portals and mobile app development. Their innovative solutions earn their clients top dollar and give them a superior rate of return. 4 Outdated SEO Techniques which will get your Site Penalized. Chances are high that your SEO provider may get your website penalized by Google.

4 Outdated SEO Techniques which will get your Site Penalized

It is easy to create a website and post using SEO techniques online, but most of these techniques may be outdated. Most SEO experts are not acquainted with new techniques and hence use outdated techniques due to which your site will get penalized. Well the feeling of being penalized is nothing short of drama, your heart sinks to your stomach, you feel shortness of breath, and your eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen trying to wonder what went wrong with the SEO techniques. It is nothing anyone would like to experience, even worse, when potential clients, look you up on the web and see this message on your website then you can kiss your reputation goodbye.

As you plan your SEO strategy for the next year, consider not following the following points which are being listed out, as this will only lead to a Google Penalty. 5 Simple Tips to Consider While Designing a Logo. The best logos are effortless; considered the logo of Nike, Mercedes and Apple.

5 Simple Tips to Consider While Designing a Logo

They do not have any complications associated with them. However, there is a lot of effort and thought placed behind creating a popular logo than meets the eye. We have put together five important tips to consider before creating a logo by a company. Keep it Simple. Some Common Web Development Mistakes You Should Avoid. Businesses are not started and running to profit margins through the roof in a fortnight.

Some Common Web Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

Starting a business is not tough, but running it as you’re not alone and thinking that there are thousands of businesses in front or behind you at any time is important. Even if you decide not to be part of the race or are not willing to run the race, you will soon find yourself at the bottom of the pack quite soon. Learn by making mistakes and never repeat them again, as making mistakes is akin to being a human being, but so is never repeated it again.

In this blog post, you’ll find the right mix in creating a perfect website and roadmaps that pinpoint the hazards. SEO: How to Increase Traffic on Your Website Without Keyword Stuffing. SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of any digital marketing strategy in today’s world.

SEO: How to Increase Traffic on Your Website Without Keyword Stuffing

If you are a business then you need to set aside a sizeable chunk of the budget for SEO. For the newbies, SEO is the process of placing your website over your competitors which provide the same services when a keyword is searched in a search engine. 5 Well Defined web development trends to expect in 2017. Web development trends are in constant evolution. Thanks to advances in technology and internet capabilities, these trends continue to move and prod and help create new discovery in web development. But it is not only advances in technology which causes techniques to evolve. The mentality of humanity plays a crucial role in development as well.

Many companies have embraced the new web development techniques for the greater good of humanity as well create a profitable experience for all. What does Black Hat SEO mean and how you are Unknowingly Falling for it. Optimizing your blog for Search Engines is of greater good, as it helps us rank higher and gain a lot of organic traffic. We bloggers along with publishing content on our blogs also work on the SEO part of the post.

This is of the greatest importance, but with the introduction of Google Panda and Google Penguin update it is important to look at the SEO techniques which are used to optimize the blog so that we rank high legally. Google loves that your content should be optimized but if you over optimize your blog content then it could lead to punishment which could include ranking badly for all your keywords. In this article we are considering those SEO techniques which are considered spam and these techniques could lead to bad results for your website and Google might penalize and ban your website. Keyword Stuffing These practices will rarely help a site gain better readership or create a community around their blogs.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Tools for Web Design. While there are hundreds of tools available for use by web designers to help build a website, there are a few which make the job very easy and considered noteworthy. I have put together a list of the best tools available for a web designer. These tools can be used by Digital Marketer to help optimize their digital marketing campaigns. Whatever is their fancy, if you are going to be developing a lot of websites for use by companies then CMS is the way to go. CMS or Content Management System quite literally allows the designer or you to control and manage the content within the website. Web Designers Require to Test Cross Browser Functioning before Releasing Web App. The creation of web applications which are theme based, infallible and unique is one of the challenging parts for any web designer.

Even something simple can become a nightmare as websites do not show up the same on different browsers and different OS. This is why cross browsing testing is important on different browsers before releasing it on the World Wide Web and this is why web designers should embrace this technique before they create a website. Today there are many browsers available on many different OS to choose from when developing websites. Unfortunately, what looks good on one device and browser may not look good in other. 10 Reasons you Should be a Graphic Designer in 2017.

Its December already, and while most of us are happy with our job, there are some of us who would eventually like to relocate to a different profession which could make them happier. For such people who approach design firms trying to look for something better to work on, this blog post is for them. We will talk about 10 reasons to become a graphic designer in 2017, see whether you should take the leap.

