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How to Win on the SEO Battlefield. Startups constantly worry about how to get their businesses visible to customers online.

How to Win on the SEO Battlefield

It is a sure fire starter to create content, place ads on social media and amplifying their message using Hootsuite, but it is hard to move customers if you do not know the full landscape of SEO and the full scope of it. Anne Ward, an SEO expert and the author of the book SEO: The Battlefield said that SEO is more of a technical game than one might think. “SEO started out as a marketers game and now it’s turned into developer’s game. It has definitely turned out more complex with machine learning and the algorithms which make it a tough cookie to crack.” Anne said. Anne has some insights on how to get the ball rolling for small business owners to adopt the right SEO marketing plan.

“I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with intimidation and I think that’s normal, but it’s something you need to get past. Austin has a tagline of “Keep Austin Weird.” Related December 10, 2016 March 20, 2017. The Development in Web Frameworks. Most start-ups would agree that the designer is the most valuable asset they possess.

The Development in Web Frameworks

And most of these start-ups would agree that they would like to hold on to these web designers as long as possible. What that means is that web designers handle everything in the development arena from coding information in apps to making that final addition into the home page to make it load faster. Before we start talking about various web technologies let’s look at how the internet has moved forward and how they have moved forward.

We all have lived in these eras: In the early 1990’s and 2000’s websites were contained of web pages which were static in nature. What is JavaScript? The rapid adoption of Javascript meant that the scripting languages led to a fairly rapid development of the Internet as the interface for users and subsequent web technologies. The tools of creating creative web design, the medium, the interface has created work and creative workers. What to look for while hiring for SEO. Experts are saying SEO is finished.. and social media and social everything is all that is required for companies.

What to look for while hiring for SEO

It is not the case and many companies are still hiring for SEO due to its apparent usefulness. Why Website Design is Important for Business. Nowadays, businesses require the help of modern technology to convert visitors into customer especially since we are moving into the digital era.

Why Website Design is Important for Business

It has been seen that a huge range of services has been moved online, especially since this has resulted in businesses of all sizes to have a strong online presence. The number of people who are turning to the online medium to access product, services, and goods has increased manifold in the past decade and those who do not embrace this are left behind in today’s modern world of advanced technology. What all business requires in today’s day and age is a website to showcase all that they have, but it requires to be a professionally designed website rather than one which has been poorly assembled for the purpose.

A poorly designed website is potentially worse than having no website at all, as it can have a negative impact on the business reputation and success levels. The Key Benefits of having a professionally designed website Related. What to Do with Spilt Link Juice and How to Mop it For SEO Gains. March 17 05:37 2017 by Puneet Kulkarni Most spilt link juice is generally seen in the SEO world, but this is something which happens commonly.

What to Do with Spilt Link Juice and How to Mop it For SEO Gains

As defined by a link juice in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a website via links from external or internal sources. This is the most powerful indicator of the recommendation of your site and is an important part of considering the site ranking in search engines. The more external or internal sites are linking to the site the more link juice the website will have. The link value passed from one site to another depends massively on how authoritative that site is- the better the site, the sweeter the link juice. Conversely, the no followed links such as links from social media websites and paid ads and links from non-indexed pages are not considered valid links and make no link juice.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Company in 2017. March 16 05:24 2017 by Puneet Kulkarni Getting all the valid information is important when deciding on a professional web design company which can help you gain the right edge over competitors in this competitive market.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Company in 2017

That is why we have decided to list 5 important facets to consider while choosing the right web design company. Do not choose the DIY Route When choosing the right person for the job you will undoubtedly fall into some websites which have the DIY program to build you a website. SEO and its Effect on Small Businesses who fail to grasp the full potential of it. March 15 05:27 2017 by Puneet Kulkarni SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been the buzzword in the business tech world for so long that it has found its way into common parlance.

SEO and its Effect on Small Businesses who fail to grasp the full potential of it

Every business, from the biggest players on the Sensex to a bedroom blogger, has an online presence which they would want to increase visitors online to improve their agenda. However, when a survey was carried out on small business by a specialist web design and marketing agency, Digimax, it was found that they did not have any idea of what SEO was, with 5% of the respondents did not have the foggiest idea what SEO was showing the ignorance small business have regarding SEO. SEO was the process of looking more attractive to Google, by making the website search engine friendly and increasing the buzz around the website. SEO attracts Google’s attention, which then leads to increased visitors from search engine increasing sales.

5 Great Graphics Design Tools for Free Use. March 14 05:46 2017 by Puneet Kulkarni High-Quality Graphics Design Tools are expensive.

5 Great Graphics Design Tools for Free Use

And if you need to some graphic design work which will boost your marketing effort, and need tools which are on a budget, you must be wondering where you can find graphic designing tools. There are a ton of them out there, but these five will definitely take your eye as they are the most versatile and ease of use. Looking for a Design Company, How to Choose One without breaking the budget? You have decided to take the step, congratulations!