Graphic Designer are Always Learning Since graphic designing is an ever changing field, you will always be learning and evolving as a graphic designer. Tips To Consider While Making your Blog and SEO Friendly Post. SEO Mistakes to Avoid While Posting Content. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s called is an integral part of all businesses. Be it a start-up or an established player, SEO is the tool which can increase the visitor traffic to the website by hundreds and thousands of visits every day.

How Does Back-End Development Work. In software Applications, it is seen that there is a portion of the program which is in the front end, while most of the application is present in the back-end, creating an iceberg effect. This is known as Back-End Development. How New Google Indexing Guidelines affect SEO of Your App. Top UI Design Trends to Expect in 2017. The last few years we saw a large number of new ideas and technology trends; with major browsers offering support for HTML5 and CSS3 standard, as well as a faster JavaScript engine. 4 Deprecated SEO Techniques to Avoid at All Costs.

We depend on old school technology but when it comes to the future of your startup it is important that you stay updated with techniques which are sure to work. Website or App: Which to Implement and Why? What is better an app or website? Web designers have struggled with this question. While it can be tough to choose between the two, both mediums are used to convey information and promote brands. 12 Wordpress Tip to improve Your Business Website Traffic. We all want an SEO friendly site for our business. Why SEO should be considered a Strategic Part of Marketing Efforts. With its focus about a decade ago as a marketing discipline, SEO has generally had a tactical focus.

The specific tactics used to gain links, mentions, rankings, traffic and other KPIs are amazingly interesting subjects in their own right. But SEO is much more than tactics, hacks and tools. Work SEO in Small Portions of Time Every Day. 6 Common Front-End Web Development Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs. Website Development Company In Mumbai Cyber Rafting. Reasons why SEO Campaign are as Good As Your Conversions - Cyber Rafting Blog. Why should Marketers Send Keyword Ranking Reports to Clients - Cyber Rafting Blog.

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Study show Effectiveness of Social Media and SEO, Difficult to Execute. 6 Tips to Improve Local SEO for Your Business. Mobile Friendly Website And SEO : Connect the Two. What an Entrepeneur thinks You Should Know About SEO. How SEO can Stop Losses From Ad Blocking. 6 Common Ways to Target PR and SEO. Forecasts about SEO and Future of Apps. Generate More Revenue through Web Development. Certain Rules to Follow in Ecommerce Content Marketing. Web Design Company in India. Harness SEO to Help Grow Your Business. Domain Structure of a Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy. Boosting you SEO Using Email Marketing. Why to Perform Cross-Browser Testing and How Important Is It? How to Employ Social Media Influencers for Your SEO. Small Business SEO: Maximize Marketing Budget. Improving SEO by Reclaiming Dead Links. Breaking Common Myths about Web Development. Tips on Building a Great Web Design Portfolio. Retargeting SEO and how it works with PPC. Sitemap and SEO: How they are connected.

Four Factors which are the Future of SEO. Inbound Marketing Vs SEO: Which Works Better. How Website SEO is more important than Design. Creativity and Design Related Professions in IT on the Rise. Role Creativity Plays in SEO Strategy. 6 Reasons for Failing at SEO, and Tips to Succeed. 10 sought after freelance skills in demand right now. 8 Reasons Why Using Design Templates are Wrong. Tips on Improving your On-Page SEO. 6 Reasons to Show that Web Design Careers are still Relevant. How to Improve SEO Performance through Off-Page SEO. How to Create a Website for Great First Impressions. 7 Tips on How to Upscale your SEO Campaign. Optimizing Your Blog for SEO: The Hows. Tips on How to Avoid SEO Mistakes. Need Programming Languages For Social Network Sites- Here are Some. Tips to Improve Inbound Marketing Web Design? SEO Strategies Other than Keywords That Work. Web Application Development Trends in 2016. 4 Ways in to Make A Good Portfolio for Hiring.

Seasonal SEO: The Hows and When, and is it really Worth it. Ready for Environmentally Friendly Web Design. SEO Friendly Content that helps you Rank in Google. Discussion on What Technologies to Use When Starting a New Website. Personal Branding Techniques in SEO as a Secret Weapon. Tips on SEO and how to Leverage Social Media Strategies. Web Design Designed to Generate Boom of your Website. 5 SEO Techniques on Content to Rank Higher. Tips on How to Integrate SEO and CRO. How Google Analytics Changes Affect SEO Tracking. Cutting Navigational Menus in Website Effects SEO Performance.