Looking for a Design Company, How to Choose One without breaking the budget?

Even if you have decided to make an online website from your micro business or considering a complete overhaul of your current website, how do you choose the right person for the job? The problem is that we all are not web designers. We all cannot do the required job which requires special skills training, so you will need to hire someone for the job done. 54% of small businesses look for external web design companies. The real tasks come in finding the right person for the job. How do you find out if someone is up for the task of building the right website for you? How Guest Posting on Blogs can boost your SEO Strategy. Guest Posting is an effective and useful tool in SEO if utilized effectively.

How Guest Posting on Blogs can boost your SEO Strategy

After the end of article directory sites and other changes in the search ranking algorithms that made numerous different methods for getting back links out of date, guest posting on websites stays as one of the ideal ways to generating back links and making your website visible to the world. If you need to get organic traffic and email subscribers from guest posting, you need to do it right. The use of guest posting is bi-focal, it not only gets your content in front of a new audience who can view your work, it also gives you a few back links to your site. And on the off chance that you post your content on a popular blog you can get a significant organic traffic to your site and in the ideal case, when your product is of interest to the visitors from the other blog, you can make sales.

How to Select a Good Web Development Company in India. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies who are handling request for website development projects in order to serve the customers better. These websites are not only present in order to inform the customers about the products and services but to also to sell them and accept feedback related to the services and products. How Important is SEO for your Business and its Success? SEO is of highest importance nowadays, and even though half the market believes that this profession is dead, SEO is as alive than ever before. Can we overlook it? There are multiple ways in how to manipulate ranking on the website, but one factor is constant: SEO’s usage is on an ever-increasing rise and has immense popularity.

People are using search engines at a higher rate than ever, and are entering keywords in many different ways. What not to Do In Web Design That Will Assure Growth. Web design has been brought closer to layman nowadays, as there are a plethora of tools available in DIY format which will help you create websites which can help run your business. The problem with such tools is that there is very little room in creating an unconventional website which will pull users to your business.

If you consider hiring a professional web designer then it will go a long way in running your business. This can transform the way people look at your business. Today users make the first impression of your business in the first few seconds of visiting your website, which is a major buying factor. So you have to create right from the onset a “wow” factor for the website. Why SEO is ‘What you Pay is What you Get’

The term which says, ‘what you pay is what you get’ is especially true in the current market. When it comes to products where quality and service plays an important role, this is especially true, but there are some exceptions to it, some cheap products work like magic while many overcharged products work like trash. For Search Engine Opitmization (SEO) this is also especially true, as it is a service and not a product, there is room for fluctuation and variance in the pricing being charged for this service. How to Combine SEO and Web Design which can boost your marketing efforts.

When a company kicks off a website, they choose features which make it attractive, salient features along with ease of use. The need of the website is to create websites which make providing information to the visitors they are seeking. But all of this work is useless if the site is unreachable to the user. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the backbone of every organization from a very long time. It helps people find the website irrespective of its location and helps people search for information. Google gives SEO tips on how to handle day-long site closures.

8 Best Tools for Web Developers. Visual Design, UI Design and Graphic Design, Whats the Difference? 6 Local SEO Tips and Tricks to Fast-Track your Business. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website visible to the internet users based on user searches, and it plays an important role. However, the game of SEO has changed a lot since the year and it is more attuned to the web user practices and consumer habits.

For instance, the SEO today would be more successful if it was attuned to the local demographics as the users are more responsive to ads if they are targeted on the local demographics and proximity. Why you need to hire a PHP Developer. PHP is one of the most popular open-source platforms for web development used by developers around the world. To make the project successful you need the help of professional web developers. Developing a PHP website is a technical job which cannot be performed without years of training and proper technical knowledge. Common SEO Tactics New Websites Need. Search engine optimization is the science of getting your page discovered, perused and ordered by web crawlers so that your web pages could be accessed by users on the web.

Web Design Concepts for Small Businesses. Managing small business is an integral part of maintaining the economy. Small businesses cater to the needs and requirements of a smaller part of the geographic location and fulfill the requirements of certain ventures for bigger ventures. Digital Marketing and Simple SEO Tool Hacks to Improve Ranking. SEO today has become much more advanced and complicated than it was ever before. The major tools have also become complicated and they have features that can be daunting to use and even impossible to know them fully, inside and out.

Responsive Web Design and Reasons to Opt for it. When Google came out with its mobile-first update in April 2015, the buzzword was created and that was of responsive design. 6 tips to improve search engine ranking using Off-Page SEO. Search engine optimization is the process to increase visibility on organic search results for certain search terms on search engine such as Google. 6 Website Trends Currently as Top Website Design Trends. Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively.

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